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What’s sex like when you can feel colours and taste sounds? For people with synaesthesia, the world can appear very different | South China Morning Post

If romantic films are to be believed, kissing someone special can leave you seeing fireworks. For 38-year-old Sariah of California, it’s closer to seeing the Northern Lights. What she experiences…

London Design Biennale offers sensory world exploration | THE DAILY STAR

Filled with sounds, smells and interactive installations, the second London Design Biennale offers visitors a sensory exploration of the world, and an antidote to the “island mentality” of Brexit. “We…
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Eating with your eyes: Virtual reality can alter taste | Cornell Chronicle

Humans not only relish the sweet, savory and saltiness of foods, but they are influenced by the environment in which they eat. Cornell food scientists used virtual reality to show…

Fall Arts: Emily Lawrence, Scratch & Sniff Menu at The Craig Gallery | The Coast

Emily Lawrence is at work mapping the familiar footpath between our olfactory glands and our memory vaults. She perches on one of several petite stools inside The Craig Gallery, surrounded…
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The Oddly Satisfying Spa Uses VR and ASMR to Relax Guests | VR Fitness Insider

No cell phones. Those 3 simple words can throw some of us into a tailspin of “digital anxiety”, or a term Tyler Pridgen, the spa’s Co-creator, used in a video…

Humans have more than 5 senses | World Economic Forum

Image: REUTERS/Steve Nesius Equilibrioception ... a sense of balance is just one of the many ways we experience the world around us Human Enhancement When we think of human senses…

Best Practices in the Auto Industry: Appeal to All Your Customer’s Senses…even Smell & Taste! | CBT Automotive Network

The use of visual displays for advertising has had a major role in advertising for those in the automobile industry. This form of advertising allows customers to see and experience the vehicle…

A multisensory gastronomic theatre experience that is ‘bold and satisfying’ | The stage

The unpleasant feeling of chewing while wearing headphones does little to detract from the immersive, experiential quality of genre-blurring multimedia piece Gastronomic. Instead, it lends an appropriate sensation of eating…
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Cosmic Sleep takes visitors on a multisensory trip following the path of the extraterrestrial rocks zipping through the solar system | Quartz

Courtesy of IFF “Cosmic Sleep”Most of us don’t spend a lot of time appreciating our sense of smell. One 2011 global survey suggests that 53% of millennials would rather lose their ability…
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How virtual reality is being used for science as well as gaming | 9Pickle

(Fox) When most of us think of virtual reality, we think of sweet video games. But those chunky headsets and all-encapsulating graphics can do more than just give players a…
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Fully immersive hyper augmented augmented experience including temperature changes, wind, mist, and smells | Fastcompany

The Void, an entertainment company that uses a mix of virtual reality, augmented reality, and sensory elements like wind and temperature to create interactive experiences, has partnered with ILMxLAB, Lucasfilm’s immersive…

Multisensory activity may lead to faster recovery from brain damage, stroke | UPI

Activity, rather than prolonged rest, may lead to quicker recovery from brain damage, including from a stroke, according to a study with mice. Columbia University researchers believe that activity-centered treatment…

Desperados submerges party in world’s deepest pool for multi-sensory stunt | The Drum

Desperados has taken the party underwater in a new experiential effort for the ‘Release Your Inner Tequila’ campaign. The Heineken-owned brand rented out the world’s deepest pool and hosted a ‘Deep…

Multifaceted festival that combines art, sound, technology and taste into a surreal sensory journey | Markets Insider

OPUS Merriweather®, the bold, multifaceted festival that combines art, sound, technology and taste into a surreal sensory journey , will return on Saturday, October 13, from 5:00PM to 11:00PM. Attracting more than…

The Holi-Brolly umbrella gives off a glow and scent | Lonely Planet

This umbrella gives off a glow and scent to make you feel like you’re still on holiday. Image: TUI/SWNS If coming home to grey skies gives you the blues, a…
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The fourth industrial revolution – virtual & augmented reality | Cape Times

Students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of virtual and augmented reality with the aim of creating a more interactive learning environment at university. UWC is…

It’s a sensory area that helps to decrease behavior and anxiety | Triblive

The median age in Westmoreland County is 46, and more than 19,500 county residents are enrolled in Medicare. More than 34,000 — just under 10 percent — are 75 or…

A sensory look at the fussy eater |

Children who experience their sensory world differently are at increased risk of eating in a restricted way. Due to the fact that eating is so very important for survival, these…

Now Meat-Lovers Can Scrub Up With Vegan Bacon-Scented Soap | Livekindly

Vegan bacon-scented soap is a thing thanks to cruelty-free cosmetic company Outlaw Soaps. The California-based brand, which also makes lotions, colognes, and lip balms, has created a coconut oil-based soap which…
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Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality | Chronicle week

If Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are in the same virtual family, then they must be distant relatives. Sure, VR gets a lot of attention and is sort of a…

A central hub to relay sensory information to the brain | Science Trends

The thalamus functions as an anatomical region of the brain, located in the center of the brain, between the cerebral cortex and the midbrain. The thalamus is involved in several cognitive functions, such…

Interactive exhibition “synescape: please touch” | News VietNamNet

One of the objects on display at the exhibition, which will activate sound and video upon touching, presented in a white box The exhibition named ‘synescape: please touch’, revolves around…

Multisensory experience created to help adults suffering from neurodegenerative diseases to relax and connect with their caregiver | USC News

Gabriela Gomes created an immersive experience to help adults suffering from neurodegenerative diseases. (Photo/Courtesy of Gabriela Gomes) Walking around at the Electronic Entertainment Expo — commonly known as E3 —…

Fake Google Pizzeria Ads Learn About Its Users – Users favor “multisensory experiences” | TechCrunch

Google’s  Unskippable Labs team has been testing ad effectiveness in a compelling new way: It created a fake pizza brand called Doctor Fork, used stock footage to create 33 ads and…

Busy Bees nurseries re-brands and gains a signature scent | Nursery World

The largest nursery group in the UK has undergone an image overhaul including a new logo, typeface, colour scheme, mascots and even a signature scent. As part of a 12-month…

SONOS visualizes sounds through graphical rays, with banbanbanban & superNature | Designboom

the collaborative installation of SONOS, banbanbanban, and superNature creates a visual motion projection in the space, which allows the flow of new experiences and the existence of sound. the sound ‘rays’ its graphical…

Ambiance Marketing: A multi-sensory approach to attracting and retaining clientele | JDRAZURE

by James D. Roumeliotis The dictionary conveys to us that “ambiance” is “the character and feeling of a place.“ A place which wants to attract the most discerning souls, should be…

See, Feel, Taste: The Influence of Receptacle Colour and Weight on the Evaluation of Flavoured Carbonated Beverages | MDPI

A study was designed to assess whether the individual and combined effects of product-intrinsic and product-extrinsic factors influence the perception of, and liking for, carbonated beverages. Four hundred and one…
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Multisensory Augmented Virtual Reality Becomes New Mall Reality | Twin Cities Business

Are virtual reality attractions the new shoe stores for shopping malls? It’s beginning to look that way at Mall of America, which just signed its third immersive entertainment experience called…

A sensory exhibition | Times of Malta

More than 30 members of the Malta Society of Arts (MSA), under the guidance of curator Roderick Camilleri, are participating in the official members’ exhibition entitled Perception. The show is…
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Walmart VR shopping – VR headsets and sensory gloves would have the sensation of walking through product aisles and picking out items for home delivery

Walmart applied for two patents that show how the chain plans to create a "virtual retail showroom" and fulfillment system that would let customers shop in a computer-generated version of…
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‘Weird Al’ Yankovic goes VR in new multisensory comedy short that includes haptics & smells |

'Weird Al' Yankovic is making hisvirtual reality(VR) debut in a new comedic short film called "Shady Friend" that is being produced exclusively for the Positron Voyager VR motion chair and that sounds…

Illusion & magic: Misperception of sensory experiences | The Island

By Dr Upul Wijayawardhana Magicians never fail to astonish us, unless they are very bad at their trade. Their ‘tricks’ often defy scientific explanation; may be because magic is more…

Eau de car showroom is becoming the way to sniff out a better relationship with customers | Go Auto News Premium 

FRAGRANT showrooms are luring customers and subtly changing their mood in a bid by dealerships and car-makers to create an inviting experience for buyers. Using fragrances in businesses is not…
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Does my sweaty T-shirt turn you on? At a pheromone party, singles try to match using only their noses | Chicago Tribune

As I walked into a party on a recent Thursday night, I was self-conscious in a way I'd never been before: What if no one likes the way I smell?…
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Virtual reality multisensory neuroprosthetic approach may be able to reduce the illusions of phantom limb distortion | European scientist

One of the major challenges with artificial limbs is the lack of something called embodiment ― the idea that prosthetics actually feel like a real limb ― mainly because bionic…

KFC launches chicken scented surf wax | Daily Examiner

KFC is about the launch the most Australian merchandise collection ever … and it's for a good cause too. Following years of KFC producing a variety of goodies for countries…

Multisensory Ikea pop-up experience with sounds and scents & rooms inspired by the brand’s 2019 catalog | Block Club Chicago

The Swedish furniture and home behemoth Ikea plans to open an interactive pop-up in Bucktown in celebration of its 75th anniversary and latest catalog. Dubbed the “Ikea Inspiration Experience,” the free…
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Virtual reality involving multisensory sensory inputs for reducing pain | Brain Blogger

Falling Through the Cracks in Pain Management Pain and Opioids Chronic pain is debilitating, and it can cause patients to “fall through the cracks”. Health care institutions struggle to find…

Battling anti-Semitism with multisensory Holocaust survivor stories | J-Wire

The rising tide of anti-Semitism around the world, including New Zealand, means that the re-telling and preservation of Holocaust survivors’ stories matters more and more…writes Miriam Bell. That’s why the…
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Virtual Reality May Effectively Reduce Sensory, Affective, and Cognitive Pain During Labor | Clinical Pain Advisor

Virtual reality (VR) may effectively alleviate pain and anxiety for unmedicated women experiencing contractions during the first stage of labor, according to a study published in Anesthesia & Analgesia. The investigators used…

The Glenlivet Code Is Putting Whisky Connoisseurs To The Test | Prestige Online

Imagine a whisky being released with little to no information. That’s what happened when The Glenlivet Malaysia presented a mysterious Single Malt Scotch known as The Glenlivet Code. What we…

Exclusive luxury dining experience where an intense array of scents, textures, aromas, Malaysian culinary flavours & accentuated imaginative landscape of images, sounds and interactivity. |

A first in Malaysia, the House of Hennessy has undertaken a unique endeavour, a special collaboration with Tapestry Malaysia and Chef James Won of Enfin by James Won. This comes…

The art of scent: Chandler Burr on the most unheralded of artistic mediums | The Globe & Mail

JAMIE BENNETT Chandler Burr is a journalist, author, and curator. He is the New York Times’s former perfume critic, author of the books The Emperor of Scent and The Perfect…

Extracting audio from visual information | MIT News

Researchers at MIT, Microsoft, and Adobe have developed an algorithm that can reconstruct an audio signal by analyzing minute vibrations of objects depicted in video. In one set of experiments,…

Olfactory receptors ‘do more than smell’ | Medical News Today

Scientists in Germany suggest that a better understanding of the many roles of olfactory receptors in the body could lead to new avenues of medical research and treatment. Olfactory receptors…

Brands leverage scratch-and-sniff marketing to delight consumers | CASSANDRA

A focus on scent, apparent in a global rise in scented art exhibits, is resonating strongly with young consumers amidst the onslaught of digital advertising they receive on a daily basis.…

Teaching a bunch of visually impaired kids to paint by recognising each colour by its unique smell |

What would it be like if you had to paint on a canvas with your eyes blindfolded? The task would not only be difficult but extremely challenging as well. But,…

CLOSE isn’t just easy on the ears, it’s an immersive, multi-sensory spectacle |

WATCH RICHIE HAWTIN EXPLAIN THE SECRET BEHIND HIS IMMERSIVE LIVE TECHNO SPECTACLE Go under the hood with Richie Hawtin and learn what makes his CLOSE performances click. You may remember…
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Cineplex virtual-reality experience combines virtual reality technology and sensory effects, like touch and smell  | CTV news

Cineplex says it's adding at least five more immersive, virtual-reality experience centres in Canada over the next several years. The Void Experience Centres combine virtual reality technology and sensory effects,…
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The VOID will bring immersive VR – through sight, sound, touch, smell and motion | Troymedia

Cineplex is teaming up with The VOID, to launch new VOID Experience Centers in communities across Canada. One of the first will be in the West Edmonton Mall. The companies said in a…
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New virtual reality game that includes smell & touch | Edmonton Journal

A new virtual reality gaming experience is expected to open in West Edmonton Mall later this summer. THE VOID at The Rec Room will be the second Canadian location after…
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Virtual reality games to help patients’ rehabilitation in UAE

A therapist will always be present to monitor these sessions of patients. Games developed specially for rehabilitation in physiotherapy for patients of stroke, cerebral palsy and similar conditions, will be…

Sensory Starvation: Making Outer Space Smell Like Fresh Cut Grass | The Crux

Nina Lanza expected Antarctica to be cold. After all, she and her seven fellow meteorite hunters weren’t allowed to board their transport in New Zealand until they’d proved they’d packed…

New tool uses audio, visual stimuli to help detect cognitive decline | Healio

Responses to audio and video stimuli were effective as a cognitive impairment screening tool, according to findings recently published in Scientific Reports. “Age-related changes characteristically have a negative impact on sensory,…
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Immersive Marketing Technology Is Already a Thing. The Trick Is How You Deliver the Experience | Skyword

It’s hard to argue against the experience virtual reality can offer. But in terms of functioning as an everyday, household technology, VR has a long way to go. Statista notes that an…

LMN Architects reveals design for Octave 9, an experimental music experience space for the Seattle Symphony | Global News Wire

LMN Architects is pleased to reveal its design for Octave 9—a new type of venue for music education and performance that expands possibilities for how we relate to music and…

10 Sound Artists to Look Out For | Adorama

The term sound art is a slippery one, constantly morphing and leaking into formats as diverse as experimental music, film, gallery art, museum installations, spoken word, video games, interactive technologies,…

Hotel du Vin puts focus on tipple trend to create ‘multi sensory’ gin suites – Boutique Hotelier

Boutique hotel group Hotel du Vin has partnered up with a Harrogate-based gin supplier to create a handful of suites inspired by the popular tipple. Hotel du Vin Wimbledon, Brighton,…

Fireworks are a multisensory experience with sounds and colors and a thunderous finale people can feel in their chests – Drones can’t replace this…yet

Two Intel drone technicians troubleshoot a choreographed drone display ahead of a 4th of July showing celebrating the holiday June 28 at Travis Air Force Base, Calif. This year's July…

Move over, hygge: It’s time to sniff and doze in a Snoezelen room | CBC News

In the Snoezelen room, users can control sound, visual and physical settings with the touch of a button. (CBC) The L'Arche community in Halifax has opened one of the first Snoezelen rooms…
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Spectrum Presents Pianist Jenny Q Chai In Sonorous Brushes, A Multi-Sensory Concert Using A.I. | Broadway world

On Saturday, July 28, 2018 at 8:00pm, Spectrum presents contemporary Chinese-American pianist Jenny Q Chai in Sonorous Brushes, a new multi-sensory program employing Chai's unique form of synesthesia. The program explores repertoire that…

You Can Add A Soundtrack To Your Instagram Story | Refinery29

Instagram has always been a platform for discovery, from launching new food trends to fashion brands, but music has been a more difficult area for the app from a discovery…
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Sensory room spurs six-year-old to sing | ODT

To some, Sara Cohen School's new state-of-the-art sensory room may look like a miniature disco hall - without the loud music. But for special needs pupils like Ethan Crosbie, the…

Hip hop paves the way forward | The conversation

Canada’s cultural institutions need hip hop communities now more than ever. I say this after working as a guest curator at one of Canada’s most significant art galleries — the…

Art for the nose: Scent compositions at the museum | DW

While many artworks have been created for the eyes and the ears, the sense of smell has always been neglected in the arts. Scent composers Christophe Laudamiel and Wolfgang Georgsdorf…
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How VR is Helping Children With Autism Navigate the World Around Them

Both kids and adults use smartphones, computers, smart watches, TV’s, and gaming technology on a daily basis and think nothing of it except that it’s a good time, however, some…

Will Hint’s New Scented Sunscreens Spell the End for Skin Cancer? – Adding flavour to your success

No lol, but they open up a world of possibilities for other products that should be superfluously scented. ou may know the brand Hint for their pricey flavored water, but get ready…

Sega scent experience while gaming | comicbook

It’s not enough that you want to make your gaming room (or “man cave,” if that’s what you prefer) to look great. You want it to smell great too, right?…

Interview: How Scent Is Set To Revolutionize The Customer Experience | PSFK

In this interview, sensory design and fragrance expert Olivia Jezler shares her insight on the potential for scent, when integrated into retail design, to provide more meaningful and engaging experiences…

Boris Brejcha @ Art of Minimal Techno Tripping – The Mad Doctor by RTTWLR

Music from Boris Brejcha combined with visuals from old Disney cartoons.
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Immersive exhibitions are everywhere, but do they really benefit the local arts scene? – San Diego CityBeat

"I keep seeing the word ‘immersive’ everywhere,” says Carmela Prudencio, co-founder of local arts activism group SDIY Coalition. This keyword has been overwhelmingly present in art show descriptions and museum…

Belaya Trost Experiential Advert By Possible: Braille Art | Ads of the World™

Description We have created a gallery of unusual street-art objects called “Braille-art” that consists of three objects combining visual symbols and text written in Braille. Each of the objects tells…

Replacing the hyper-sensory experience the drugs once gave him (through travel, food and drink) | Forbes

Anthony Bourdain’s death on June 8 shocked the entire food world. Bourdain, known as an irrepressible writer, traveler and bon vivant, blended honesty, openness, wit and intellect into entertainment that felt viscerally…

My sister and chocolate: a treasured memory

Yesterday I placed a piece of dark chocolate in my mouth, and its smooth sweetness transported me, in memory, to a secret middle-of-the-night adventure. I am back in my parents’…

Using Neuroscience To Transform Retail | Forbes

What can neuroscience teach us about fashion retail? That’s what a new, London-based research consultancy company, Arigami, is aiming to find out. Founded by Ari Peralta, a former media research professional…
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Pimax 8K headset will use Vaqso VR to emulate smells

Virtual reality devices have succeeded in replicating sights, sounds, and occasionally even the sense of touch — next on the list is the sense of smell. Chinese VR headset developer…
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Marketing wine with augmented reality | Bizwomen

Wine aficionados can find great wines easily in their local grocery store or party shop. There are so many brands — and so many varieties — that's it's sometimes hard…
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VR device with scent simulation

Smell coming to Pimax VR headset as output. VR headset maker Pimax Technology and VAQSO partner to create VR device with scent simulation. VAQSO, a startup with Japanese roots, has…

Can gardening help protect you from Alzheimer’s? It increases strength and dexterity and it is multi-sensory | magicvalley

Last week Twin Falls Mayor Shawn Barigar declared June as Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month. He has urged residents to “increase their awareness of Alzheimer’s disease, its effect on the…

Martell Hosts A Multisensory Feast To Feed The Palate |

It was an intimate affair for 10. When we walked through the door to where dinner would be served, it felt as if we had just crossed over to Narnia!…

Mirror-touch synaesthesia: People who experience the physical sensations of others | Business Insider

People who experience the physical sensations of others have "mirror-touch synesthesia." It means they can feel a sensation on the same part of the body where they see someone else…

Music and technology fuse in new show at museum

Former Dunedin songwriter and performer Anthonie Tonnon says his planned live shows at the Otago Museum planetarium will help him to compete successfully against ''the golden age of television''. Tonnon…

Multi-sensory collaboration by artists | Punchline

Multi-sensory collaboration by artists By David Wood Where: Chapel Arts, Cheltenham When: Until June 30 An innovative new exhibition, Mining Perceptions, has opened at Chapel Arts in Cheltenham. The exhibition is a…

Simple Yet Beautiful Geometric Soaps Inspired by Urban Fragments of Seoul – Core77

Urban Soap is a series of delightful multi-sensory soaps inspired by the urban fragments of Seoul. The soaps are multi-sensory objects with the intention to deliver urban fragments through sensibilities…

‘Call Me by Your Name’ Soundtrack Set for Peach-Colored (And Scented!) Vinyl Release

If you still can't get that peach scene from Call Me By Your Name out of your head, now you have the perfect soundtrack for your thoughts: the limited "peach season" vinyl…

Perfumery & Co Launches the Art of Scent Exhibition

Perfumery & Co. at The Dubai Mall has launched the Art of Scent Exhibition that will take visitors on an exquisite aromatic journey where the works of art are perfumes.…
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A James Bond multisensory museum is opening at the top of an Austrian mountain | Lonelyplanet

The name’s Bond. James Bond. And he’s about to have a dynamic new museum dedicated to him at the top of the Gaislachkogl Mountain in Sölden, Austria. Set to open…

Soak Your Senses bath experience at the Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa in Edinburgh

The Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa has begun its multi-sensory bath experience, offering you a moment or two to relax even if you are a busy business traveller. While the…

Islamophobia in a direct and sensory fashion | The Star

Kaashif Ghanie has never wanted to be an activist, yet he creates art that is inherently political, using ceramics to create a sensory experience. “They create that sort of sensation,”…

Merging yoga, sound and art in New Westminster

Yoga meets art in a new monthly event at Centennial Lodge. Praxis is a free event that invites artists to practise their figure drawing of the (consenting) participants in a…

Rebranding… the multisensory way

“Britain’s ‘doomed’ high street to see 100,000 shops close by 2022 unless action taken now” read one national media headline recently. Another article reported that the number of store openings…

Scent Club: The Berlin Art Collective Obsessed with Smells

Imagine checking out an art exhibit — do you smell anything? If you're touring works with Scent Club Berlin, you most certainly will. This collective of smell enthusiasts regularly curates…

Connecting Sound and Texture, Chewing Jockey Heightens the Pleasure of Multisensory Dining | MOLD

Chewing Jockey research project at Keio University, conducted by Naoya Koizumi, Hidekazu Tanaka, Yuji Uema, and Masahiko Inami, seeks to enhance and alter your eating experience by changing the way…

Discover new scents with Ghawali’s Ramadan advent calendar

Discover new scents with Ghawali's Ramadan advent calendar Ghawali, the oriental fragrance house known for creating noble scents, has launched its Ramadan advent calendar of scents and surprises to delight…

Deprivation of light, sound, gravity — the Internet, society, your pants — makes for a rejuvenating experience. |

When you float naked in the wet dark for the first time (and I speak from experience), you don’t know what to do with yourself. In the alien environment of…

Seaside or pine forest? This alarm clock wakes you to the scent of your choice

Like a lot of people, we’re usually woken up in the morning by the insistent beeping of our smartphone alarm. That is a method that is certainly effective at rousing…
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Augmented multisensory dining: What it is like to dine at ‘world’s most expensive restaurant’ | The West Australian

There are barbecues, buffets, cheap eats and fine dining - and then there is this. Billed as the most expensive restaurant in the world, Sublimotion promises an experience unlike anything…

Roots inviting consumers to engage with the brand through installations fostering sight, sound, touch and feel that promote the origins and heritage of Roots | Retail dive

Roots on June 15 is opening new doors on Boston's Newbury Street and plans two more stores in the area, at The Natick Mall June 28 and Market Street Lynnfield…
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Full-Body VR Experience ‘The Void’ includes physical stages, and multi-sensory effects (including touch and smell)

“The Void,” a full-body virtual reality experience, is expanding to nine new locations after a successful round of Series A funding late last year, it announced Wednesday. The new locations…