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Nose in a book: Society of Scent matches perfumes to photography | Wallpaper

The ‘alternative perfumery’ has teamed up with Damiani Editore to pair fragrances with photography books from Arthur Elgort, Peter Berlin, Luca Missoni, and more The Society of Scent is on a…

5 Traditional Indian Sweets That Are Nothing Short of Delicious Art! | The Better India

Taken aback by the artistic brilliance of these edibles, Rabindranath Bagore once decided to preserve their beauty in photographs Most mornings at home begin with me sharing a cup of…

These 4 Animals Possess Specialized Senses | Science Times

(Photo: Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images) BERLIN, GERMANY - MAY 17: A bee scrambles across a flower on May 17, 2019, in Berlin, Germany. May 20 is World Bee Day,…

Why eating gets out of hand in front of the TV |

By Chrissy Sexton Sensory overload can cause us to overeat when our attention is focused on other things, such as the television, according to a study from the University of Sussex. The…

Disney’s The Little Mermaid-themed bar launches in London | Metro News

The multi-sensory experience includes a visit to King Triton’s kingdom (Picture: Getty/Moviestore/REX) Are you ready to go floating under the sea? Disney fans are in for a treat with the…

Heineken Silver Unveiled with Multi-Sensorial Adventure in Shanghai | That’s Shanghai

Heineken officially kicked off its highly-anticipated Heineken Silver Mission S campaign with an action-packed, multi-sensory experience in Shanghai. Led by Mission S Exploration Officer-Celebrities Summer Ji, Victor Ma and Tizzy…

Wisdome | the first fully-immersive entertainment art park | blooloop

Wisdome LA, “the world’s first fully immersive entertainment art park,” is a new concept in artainment: a multisensory fusion of technology and Eastern spirituality. Wisdome is an art park in downtown…

Scent Effects Return to Spaceship Earth’s “Burning Rome” Scene at EPCOT | WDW News Today

Guests can once again feel the full experience of the fall of Rome, as smellitzers have been once again turned on aboard Spaceship Earth. Just days after we reported that scent…

How Do We Know What Is Real? | Psychology Today Canada

Painting by Tine Heine depicting hallucinations in Lewy body dementia. Source: Jetiveri | Pixabay Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away. —Philip K. Dick…
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NTNU course offers VR smell help | Taipei Times

A woman plays a virtual reality game that uses aromatherapy at National Taiwan Normal University in Taipei on Tuesday. Photo: Wu Po-hsuan, Taipei Times National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) has…

Researchers create ‘multi-sensory musical ice cream’ for World Ice Cream Day  | Inside FMCG

Researchers from Monash University and RMIT have created a multi-sensory ‘musical’ ice cream cone called WeScream! in celebration of World Ice Cream Day. WeScream! includes two interdependent 3D-printed ice-cream cones…

‘I tried a vibrator that syncs up with erotic audiobooks, and whoa’ | Body & Soul

Lockdown has seen a spike in demand for sex-related products. Image supplied.Source:BodyAndSoul The Vibease is an innovative toy that combines the pleasures of vibrators and audio erotica - but is…

Little things bring back memories | Winchester Sun

The little crystal clock beside our bed said 2 a.m. I don’t know what woke me up or whether I ever even went to sleep at all that night. Sitting…

The Nose Knows: New Scented Pencils From Caran D’Ache | Forbes

Caran d'Ache Scented Pencils. CARAN D'ACHE It has been said that the more senses used in any activity, the better the experience of that activity will be. And I know…

Hospital’s ‘Recharge Rooms’ Created to Manage Worker Stress | WBEN 930am

Photo credit Mount Sinai Newsroom Dealing with the coronavirus pandemic has added an additional layer of stress for doctors, nurses, and hospital staff. A new study from the University of…

Rachna Hukmani Explores Whiskey In An Immersive, Multi-Sensory Way | The Whiskey Wash

Rachna Hukmani of Whiskey Stories LLC pours some whiskies (image via Whiskey Stories LLC) Whiskey, as one quickly comes to find as they embrace this spirit type, is a liquid…

Black-owned candle company curates sound with scent | TheGrio

(Credit: Lakivia Sharkey) Treble And Flame Co. combines the hobbies and interests of a loving couple matching lush scents with curated playlists, igniting a double sensory experience. “We met at…

8 amazing objects that define the history of electronic music | Shortlist

By MATT CHARLTON It felt as if electronic music had landed from a distant planet at some point in the closing decades of the 20th century, rolling through Detroit, Chicago,…

New Orleans’ first experiential museum, JAMNOLA, opens Aug. 1 in Faubourg Marigny |

JAMNOLA cofounder Jonny Liss shows off a crawfish boil-themed room. STAFF PHOTO BY WILL COVIELLO Jonny Liss is demonstrating a “Magic Mirror” in a costume-themed room at JAMNOLA, a colorful and…

KFC chicken Crocs follow the trend of fast-food scented items | USA Today

In a parallel world, your date slips on some KFC Crocs, lights a Quarter Pounder candle and sprays some Whopper perfume before greeting you at the door. You walk into…

Alabama changing the game with new sensory deprivation chambers | TDAlabamaMag

VIA: JEFF ALLEN'S TWITTER PAGE (@MAKENNASDAD) Alabama is sparing no expense when it comes to updating its new athletic facilities. $600 million over the next decade if we’re being exact.…

United Visual Artists makes cognac cool again with Hennessy VSOP Privilege collab | Lifestyle Asia

Time is of the essence, and it rings especially true when it comes to cognacs like the Hennessy VSOP Privilege. Tasting cognac is an extremely sensorial experience, especially on the…
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Community Vision dinner to give nostalgic feel to dementia clients | Community News

Joanna Parry, from the WA Charity Orchestra, Community Vision marketing and communications manager Kaleigh Kingstone and Mat Barrett, of Oak and Barrell Events are coming together for An Evening to…

The Quietus | Features | Escape Velocity | Unfurling Threads: Duval Timothy Interviewed

"I don't call myself someone that has synaesthesia, but I definitely equate sounds to colours," Duval Timothy tells me over a Zoom call. He's at his parents' home in South…
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Vermont company aims to make virtual reality more realistic through scent | MYNBC5

A startup tech company in Vermont wants to change the way people experience virtual reality, by adding a new dimension: scent. The O in OVR Technology stands for olfactory —…

Cineworld Telford reopens to film fans with ‘multisensory’ classics | Shropshire Star

Two Harry Potter films are among the 4DX screenings To mark the reopening of its cinemas across the country after months of lockdown, Cineworld is running a special 4DX Never…

Harness the five senses to ignite your sex life | Brinkwire

As a relationship matures and you leave the first intoxicating months behind, feelings of sexual attraction often settle into something more comfy and less lustful. But although a secure partnership…

Sensory Branding: Right Scent, Right Time? |

Sensory branding is having a moment. At Dunkin’, consumers can now buy coffee-flavored cereal. KFC would be happy for consumers to pick up a pair of chicken-scented Crocs, but they’re sold out.…

Will digital wellbeing have its own vertical in the near future? | The Hindu

Health care technology concept. Vital sign sensing. It is in human nature to problem solve, and a whole new industry is likely to spring up to get information and entertainment…

Stop distracting me: Researchers locate brain’s ‘filter’ which sorts out information | Study Finds

There are so many things in the world competing for our attention. Somehow our brains sift through all the distractions so we can focus on the task at hand. Scientists…

Hearing plus vision loss increases the odds of dementia | Medical News Today

New research suggests that a dual sensory impairment significantly raises the chances of developing dementia. Researchers have linked hearing impairment and vision impairment individually to an increased chance of developing…

Beyond Human Senses: The ‘Next Senses’ to Augment Your Sensory Experiences | EE Times India

E-Skin developed in Tokyo serves as a wearable medical monitor. (Source: Pallikkutam) As human senses are replicated and enhanced by engineers, so our quality of life improves... (Source: ThisisEngineering RAEng…

You Can Buy Nail Polish That Smells Like Cheese Puffs, Pizza, And Tacos | Delish

SINFULCOLORS What if you could binge eat all of your favorite snacks without any of the guilt? Instead of cracking open a bag of Cheetos in the middle of the night, you can…

How to Trick Your Brain to Remember Almost Anything | WIRED

PHOTOGRAPH: LAURENCE DUTTON/GETTY IMAGES MANY PEOPLE COMPLAIN about having a terrible memory. Shopping lists, friends’ birthdays, statistics for an exam—they just don’t seem to stick in the brain. But memory isn’t…

Sensory neurons outside the brain drive autistic social behaviors, study suggests

A new study from Penn Medicine lends further evidence that the social behaviors tied to autism spectrum disorders (ASD) emerge from abnormal function of sensory neurons outside the brain. It's…

Smells of Widnes to be immortalised in unique map | Liverpool Echo

An aerial view of the Widnes Loops junction near the Mersey Gateway bridge. Its intriguing aromas have long been a feature of life in Widnes but now the town's nasal…
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What Leaders Need to Know About Augmented Reality | Forbes

GETTY The consumer (and business) impacting potential of augmented reality (AR) is significant, making it one of the hottest topics for business leaders. Among enthusiasts, AR is a promising new…

Sensory networks overconnected early in autism | Autism Research News

Critical connections: Atypical connectivity within and between brain networks could give rise to sensory issues in autistic toddlers. Toddlers with autism have unusually strong connections between sensory areas of the…

Staying in Touch: Addressing Concerns to Allow Tactile Exploration at Museums | American Alliance of Museums

Reopened museums are likely to bar many forms of tactile exploration over concerns about hygiene, creating barriers for people who are blind or have low vision, but these tactile artists…

What does pollution taste like? How artists are harvesting the air to capture city’s flavours in meringue | The National

During an educational trip to India, members of the Centre for Genomic Gastronomy discovered that egg whites can absorb pollutants in the air. Centre for Genomic Gastronomy The Smog Tasting…
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Digital synesthesia: Tricking your brain into experiencing smell as temperature in virtual reality | Boing Boing

Synesthesia is the fascinating neurological phenomenon whereby stimulation of one sense involuntarily triggers another sensory pathway. A synesthete might taste sounds or hear colors. Now, computer scientist Jas Brooks and…
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Identifying a melody by studying a musician’s body language | Techxplore

Researchers use skeletal keypoint data to match the movements of musicians with the tempo of their part, allowing listeners to isolate similar-sounding instruments. Credit: Massachusetts Institute of Technology by Kim…

Multi-Media Experience Merged Wine, Art, and Bratwurst on a Roll Over Beethoven | Third Coast Review

Beethoven 250: Wine and Art, a “multi-sensory artistic experience” presented online on June 18 by In the Realm of the Senses, succeeded as a musical performance—and as performance art. While watching…

Poetic Ads for the Fragrance Industry Try to Articulate the Power of Scent | Muse by Clio

We sometimes forget the impact aroma can have on us. Maybe we're thinking about it more these days, when touch and proximity still feel dicey, even as spring opens throughout…
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OVR Technology Creates First-of-Its-Kind Virtual Reality Experiences With Scents | ARPost

VIRTUAL REALITYNEWS OVR Technology Creates First-of-Its-Kind Virtual Reality Experiences With Scents Grgana Mileva OVR Technology delivers first-of-its-kind virtual reality experiences with their Architecture of Scent platform. OVR Technology, a virtual…

Opinion: How to harness the senses to craft memorable virtual experiences | Ad Age

Credit: iStock Whether experiential marketers like it or not, virtual conferencing and events will be here for the foreseeable future. While attending video conferences, live concert streams and networking “drinks” without wearing pants is…

Smell Like a Pikachu or Eevee With Pokemon Perfume Sticks | Siliconera

A new line of Pokemon cosmetics has been announced. Fits Japan has announced a line of Pokemon perfume sticks will launch in Japan. The Pikachu, Mew, and Eevee varieties will debut…

Gut bacteria can take control over the host animal’s sensory behavior | News-Medical.Net

Gut bacteria are tiny but may play an outsized role not only in the host animal's digestive health, but in their overall well-being. According to a new study in Nature, specific…

How to engage customers while wearing a mask? Enhance the other senses | Craft Brewing Business

Spiderman, Marvin the Martian, Ghostface from Scream. What do they all have in common? You can’t fully see their faces, yet somehow, they manage to pump a little joy (or…

National Gallery: Art installation reveals sounds of colour in paintings | ICN

A new art installation reveals the sounds of colour in paintings as the National Gallery X commissions virtual responses to coronavirus. Viewers will feel, hear and sense paintings online through…

Respire, breathing in sound and vision | Neural

“Respire” is an artwork realised by Kıvanç Tatar, Mirjana Prpa, and Philippe Pasquier belonging to the restricted amount of artworks in VR which are not focused on the perception (and often spectacle) of the…

Immersive audio: The ‘sonic theme park’ taking audiences to new worlds |


Sexting should be multisensory | Vice

Sexting is flirtation at its peak. Our faces hidden and our deepest perversions unveiled, we’re both dressed and undressed simultaneously. Just as other senses can be heightened when one is…

Why Merchandise Appeals to The Senses | London Post

Everyone loves to receive a gift; it triggers an emotional response, it makes you feel appreciated and, more often than not, makes you smile. It might be a gift or…

A Powerful Way To Travel Through Your Sense Of Smell | Fortune

Young woman smelling lavender in Provence, France GETTY The sense of smell is directly related to memory, acting as a prompt in recalling long-forgotten experiences. Scientists believe that our brain’s limbic system—home…

Istanbul artist’s exhibit illuminates rhinos’ plight with multimedia, scents | Daily Sabah

A northern white female rhino called Najin, 30, at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, central Kenya, Aug. 21, 2019. (Ol Pejeta Conservancy / AFP Photo) An Istanbul artist wants to raise…

Perfumer Sarah McCartney can ‘hear’ fragrances as forms of musical notes | inews

'I prop up the perfumes by spending weekends teaching the workshops' (Photo: Lucie Kerley)With nothing in the shops that resembled the fictional perfumes she had described, McCartney decided to learn…

SinfulColors Dropped a Food-Scented Nail Polish Collection That’s Making Everyone Hungry | Yahoo

Courtesy of SinfulColors The polishes in the collection include Chocolate Cake (black with white speckles), Cookies & Cream (light brown with black glitters), Donut Even (milky lavender with sprinkle-shaped rainbow…

Dungeon attractions launch scent collection for lockdown fun | InterPark

The Blackpool Tower Dungeon, Edinburgh Dungeon, and York Dungeon have teamed up with themed smell company AromaPrime to launch a scent range designed for fans who are unable to visit…

How Sensitivity To External Sensory Stimuli Changes With Your Heart Beat | IBTimes

heartbeat and sensory stimuli Photo: Myriams-Fotos - Pixabay KEY POINTS A new study revealed the link between the beating of the heart and perception sensitivity Scientists found that the heartbeat can…

Synesthesia X1 device offers “multi-sensory musical experience” | Dezeen

Synesthesia Lab introduces Synesthesia X1, a multi-sensory experience device, as part of VDF's collaboration with Ventura Projects. Exhibitor: Synesthesia Lab Project title: Synesthesia X1 Synesthesia Lab is collaborative studio that develops experiential…
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Virtual Reality and Immersive Environments on Sensory Perception of Chocolate Products: A Preliminary Study | MDPI

Traditional booths where sensory evaluation usually takes place are highly controlled and therefore have limited ecological validity. Since virtual reality (VR) is substantially interactive and engaging, it has the potential…

Autistic children’s repetitive behaviors linked to sleep, sensory problems | Spectrum | Autism Research News

Unclear link: Sleep problems may exacerbate rituals, routines and an insistence on sameness in autistic children. DigitalVision / Getty Images Early sleep problems predict repetitive behaviors later in childhood1. And toddlers…

How Disney Imagineers Unlock the Smells of Storytelling | Micechat

By Brady MacDonald Walt Disney Imagineering concocted the sea breeze smell in the Soarin’ attraction at Disney California Adventure and Epcot by dropping cotton socks in the Pacific Ocean, stuffing the…

Scent & Sound Ideas To Make Chilling At Home A Multisensory Experience | Mind Body Green

Scents and sounds evoke mood and memory and can create a sense of calm or stimulate energy. Think of these less-than-tangible sensations as the final topping of icing on your…

An MIT Lab Is Building Devices to Hack Your Dreams Using Multisensory Triggers | OneZero

Photos: MIT For the third of our lives that we spend in slumber, our minds take up residence in the unknown regions of the subconscious. We dream, though we don’t…

How to grieve a time and place | The Chronicle

By Liddy Grantland I don’t like bell peppers, so on Tuesdays, when the Divinity Cafe serves them for lunch, I always notice the smell of them cooking. Wednesdays are distinctive,…

Architecture for People with Hearing Loss: 6 Design Tips | ArchDaily

via Shutterstock Written by Antonia Piñeiro Contrary to what we might believe, hearing loss is not always congenital, but could sooner or later happen to any of us. According to the…

Exploring the sights, sounds and scents of horticulture |

Sights and scents - a butterfly pauses on a Butterfly Bush in a garden. SUBMITTED Master gardener Judith Rogers wasn’t quite sure what she and co-presenter Donna Wice of the…

This way for brain tingles: ASMR gets a shiver-inducing exhibition  | The Guardian

 The kindest cut: some ASMR fans love the sensation of a haircut. Photograph: zilli/Getty Images/iStockphoto From cucumber-crunchers to cranial exams, YouTube is full of ASMRtists provoking the strangely pleasurable autonomous…

Five Phases For Effective Brand Design | Forbes

NURPHOTO VIA GETTY IMAGES Harvard Business Review recently featured an article on Design Thinking. California Management Review, the journal from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of business devoted its entire Winter 2020 issue…

How to sleep in a bed that’s not your own | Mashable

BY ANNA IOVINE1 DAY AGO Having trouble sleeping? Hit Snooze is Mashable's deep dive into the many ways to achieve a more peaceful slumber. Nothing makes me more appreciative of my own…

Missing Travel? Take A Trip Down Memory Lane | TravelAwaits

BARBARA WINARD Travel has been the fuel for much of my life. From the moment I first took off for Mexico as a teenager in 1967, I’ve defined myself by…

A Multinational View: Designer Duro Olowu Boldly Mixes Art and Fashion at the MCA | New City

CAIRA MOREIRA-BROWN Installation view, “Duro Olowu: Seeing Chicago,” 2020. /Photo: Kendall McCaugherty Nigerian-born British-based designer Duro Olowu brings his work, which combines art, fashion and culture, to the Museum of…

Bagatelle Joins Hands With Dubai’s Opera Gallery To Marry Art And Fine Dining | Harper’s BAZAAR Art

Bagatelle Dubai: An interior view of the restaurant French-Mediterranean themed Bistrot Bagatelle, hand-in-hand with Dubai’s Opera gallery, has meticulously crafted a fine dining experience amidst a mountain of colourful art…

Paddington Bear is coming to town! | The Midsomer Norton & Radstock Journal

"All the same... it’s a very important name. And I don’t expect there are many bears in the world called Paddington!" This wonderful quote from Paddington Bear in Michael Bond’s…

As entertainment shuts down, take in the spectacle nature has to offer | CBC Radio

Bob McDonald enjoying the great outdoors by the seaside. (Jennifer Hartley) While theatres, restaurants, sporting events, concerts and public gatherings are closed or cancelled to prevent the spread of COVID-19,…

How Rutgers is creating a sensory-inclusive museum experience | BTN LiveBIG

Rutgers University Eli Kaberon, March 13, 2020 There are more than 60,000 works in the collection at the Zimmerli Art Museum on the campus of Rutgers University, including paintings and sculptures from all over…

From Chennai to Nagapattinam — documenting sights, sounds and smells through sketches | The Hindu

The sketch by the artist narrating his aunt’s travels   | Photo Credit: special arrangement Artist Anthoni Guruz walked for 20 days at a stretch from Chennai to Nagapattinam to…

7 new-age classroom technology trends giving kids a unique learning experience | Education Today News

These are the 7 new age classroom technologies which will make learning experience for students unique and exciting. Technology has changed the way we look at the world around us.…

INDUSTRY INSIGHT: Multisensory design in hotel bathrooms | Hotel Designs

Awareness of mental and physical wellbeing has never been greater, yet many of us still struggle to find the time, freedom and sanctuary we need to recover from the stresses…

‘Sensory danger zones’: How sensory pollution impacts animal survival | University of Michigan News

ANN ARBOR—In order to combat the effect of light, noise and chemical pollution on animals, researchers first must understand how animals are impacted. A new paper including research from a…

Psychedelic Robot In Dallas Is The Coolest Interactive Art Museum | Narcity

psychedelicrobot | Instagram bivinsgallery | Instagram This interactive exhibit is a counter-intuitive approach to the typical stuffy and posh art museum experience we’re used to. At first glance, the new Psychedelic Robot…

San Antonio museum sensory tours allow the blind to again ‘see’ art |

1of10Chris Rodgers, left, who is visually impaired, smells a “white bouquet” scent held by docent Cecilia Roger, right, during a sensory tour at the San Antonio Museum of Art on…

Multisensory art installation have bubbles emitted by fermenting microbes control the rhythm of a computer-generated musical performance | The Harvard Crimson

Rosenstock shows the crowd how the microbes in a jar of beer make music as part of his artist talk at the Museum of Natural History. By Kathryn S. Kuhar Art's Not…

How to make your home calmer and less cluttered in 7 simple steps | Irish Examiner

By Press Association Spring is almost here – and the start of this new season often makes us yearn for clean, calm, refreshed spaces at home. Amy Brandhorst and Athina…

American QSR customers enter their ‘blue mood’ | QSRweb

Butterfly pea flower extract is not only super trendy right now, for food and drink, but also a soothing shade of blue, which Americans are in the mood for. (iStock)…

The neural basis of sensory hypersensitivity: A new study may explain why people with autism are often highly sensitive to light and noise | ScienceDaily

Many people with autism spectrum disorders are highly sensitive to light, noise, and other sensory input. A new study in mice reveals a neural circuit that appears to underlie this…

Style at Home: Spring scent pairings | Detroit News

Walking into a beautiful room is a treat for the eyes, but it can be a full sensory experience with the right mix of textures and perfectly paired scents. For…

How to make activations more than just a photo op | Inside Retail

Good design is everywhere – from websites and graffiti walls to architecture and sculptures – but did you know good design can also be found in shopping centres? Shopping centres…

Marriott Hotel Al Forsan, Abu Dhabi unveils sensory pods | Hotelier Middle East

Each of the pods emit a scent to reflect the location of the Marriott hotel Five-star property Marriott Hotel Al Forsan, Abu Dhabi has unveiled its selection of multi-sensory pods…

Alzheimer’s Q&A: Are multisensory therapies helpful as behavioral interventions for those with Alzheimer’s? |

A review in the Journal of Clinical Nursing on the effects of sensory stimulation concluded that most kinds of sensory stimulation reduced agitation, anxiety, aggression, depression and improved the quality…

Protecting Our Senses as We Grow Older | Live Trading News

Tens of millions of Americans suffer age-related losses in at least 1 of their senses, according to a University of Chicago study. “People are living longer than ever before in…

Unique multisensory dining experience: The ambience needs to pique the senses just as flavours fire up an appetite | Architectural digest

Take a tour inside this funky restaurant in Italy Designing a restaurant is a serious affair, especially in today’s time when what is on the menu alone is not enough.…

InterContinental® Hotels & Resorts reveals multi-sensory experiences in seven cities around the world |

• InterContinental® Hotels & Resorts unveils some of the most authentic ways to experience New York, London, Dubai, Paris, Mexico City, Sydney and Shanghai, inspiring and redefining travel in some…

Galaxy launches multi-sensory adults-only Easter egg hunt | Squaremeal

Chocolate brand Galaxy is hosting a multi-sensory egg hunt for adults in an enchanted garden in London, to celebrate the launch of a new Easter egg. The Easter egg hunt…

A Batman-Themed Restaurant Experience Is Coming To London | Delish

WONDERLAND RESTAURANTS LTD./FACEBOOK If one Batman-themed bar or restaurant would be enough to draw you in, how does a whole experience with three bars and five restaurants sound? An immersive…

Getting in the Mood for Valentine’s Day | Essential Retail

From fashion to luxury, food and leisure, Valentine’s Day has successfully anchored itself in the retail and service economy in the UK. Dining out remains the key gift category, with…

KFC and Crocs teamed up on a pair of fried-chicken Crocs, complete with chicken-scented drumstick charms on top | Business Insider

KFC and Crocs unveiled their shoe collaboration at Fashion Week on Tuesday. Courtesy of KFC KFC and Crocs unveiled fried-chicken clogs at New York Fashion Week on Tuesday. The clogs…

Wanna Smell Like A Lionel Richie Song? Hello…There’s A Scent For That | HelloBeautiful

Source: HELLO by Lionel Richie / HELLO by Lionel Richie If I ever wanted to know what the Grammy-winning iconic 1984 song “Hello” would smell like if its sweet and…

Experience a scent from an extinct Hawaiian flower at Eden Project | News | The Cornish Times

Resurrecting the Sublime will be one of the unique attractions at Radical Botany - Photo credit: Resurrecting the Sublime at La Fabrique du Vivant, February 2019. Photo © Alexandra Daisy…

Scientists measure how sensory stimuli are processed in the brain |

If we cross a road with our smartphone in view, a car horn or engine noise will startle us. In everyday life we can easily combine information from different senses…
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Givaudan develops VR for citrus flavours to ‘unleash creativity’ and shorten time-to-market | Food Navigator

The new tool will help inspire flavour creation and speed up time-to-market for citrus beverage applications, the company tells FoodNavigator. Source: Givaudan develops VR for citrus flavours to ‘unleash creativity’…
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This new multisensory installation inside Chelsea Market immerses you in the color blue | Time Out

Photograph: Courtesy ARTECHOUSE NYC It’s February, the time of year when Seasonal Adjustment Disorder kicks into high gear along with the realization that winter isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Feeling blue comes…
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How tech can help drinks brands keep audiences’ heads up | The Drum

Movement consider ways in which the drinks brands industry can captivate audience's attention spans. From pop-ups to festivals, experience is big business in the drinks industry. In the last few…

Direct touch of food makes eating experience more enjoyable | ScienceDaily

People who regularly control their food consumption, direct touch triggers an enhanced sensory response, making food more desirable and appealing Source: Stevens Institute of Technology Summary: When high self-control individuals…

Museums turn toward tech & multisensory innovation |

Some of Pixar’s most beloved characters come to life at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science’s “The Science Behind Pixar” exhibit, which runs at the museum through April 5.…

Peperami taunts temporary vegans with scent of meat on last day of Veganuary | Campaign Live

Peperami: tempting vegans Peperami is wafting meaty smells at passers-by from a mobile poster around London in a stunt aimed at enticing meat avoiders away from their plant-based diets. The…

Blind Artist Emilie L. Gossiaux’s Tactile Tattoos at SculptureCenter |

From left to right, Emilie L. Gossiaux's Looking Through the Leaves at Two People Making Out, 2018, oil paint on bedsheet, 55 by 85 inches; Blurry Vision (After Making Out), 2018, oil…

Multi-Sensory Touch to See Art Exhibit gives visually impaired community chance to enjoy art | CW39 Houston

The Multi-Sensory Touch to See Art Exhibit features oil paintings and clay reliefs by world-renowned artist and retina specialist Dr. Stephanie A. Skolik. The exhibit's mission is to make art accessible to…

Katara Hospitality introduces Qatar’s first multi-sensory fine dining at The Ritz-Carlton | MENAFN.COM

(MENAFN - The Peninsula) Katara Hospitality — the global hotel owner, developer and operator based in Qatar —  yesterday announced the launch of a new concept, the first in the…

Meat-free food firm launches new bacon-scented ‘scratch and sniff’ patch to help vegans | Daily Mail Online

Tommy Fury unveils the new Meat Patch, which has been designed by plant-based food company Strong Roots to help people curb their meat cravings when trying to adopt a more…

Teresa Berger’s multi-sensory crockery rebuilds our connection to food | Dezeen

Jennifer Hahn Jiggling bowls and musical plates feature in a collection of tableware, designed by Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Teresa Berger to help diners reconsider how their food is produced and consumed. The eight pieces in the…

Students to use scent in artwork for Doctor Aroma competition | Miami Herald

In 2017, Miami Arts Charter Wynwood student Thalia Cardenas won first place and $2,500 for her “Cascada 1st” at the Art of Aromas Scholarship competition hosted by Doctor Aromas Foundation.…

New multi-sensory space at Montreal North school aims to help students relieve stress – Montreal |

Galileo Adult Education Centre has a new resource that school administrators say is the first of its kind in the English Montreal School Board adult sector. “Well, it’s called a…

New interactive sound installation opening at the Kelowna Art Gallery this weekend | Kelowna Now

Photo credit: Kelowna Art Gallery A new immersive multimedia sound installation at the Kelowna Art Gallery is set to open this weekend. Experiment in F# Minor, by artists Janet Cardiff…

Perfume Bottle Designers Reveal What Goes Into Their Creations | Allure

Allure/Bella Geraci Imagine being asked to capture a landscape with so much color, texture, and detail that the picture springs to life on canvas, transporting even the most casual observer…

Gin bouquets make for an ideal Valentine’s gift | Prima

EDINBURGH GIN Receiving a bouquet on valentine’s Day is… fine. But the concept of a gin bouquet certainly has our attention – and our hearts! Following the success of last…

4DX High-Tech Cinemas Break Box Office Records in 2019 | Variety

CREDIT: COURTESY OF DISNEY CJ 4DPLEX, the company behind multi-sensory 4DX cinema technology, has announced that it had a record-breaking 2019, grossing more than £246 million ($320 million) for 4DX worldwide. It was the…

Silent Orchestra: The Multi-Sensory Instruments for Dementia Patients | Leftlion

photo: Samuel Kirby “When you’re born, the first thing you do is make music… Lalalalala!” laughs Jenny, one of the masterminds behind the Silent Orchestra. We’re sitting in a Hackspace…

Marriott marketing campaign uses scent triggers to drive bookings | Mobile Marketing Magazine

Marriott International has launched a campaign using scented out of home (OOH) day part and weather triggers, to tap into moments when people are looking for escape from daily life. The…

Multisensory magnum launch of new Ruby flavour of ice cream | Mirror Online

A multi-sensory glowing ruby room has appeared in London in a bid to lift Brits’ moods during the dark, cold month of January. Situated in the heart of the capital…

Jai Paul’s ‘Jasmine’ is being released on jasmine-scented vinyl | Dazed

Jai PaulPhotography Tim Saccenti Jai Paul’s ‘Jasmine’ is being released on jasmine-scented vinyl The musician also confirmed that the 2012 single is receiving a new mix for a long-delayed special edition…

A Beautiful New Multisensory Production Is Connecting Theatre With The Deaf Community | smooth

“Including all members of the community… is only a positive thing.” ‘She Conjured The Clouds’ is a performance that’s special for a number of reasons. Not only is it partially edible,…
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OVR Technology Is Creating Olfactory Virtual Reality for Health Care, Education and Training | Seven Days – Vermont’s Independent Voice

LUKE EASTMAN My first experience with olfactory virtual reality was truly trippy. Wearing a VR headset and holding a controller in each hand, I stood in a 3D room at OVR…

The Push to Separate Sensory Processing Disorder from Autism | Fatherly

Richard A. Chance for Fatherly Every kid has their little quirks. They cut the tags out of their shirts, loathe the texture of bananas, or avoid fluorescent lights. But for some…

View announces upcoming exibits | Rome Daily Sentinel

Bird’s Nest — Piece by Susan Behrens. “Textures and Layers: A Walk in the Woods.” This national juried show will be shown from Feb. 1 to March 28. OLD FORGE…

‘When I listen to music, I want to paint those sounds’: what it’s like to live with synaesthesia | inews

Billie Eilish is one of the four per cent of the population to have synaesthesia (Photo: Invision) One of Jack Coulter’s earliest memories is of sitting in his living room…

Israeli start-up pioneers world’s first visual perfume | The Jerusalem Post

rainbow smoke swirl (photo credit: CREATIVE COMMONS) Another world first from the start-up nation: Israel is home to a pioneering visual fragrance which is making waves globally. "If our fragrance…

Pantone wants you to see, taste and hear Classic Blue | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Pantone  The Pantone Color Institute doesn’t just want you to see Classic Blue in 2020. It also wants you to taste, touch and hear it. For the first time, Pantone…

Mind Your Own Biscuits: Study Finds How We Judge The Texture Of Our Food | Mind Body Green

Our senses have always affected the way we perceive what we're putting in our mouths. In fact, 80% of the flavors we derive from food come from smell alone. Texture also plays…

Perfume that smells of death features in new Leicester art installation | Leicestershire Live

A perfume that evokes the scent of a decomposing body found in woodland is the subject of an unusual art installation premiering in Leicester this week. The free, multi-sensory exhibition…

Raw: Rethinking the ad model at CES Tech West | Mediapost

As a recovering media agency person, I'm always on the lookout for opportunities for brands to make obvious and easy connections through new technology. This year, on the floor of…

Mastercard Is Serious About This ‘Sonic Branding’ Thing | Promo Marketing Magazine

Mastercard is still unveiling a multi-sensory branding campaign. In September it released a "brand flavor" in the form of promotional macarons, and this week at the CES show in Vegas it unveiled…
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Future travel: No luggage, no pilots and no queues | The New Daily

Is she really on holiday? In 20 years' time, we'll be able to 'visit' international destinations through virtual reality technology. Photo: Getty Luggage-free travel, boarding queues and self-flying planes will be…

See, smell and taste a variety of chocolates on the new four-hour Vegas Chocolate Tour, while exploring five iconic Las Vegas venues | Las Vegas, NV Patch

5 Stops on the Vegas Chocolate Tour (Jill Weinlein) When the double doors open at M&M World each morning at 9 a.m., the enthusiastic M&M staff warmly welcomes guests. This one-of-a-kind chocolate…

Sensory experiences travellers associate with cities from bread in Paris to a pub fire in London | Daily Mail Online

The neon lights on Nanjing Road in Shanghai, pictured, have been picked out as a top sight The smell of bread in Paris, the warmth of a pub fire in…
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Ericsson ConsumerLab: Ten Hot Consumer Trends 2030 | CXO Today

Early technology adopter consumers expect an Internet of Senses by 2030, enabling a new service economy based on digital sensory experiences With the human brain as the user interface, consumers…

Interactive Installations Prod Visitors Out of Their Comfort Zones | Hyperallergic

Installation view of speechless: different by design at the Dallas Museum of Art; Steven and William Ladd, Scroll Space (2019) (photo by John Smith) DALLAS — Most art exhibitions follow a fairly…

SFER IK Launches SCENO: A carefully curated multisensorial inspirational journey | Broadway World

Having established itself as the premier destination for art in the Yucatan Peninsula with holistically inspired, ecologically conscious, and alchemically transformative exhibitions featuring artists such as Cecilia Bengolea, Ernesto Neto…

Maison Berger Paris’ alarm clock will put you to sleep and wake you with fragrances | Venturebeat

Sensorwake night and day diffuser. Image Credit: Sensorwake/Maison Berger Paris Maison Berger Paris, the owner of olfactory startup Bescent, is launching a multisensory sleep companion — a new version of its scent-based…

Canada Goose Unveils the Sights of Nature, Sounds of the Arctic and Touch of Real Snow with New Concept Store | PR Newswire

The Elements Room: 60-foot wide curved displays project bespoke seasonal landscape content. (CNW Group/Canada Goose) Canada Goose (NYSE: GOOS, TSX: GOOS) today announced The Journey, an innovative new retail concept located in…

Terra Mundo: A world first in immersive, multi-sensory dining | The List

The concept behind Terra Mundo explores frequencies and how the frequencies of what you see, taste, hear and sense can be interpreted and used in synergy to enhance and heighten your dining…

Someone You Should Know: For people with dementia, art & essential oils combine for therapy | KX NEWS

If you’ve ever watched Bob Ross or painted along with his old PBS show, you know how relaxing it can be to create art. It can even be therapeutic. An…
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Worlds First Multisensory Virtual Reality Wellness Experiences | Ko Olina

Source: Four Seasons Resort Oahu at Ko Olina and Sensync, the immersive wellness company founded by Dr. Adam Gazzaley and Dr. Alex Theory, have partnered to introduce The Vessel -…

XXXTentacion’s multi-sensory museum opens in Wynwood | Miami Herald

XXXTentacion's multi-sensory museum opened today in Wynwood. The museum includes some of the slain rapper's memorabilia, artwork, and rare photos. Source: XXXTentacion's multi-sensory museum opens in Wynwood | Miami Herald

4 Ways to Help Your Sensory-Sensitive Child Explore Food |

Unhappy girl eating spinach and broccoli at the table. All parents know the battles that often ensue over eating vegetables and other foods with young children. After all, we want…

Multisensory selling: How retailers entice you to spend your hard-earned money | Moneyweb

Image: Shutterstock With the growth in online retail, physical retailers are searching for more effective tools to increase consumer traffic and boost sales. While most retailers tend to focus on…

Liz Richardson: experiential activations in the festive season – three tips for avoiding the naughty step | MAA

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for seasonal experiential activity. Boots is launching its themed Christmas ‘bootiques’, KFC and Deliveroo are pairing up to give out festive burgers…

What makes a great Christmas tree? Survey finds scent of tree the biggest factor for consumers | NZ Herald

Caleb (10) and Megan Purcell (7) decorate their live tree for Christmas. Photo / Dean Purcell. Santa Claus is doing his final checks of the naughty or nice list because…

How Restaurants Can Improve In-Store Experience | QSR magazine

ISTOCK Sponsored by Mood Media.  It’s no secret that diners are increasingly finding ways to order food without ever entering a storefront. A mistake for restauranteurs would be to assume that…

Elrow’art To Bring World Of Wonders To New York, Says Headliner Paco Osuna | iHeartRadio

Nightlife culture is changing by the minute and elrow'art is the latest innovator shaking up the way that we experience music and dance. Come Saturday (December 14), Brooklyn's Avant Gardner will…

Cineplex Introduces New Multi-Sensory Theatre Rooms To Select Cities In Canada | 604Now

Cineplex just opened its immersive, multi-sensory theatre, so you can feel like you’re inside the movie. The 4DX and ScreenX experiences recently opened in a handful of theatres across Canada. Cineplex is…

Memories might be disconnected – and it might assist these with PTSD | Wellston Journal

People with often get that can be triggered by an innocuous smell or sound. Now a study that linked unrelated memories and separated them again, suggests that one day we…
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This virtual reality dining experience is trippy — and might be the future of restaurants | The Washington Post

A screenshot from the Aerobanquets RMX VR experience. (Mattia Casalegno/James Beard Foundation) The James Beard House is a circa-1844 townhouse in the West Village, its creaky floors filled with oil…
Augmented + virtual realityMultisensoryTechnology

Welcome to 2030: Are you ready for the internet of the senses? | ZDNet

We're closing out a decade soon, which means thoughts are bound to drift to what the next ten years will have in store. What technologies await in the year 2030?…

There’s a T-Shirt That Smells Like Bacon & You Can Buy It Right Now | Redtri

What’s better than the smell of bacon as it sizzles in a pan? Now you can carry that scent around with you all day long thanks to Candy Couture California. The…

From KFC-scented firelogs to Taco Bell wrapping paper, why are this year’s food-related holiday promotions so bonkers? | National Post

Red Lobster’s Cheddar Bay Biscuit “Ugly” Holiday Sweater features an insulated biscuit pocket.Red Lobster As if embroiled in a collective fever dream punctuated by fitful images of swirling spandex Cheetos…

Museums making artworks touchable | ArtsHub Australia

Museums are looking to be more inclusive by making more of their works tactile and explorable through touch. Image Shutterstock. A shift is taking place in museums and the way…

KFC selling fried chicken fire logs this holiday season | 1010 WINS

Kentucky Fried Chicken/Enviro-Log If you can’t trim your Christmas tree without the scent of the colonel’s 11 herbs and spices, but you don’t want to run out for some fried…

Out of sight – exhibition that explains cancer to blind and visually impaired | Mirage News

Monash University A unique program designed to make science accessible to the half a million Australians who are blind or have low vision will open to the public this Friday…
Augmented + virtual realityHealthMultisensorySmellSoundTouch/Feel/TextureTrendyVisual

Four Seasons Resort Oahu At Ko Olina And Sensync Partner To Introduce The World’s First Multi-Sensory Virtual Reality Wellness Experience |

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Four Seasons Resort Oahu at Ko Olina and Sensync, the immersive wellness company founded by Dr. Adam Gazzaley and Dr. Alex Theory, have partnered to introduce The Vessel -…

Resident homes embrace multi-sensory spaces to help people with dementia | Yahoo

Guided by her therapist, Orange Valley Balestier Care Centre dementia resident Chua Mui Noi, 69, identifies the colours on fibre optic strands in a multi-sensory room. (PHOTO: Yahoo News Singapore)…

Sensory troubles may yield key clues to autism’s origins | Spectrum | Autism Research News

ILLUSTRATION BY CHRISSY CURTIN BY SUSANNE SCHMID  /  26 NOVEMBER 2019 Disruptions in sensory processing are a core trait of autism, according to the criteria outlined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of…

Beyond sight, colour can be felt, smelled and tasted, say experts who use art to explain the language of hues to the visually challenged | The New Indian Express

By Naaz Ghani Express News Service CHENNAI: Acres of light green tea plantations, a field of bright red tulips or your mother’s sari, colours make the world beautiful. While many play…

‘Making Scents of Outer Space’ & ‘Birding the DoSeum’ | The DoSeum | Art | San Antonio Current

When: Mondays-Fridays, 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Saturdays, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. and Sundays, 12-5 p.m. Continues through Jan. 12, 2020 Price: $14 Inaugurated in 2017 with Richard Armendariz’s tent-like, wildlife-filled multimedia installation “The…

Dogs Like Motion That Matches Sound | Scientific American

Credit: Getty Images Pet dogs appeared more interested in videos of a bouncing ball when the motion of the ball matched a rising and falling tone. Christopher Intagliata reports. Source:…

Hearing Is Seeing: Sound Waves Create a 3-D Display | Scientific American

Acoustic system displays an abstract floating butterfly. Credit: Eimontas Jankauskis University of Sussex To move visual technology into the future, sometimes it helps to make a little noise. Researchers have…

Just thinking about bright objects changes the size of your pupils | New Scientist

What are you thinking? Mauro Matacchione/Getty Images The eyes could be the windows to the mind, if not the soul. It turns out that simply thinking about a bright light…

Magic, Nature, Tech, Discovery: Singapore’s New Jewel, Considered World’s Best Airport Mall | Forbes

MICHELLE GREENWALD To say that Jewel, Singapore’s new airport shopping mall, officially inaugurated on October 18 of this year, is the best airport shopping mall in the world, is an understatement. No…

Ferrero hosts multisensory sweet party for Kinder Bueno, its newest US launch (slideshow) | NJBIZ

Ferrero celebrates the launch of Kinder Bueno in the U.S. at the "Sweeteasy" pop-up event in New York City, Nov. 7, 2019. PHOTOS: STUART RAMSON/AP IMAGES FOR KINDER BUENO Ferrero’s…

Experience music through your shows | Forbes

DropLabs EP 01 PHOTO COURTESY OF SONIA RICKETT For the first time ever, there’s a pair of shoes on the market that can actually help you experience sound throughout the…


TOM DIXON Tom Dixon’s multi-sensory TOUCHYSMELLYFEELYNOISYTASTY activation was a must-see at the London Design Festival this September, transforming the interior designer’s entire Coal Office complex into an installation filled with “the flavors, the…

Taco Bell Canada’s CrunchWrapping Paper Is Back, and This Time It’s Scented | Newsrire

Taco Bell Canada Scented CrunchWrapping Paper (CNW Group/Taco Bell Canada) Taco Bell Canada's CrunchWrapping Paper is back for the 2019 holiday season by popular demand, but with a twist. 'Tis…

Mass … the sensory-friendly way | Catholic Register

Debbie Frey’s son Dallas uses headphones to help deal with his sensory processing disorder.Photo courtesy Debbie Frey It was when she and her husband were leaving a movie theatre that…

These New Vibrating Sneakers Give Gamers a Multi-Sensory Experience | Sourcing Journal

CREDIT: DropLabs Gamers now have a new reason to wear shoes indoors. A new footwear solution allows them to “feel” the sounds of their favorite video games through the soles of their…

Take a Deep Breath: Disney Patents Smell-o-Vision | Amusement Park Warehouse

By: Genie Davis The scent of change is in the air. Disney has patented a system that delivers an immersive scent in theme parks. The innovative product produces multiple scent…

Black-Mould Brie, Anyone? An Art Project Comes to the City | Dublin Inquirer

Avril Corroon. Photo by Aura McMenamin. Breaking open a styrofoam box, artist Avril Corroon throws her head back as a strong, feet-like smell wafts up from inside.Corroon is kneeling on…

Wake up and smell the Nutella at this one-of-a-kind hotel in Napa | GMA

Nutella If you dream about Nutella, now's your chance to do it in a hotel blanketed in the creamy cocoa-hazelnut spread. Hotella Nutella, a soon-to-be bed and breakfast destination inspired by…

The Art of Noise, unique pieces that express the student’s colour experiences through their favorite songs | Goderich Signal Star

Bert Church High School art students present The Art of Noise exhibit in APL's Makerspace. Photo courtesy of Airdrie Public Library JPG, AI SHAREADJUSTCOMMENTPRINT Patrons of Airdrie Public Library (APL) will…

Marketing Daily: Smell, Touch Boost In-Store Sales By 10% | MediaPost

Turns out that to sell sneakers, there’s nothing quite like the schnozz-tickling smell of freshly mown grass. In an experiment conducted by Walnut Unlimited and Mood Media for a global…

This Tresor-Scented Perfume Will Make You Smell Like A Dark And Industrial Berlin Techno Dungeon | Telekom Electronic Beats

The fragrance was made to accompany the Russian edition of Berlin techno history book 'Der Klang Der Familie'. There are a lot of pleasant scents in the world, and, for…

Study: Shoppers Spend 4% More When Sensorial Marketing Is In Place | B&T

Mood Media has released a new behavioural marketing study, ‘Quantifying the Impact of Sensory Marketing’, proving that sensory marketing has positive emotional, cognitive and behavioural impacts on shoppers in-store. Applying…
ArtAugmented + virtual realityMultisensorySoundTechnologyTouch/Feel/TextureVisual

[INTERVIEW] Extended Reality (XR) exhibit merges fine arts, technology | Korea Times

Choreographers and dancers Park Jina, left, and Heo Ji-eun perform at a set located in Microsoft's Mixed Reality Capture Studios in San Francisco in July 2018. / Courtesy of Production…

Scents and the city | Asian Age

An amalgamation of art and anthropology, the exhibition challenges people’s way of thinking about the kind of work that can be put in a museum.  In order to capture the…

Dallas Museum of Art’s Newest Exhibition Makes No Sense Out of the Senses

Scrolling along: the Ladd brothers and their scroll-filled room. Exploredinary EVA RAGGIO | NOVEMBER 8, 2019 | 4:00AM The Dallas Museum of Art’s newest exhibition is an interactive experience meant to trip us up…

Cartier Has Created A Perfumed Cloud At Louvre Abu Dhabi | Harper’s BAZAAR Arabia

Courtesy of Cartier 06November2019SARA ALHUMIRI This has to be the best-smelling art installation ever... Cartier's latest art installation has just landed in the UAE. The luxury brand is currently participating in a…

How To Get A Guy To Like You & Make Him Want You By Building An Emotional Connection | Esther Bilbao | YourTango

PHOTO: CHERMITI MOHAMED VIA UNSPLASH Esther Bilbao Build a deeper intimacy with your partner. If you want to know how to get a guy to like you, there is one…

Disneyland adds new scents to “it’s a small world” for holidays | Inside The Magic

Credit: Disney It truly is the most magical time of the year, with hot chocolate, holiday cookies, gingerbread houses, and of course, all the wonderful aromas that come with it.…

Smells of the city: Scents, stench and stink | The New Indian Express

Mohammad Sayeed and Ishita Dey introducing the exhibition to the visitors at KNMA, Saket. By Bhumika Popli Express News Service There are various ways to discover one’s own neighbourhood. While some…

Dumpling & Associates Pop-Up Art Experience DTLA | HYPEBAE

ZIZM IMMERSE YOURSELF IN LOS ANGELES' UPCOMING DUMPLING-INSPIRED ART EXPERIENCE Featuring 14 uniquely themed rooms spanning over 5,500 square feet. This holiday season, a brand new pop-up food and art experience is…

Collaborative multi-sensory installation “EVOKE” opens Nov. 8 at Pink Dog Gallery | Mountain Xpress

Photo courtesy of Pink Dog Creative Press release from Pink Dog Creative: Please join us for EVOKE- to Hear, to See, to Feel, to Smell & to Taste, a collaborative multi-sensory installation created by Christie Calaycay and Holly…

Artistic scents: Perfumers take notes from the gallery | Financial Times

Illustrations of the Venus de Milo and Ingres’ ‘The Valpinçon Bather’ from the Buly x The Louvre collection A visitor’s first encounter at Antony Gormley’s monumental Royal Academy exhibition is…

3 Ways To Cut Through The Noise And Engage Customers In A Distracted World | CEOWORLD magazine

We endure an assault of distractions every day. We’ve grown used to it, so it may not always feel like an offensive onslaught. In some cases, we may even dismiss…

A synaesthetic approach to office design | Workplace Insight

Image by Alexandr Ivanov  Synaesthesia is a condition in which one type of sensory stimulus triggers an involuntary stimulus of another sense. Being able to hear colour or taste numbers might…

Providing a multi-sensory experience for your multichannel consumer | Retail Voice | Retail Week

John Federman, chief executive of SaaS platform JRNI, explains how retailers can use events and appointments to optimise the in-store experience and attract the multichannel consumer. Today’s retail consumers are…

War: Hrithik Roshan & Tiger Shroff-starrer on 4DX- a unique experience | Republic World

War, starring Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff released in theatres on October 2, 2019. It received rave reviews from both critics and audiences alike. The movie created a havoc at the box…
Augmented + virtual realityMultisensorySoundTouch/Feel/TextureVisual

Esqapes puts you in a VR experience while in a massage chair | Venture Beat

Above: Here’s a picture of the environment I saw in Esqapes. Image Credit: Esqapes Virtual reality entrepreneurs have tried a lot of things — from games to training applications —…

Gary Brown: Autumn memories are a feast for the senses | The Repository – Canton, OH

Remembering the sound of leaves rustling, the smell of them burning, and the taste of the cider that followed. “Anyone who thinks fallen leaves are dead has never watched them…

Inside China’s glowing neon restaurants | The Spaces

Photography: Zhang Jing Neon lighting design might have fallen out of fashion in the West in recent years, but over in China, they’re embracing glowing, futuristic lights in their restaurant interiors. Local studios…