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Top ecommerce tips: Why personalisation is the sixth sense | Netimperative – latest digital marketing news

Sensory experiences are driving shoppers back into stores. Fiona Rayner, Head of Experiential & International Operations at leading staffing solutions, travel retail and experiential agency Blackjack Promotions looks at why…

WB/New Line’s Horror Properties Getting Interactive Multisensory Art Installation in Los Angeles | Bloody Disgusting

This Spring, a one-of-a-kind experience will creep into the city of Los Angeles for a limited engagement. Beginning on April 4th, the multi-sensory installation inspired by some of Warner Bros.…

Interior design of the future will seem like magic | The Conversation

Bokeh Art Photo/ Imagine a house where the walls change colour depending on your mood, or your tablecloth changes shape when you’re having a dinner party. A house where every…

WeDraw: A new multi-sensory teaching method for math and geometry by using dance and music


Sensory branding: Marketers, find your voice! | Campaign Live

Check out the Mastercard CMO's advice for the industry. When marketers make every dimension of their brand work for consumers, they can forge stronger more meaningful connections that last. With…

Connect with movies through motion, vibration, water, wind, snow, lightning, scents, and other special effects that enhance the visuals on-screen | PRNewswire

Audiences will cheer for the Marvel Cinematic Universe's new leading heroine when the film opens worldwide in immersive ScreenX LOS ANGELES, Feb. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- CJ 4DPLEX (, the world's leading…

Prof studies how to listen to the movies | JHNewsandguide

Dr. Siu-Lan Tan will talk at Teton County Library about the music of films. KEITH MUMMA / COURTESY PHOTO It is widely understood that movies are to be watched, but…

A “multisensory techno triptych” inspired by the classic existentialist novel The Stranger | Fact Mag

Photograph by: Nico Stinghe Stroboscopic Artefacts boss Lucy, AKA Luca Mortellaro, will return to his own imprint with Dyscamupia, an EP inspired by French philosopher Albert Camus. Responding to the pivotal moment of Camus’…

Colors and flavors bring food to life | Natural Product Insider

In this new norm of clean label, it’s no surprise that consumer avoidance of artificial ingredients is helping drive growth in natural colors and flavors. Colors and flavors each play…

Shaking Chairs, Water Sprays And Snow Effects – Brace Yourself For GSC’s 4DX Theatres |

Image via Sony Pictures Entertainment / Youtube It's always exciting to catch the latest blockbusters on the big screen Watching your favourite actors in HD, hearing the amazing surround sound, and…

‘Secret’ immersive dinners to feature at Fringe | The West 

There's something for everyone this year with 700 acts over 130 venues across the city. After several years of staging sellout events in hush-hush locations — including an orchard and…

Sound influences the way mice and rats sense touch | UPI

Sounds influence the perception of touch among rodents. Photo by Anna Tyurina/Shutterstock New research suggests the brain's main sensory centers -- the visual cortex, auditory cortex and somatosensory cortex --…

Why consumers are demanding more experiential marketing activations | Just Drinks

Flicking through a magazine over the festive break, I happened across an article that was simultaneously fascinating and depressing. Instagram-worthy museums, where people go to take selfies in front of eye-popping…

Doctors use multisensory therapy to bring 65-year-old back from coma | Times of India

Doctors at SSKM Hospital applied an intense multi-sensory stimulation therapy to wake up a 64-year old Agartala resident from coma. This therapy was used to stimulate his five sensory organs.…

Study: Aussie Shoppers Will Choose Bricks & Mortar With In-Store Marketing Over Online |  B&T

Consumer experience agency Mood Media has found that shoppers want an experience and will choose bricks-and-mortar over online if they get it. While many believe that shoppers are overwhelmingly moving…

Using digital tech to create multi-sensory consumer experiences to strengthen brand |

Of late, brands are exploring means and mediums to engage with their customers as frequently and as innovatively as possible. Among the many popular mediums, social media is emerging as…

Study: Music, visuals and scent critical to in-store experience | Chain Store Age

When it comes to choosing in-store shopping over online, a store’s atmosphere is key. Seventy-eight percent of shoppers globally said an enjoyable in-store atmosphere is a key factor in their…

Does your child have dyslexia? Help him read faster and better |

Dyslexia can be cured, if treated properly. ©Shutterstock Dyslexia, a learning disorder which mostly goes undiagnosed in kids, can be traced back to the years, when they hadn’t even started going…
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FeelReal Sensory Mask Brings Smell-O-Vision to Virtual Reality

I don’t think even Ready Player One had the foresight to include smell-o-vision in its vision of the future, but now Ubisoft’s April Fool’s prank has become reality. FeelReal Inc has announced…

Retail tricks making us to buy more: aroma and sound | Youth Reporter

First of all, the things I will talk about in this article relate to Marketing. Marketing is the business process of creating relationships with and satisfying customers. With its focus…
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The Void’s extra-sensory VR does what home experiences can’t |

The Void & ILMxLAB I walked through The Void's virtual reality center in the Las Vegas Venetian twice. The first time, armed with headset and wireless backpack, I was shuttled…

Marketing: How to Exhibit Successfully in 2019 – Multisensory stimulation | INSCMagazine

For many companies, especially those in the B2B segment, exhibits are the perfect place to strengthen relationships with suppliers, meet new customers and, why not, have a glimpse into the…

Soothing Colours And Right Scent Can Aid Sound Sleep: Here’s How | Doctor.ndtv

Blue colour in the room may help you have better sleep HIGHLIGHTS You should chose a relaxing theme for your bedroom Some scents can help relieve stress to promote better…
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Denver Museum of Outdoor Arts’ Natura Obscura is part art exhibit, part virtual-reality experience | Gazette

The Museum of Outdoor Arts has been creating immersive art experiences for more than 35 years in its sculpture gardens and indoor galleries. Its new Natura Obscura exhibit takes the…

Audiences will soon be able to see, smell, hear and touch robots and dinosaurs | Natural History Museum

An immersive experience will bring dinosaurs to life using the latest mixed-reality technology. A partnership between seven organisations is hoping to create groundbreaking interactive exhibitions at the Natural History Museum…

The multisensory learning revolution transforming education | Virgin

Image from gettyimages Education is holistic. The brain processes information in a myriad of ways, and as individuals we unconsciously favour styles of learning that stimulate certain senses more heavily…

Airia is a smart fragrance diffuser with ink-jet printer technology | CNET

Angela Lang/CNET Procter & Gamble's Life Lab booth at CES 2019 was full of future-focused tech including the Airia, the company's app and voice controllable fragrance dispenser. The Airia is about as…

Blind bride gifted multi-sensory album so she can feel her wedding pics | Metro News

Stephanie Agnew, 32, has cone-rod dystrophy, meaning she can only see some light and dark shapes. On her wedding day in Queensland, Australia, all the guests and her husband-to-be wore…

What does labor smell like? – Buffalo Rising

“What does labor smell like?” Now, that’s a question that you probably never thought you would be asked, let alone attempt to figure out. Well, if the thought of coming…

Citrus aftershave, old-fashioned tools: Barber brings men with dementia back in time | DailyRecord

Tunes from The Great American Songbook, the scent of citrus aftershave and old-fashioned tools of the trade transformed an assisted-living beauty parlor for women into an old-fashioned barbershop to trigger…

The world’s first multisensory podcast | Irish Times

Positioning itself as “the world’s first multi-sensory podcast”, Heston Blumenthal’s new Pod & Chips is an aural delight for foodies. Famous for his experimental gastronomic style, Blumenthal is also keen to push…
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FEELREAL™ Announces Pre-Release of Next Generation Multi-Sensory Mask For VR Headsets – Creates New Paradigm in VR Experiences | Digital Journal

FEELREAL VR Mask is the world’s first Multi-Sensory VR mask that incorporates Olfactory Technology along with the ability to simulate tactile sensations to create a one-of-a-kind Virtual Reality experience. Brooklyn,…

Science and multisensory art have a heady tryst at MSU’s Broad Museum | Lansing City Pulse

A haunting collection of smells, a real ant colony that moonlights as a DJ, an edible blob, a car that emits feathers and many other provocative wonders are packed into…
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Coty Inc. launches VR experience for its perfume portfolio | Glossy

Coty Inc., the licensing partner of fragrances by Tiffany & Co. and Calvin Klein, introduced in early December a new fragrance-focused multi-sensorial virtual reality experience with retail partner Julieraque. It’s one of…

How Brands Like Dove Are Creating Immersive Flavor Experiences | PSFK

Retailers like Target, Taste of Home and more are attracting new customers using trendy brand collaborations, immersive experiences and edible activations The way to consumers’ hearts just might be through…

Retextured Festival: Organisers behind new architecture-centric music event discuss techno, London and the beauty of concrete | The Independent

The newly renovated Silver Building in the Docklands will host a number of events during the festival( The Silver Building ) Brutalism is having somewhat of a renaissance in the art…
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The Huawei Mate 20 Pro’s custom-made AI was able to identify sounds from the Northern Lights | TechNave

About two weeks ago, Huawei finally finished a new project they collaborated with Kjetil Skogli, Mark Sayfritz and James Shearman. Promptly called as the Sound of Light symphony, the orchestra piece was made…

4DX cinemas feature advanced motion seats, fog, water spray, wind-fans, strobes, scents and other environmental effects | IOL

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse'. Picture: Supplied IOL Entertainment is giving double tickets to watch 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse'  at Nu Metro 4DX cinema across the county. Swing into new universes…

Childish Gambino invites festival-goers to switch off at immersive “wellness” installation | Dezeen

American rapper Childish Gambino has built a multi-sensory "wellness centre" that encourages festival-goers to relax and reconnect with one another. On show at Childish Gambino's very own Pharos music festival in Auckland, New Zealand,…

Feature: Palestinian woman artist uses fruit, spices to color paintings – Xinhua |

Palestinian artist Walaa Abu al-Eish uses cooking spices to create an alternative painting in the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah, on Dec. 9, 2018. A Palestinian woman from the…
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360-degree virtual world filled with real-time sensations, including touch, smells and breezes as well as rumbling vibrations | DailyNews

A pod takes Earthlings through “Alien Zoo” for encounters with endangered species from other worlds. (Courtesy of Dreamscape Immersive) Dreamscape Immersive, the location-based virtual reality studio behind last year’s “Alien…

Heaven Hill To Spend $65 Million In Large Scale Multisensory Whiskey Showcase | The Whiskey Wash

A rooftop bar is part of the planned expansion of the Heaven Hill visitor’s center (image via Heaven Hill) As the plans are currently spelled out, an investment of $17.5…

KFC is making firelogs that smell like fried chicken | AOL Lifestyle

Photo: KFC Different scents can help you change the vibe or aura of your home — fresh linen might make it smell clean, lavender more calming, vanilla more cozy. Now, fried chicken…

Art and Technology – From Data Visualisation to Multi-Sensory Experiences | WTVOX

Art and Technology – From Data Visualisation to Multi-Sensory Experiences. The tools available these days to artists influence not only how they work but also what their art stands for.…

Scent added to Greenland Christmas stamps |

Christmas cookies in different shapes, including a map of Greenland, are pictured on this Christmas stamp issued Oct. 22 by Greenland Post. The stamp smells like cinnamon. Some postal administrations…

Begin your multi-sensory voyage with The Singleton of Glen Ord | Lifestyleasia

Borne of the Black Isle, since 1838 Following an exciting debut earlier this year, Scottish whisky maker The Singleton of Glen Ord are bringing their innovative Sensorium workshop back to Lee…


When depression doesn’t disappear after the typical treatment, people go to great measures trying to find solutions. They will inflict damage on themselves. They will try many different combinations of…

Not so subliminal: Pillsbury cinnamon roll smells to be pumped into movie theaters |

The smell of freshly-baked cinnamon rolls, which makes mouths water and wallets open, may soon waft through a movie theater near you. Video (00:15) : This is the commercial…

How sensory design is creating healthier homes | Business of home

Ketra lighting can mimic natural daylightCourtesy of Ketra Looking at a photograph of a beautiful room is a visual experience. But entering into the physical space can inspire all of…
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Your guide to multi-sensory virtual reality | Cyprus Mail

Thought virtual reality alone was mind-blowing? That’s nothing compared to multi-sensory virtual reality! Designed to stimulate numerous senses, you don’t just see a totally different world, but you can smell…

Christmas whiff: A custom ‘Nutcracker’ scent will infuse the Academy of Music lobby

HEATHER KHALIFA / STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Christmas prep underway Wednesday at the Academy of Music, where a custom "Nutcracker" scent will greet patrons of the Pennsylvania Ballet's holiday classic, opening Friday.…

Studio Swine’s multi-sensory (including smell) installation takes viewers back to primordial Earth | It’s Nice That

Studio Swine: ∞ Blue (Infinity Blue) Studio Swine has built a reputation for its interdisciplinary practice that combines sculpture, cinema, poetry and research into an immersive experience for its viewers. Internationally…

Immersive Digital Art Exhibition: Expect The Unexpected Opening Soon In Shenzhen | Digital Journal

As the first sensory digital art exhibition created by GeeksArt, ten digital artworks will be initially shown on this exhibition including: Door of perception, Less ego is more, Wavelet kinetic,…

Marcel Katz’s Wildly Experimental Multisensory Art Platform Will Heighten the Senses | Miami Newtimes

Miami-based art curator (and character) Marcel Katz believes the conventional setting for fine art — the gallery — is going the way of white pages and walkie-talkies. Given the way…
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How This Asian-American Chef Uses Food and VR to Tell Her Immigrant Story | Food & Wine

Liz Clayman Returning to New York City this December, Jenny Dorsey’s “Asian in America” is a multi-sensory, six-course journey taking diners through the trials and triumphs of Asian-American identity. “Just…

Rio Ferdinand’s extraordinary night at Guinness multisensory flavour rooms | Metro –

Rio Ferdinand enjoys an extraordinary night at Guinness flavour rooms (Guinness) As part of his visit to Nigeria with Guinness, Rio Ferdinand attended a session at the Guinness Flavour Rooms which…

The Most Wonderful Smelling Time of the Year | NY Times

Nolan Pelletier Walking in New York this season, I stumble into a time warp. The smell of fir from sidewalk Christmas tree vendors plunges me into memories: sparkling red and…

Scientist-turned-sculptor transforms quotidian objects into multisensory art

COURTESY OF BROWN UNIVERSITY Rina Banerjee originally received a degree in polymer engineering from Case Western Reserve University before turning her knowledge of base materials into art. She received her…

One can smell Michelle McCutcheon’s art exhibit yards before entering | The Lincoln County News

“Bear Ascending,” made from longleaf pine needles, a black bear skull, corn husks, and Amazon parrot feathers, is one of the many pieces in Michelle McCutcheon’s “Remember, Reconnect, Restore” exhibit…
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New War of the Worlds Multisensory Immersive Experience |

Londoners, strap yourselves in; the team behind Somnai, one of 2018’s most raved-about immersive experiences, is back with a new gig – Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of the…

Multisensory environments explained | CTV News

A sample of Multi Sensory Environments is seen lit with regular light and blacklighting. Users of the room, who are cognitively impaired or suffer other challenges can control various sensory…

4DX ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald’ | IOL

'Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald'. Picture: Warner Bros. IOL Entertainment is giving away 6 double tickets to "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald" at Nu Metro 4DX cinemas across…

A multisensory experience this year, with all five senses coming into play as you flit from one experiential playground to another | Todayonline

It seems like January’s shaping up to be a busy month for Instagram addicts. Adding more sparkle to our sunny shores is the third edition of the Light to Night Festival,…

Get ready for 3 extraordinary multisensory nights at Guinness Flavour Rooms |

The Guinness Flavour Rooms are a multi-sensory area, where you can explore the many dimensions of flavours in Guinness and understand why it is different from the rest. Get ready…

We invite you to interact with and absorb everything you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell” | Miami’s Community News

Miami-based Curator Converts Historic Police Impound into an Interactive Modern Art Gallery, during Miami Art Basel 2018 Miami-based curator and art world personality, Marcel Katz has announced his new conceptual platform, The Art Plug Power…

The Johnnie Walker multisensory experience | Scotch Whisky

New life?: The empty House of Fraser on Princes Street could become the Johnnie Walker Experience A former department store in central Edinburgh has been confirmed as a possible location…

Enjoy the scents of the season | Jamestown Sun

Fresh greens in a wreath can add great aromas into a room without taking up too much space. John Zvirovski / The Sun The Thanksgiving holiday has now passed and…

Interactive & multisensory installations | Marketing Interactive

PMQ will launch the 10th edition of creative festival – deTour 2018, from 30 November to 9 December. The festival, themed “Trial and Error”, will feature a wide spectrum of…

A sight and sound collaboration that makes scents | Perthnow

Picture: Herald Sun, Nora Traco Wendt. SCENT artist Erin Adams is bringing a different dimension to Melbourne Music Week. Adams will unleash a menu of scents at the MMW event, A…

Boutique-y launches scent-inspired gin range | The spirits business 

That Boutique-y Gin Company’s new range of scent-inspired gins will be available exclusively from Harvey Nichols Created in collaboration with sensory specialist Lizzie Ostrom of Odette Toilette, the Olfactor-y Gin…
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Smell the Immersion With the VAQSO VR Scent Device | VRfocus

As virtual reality (VR) companies strive for greater immersion within experiences how would you imagine they could achieve that? Better visuals, improved spatial audio, the ability to feel and touch…

These scratch and sniff photos honour the beloved food memories of Alzheimer’s patients | CBC Arts

"Scratch & Sniff Menu" on display at the Craig Gallery in Dartmouth NS. (Emily Lawrence) Just hearing a description of Halifax-based artist Emily Lawrence's series "Scratch & Sniff Menu" is enough to…

Seeing is hearing – what are synaesthesia and chromesthesia? |

Seeing is hearing - what is synaesthesia and chromesthesia? © Getty  /  Tara Moore November 21, 2018 Imagine seeing colours when you hear music! Vincent Van Gogh, Franz Liszt, and Duke Ellington are but…

First-of-its-kind Sensory Box launched | BQLive

Michelle Harris and Anthony Wilson (The Base Community Hub) with Alan Stanley of UKSE. A newly opened day centre in Rotherham has become the flagship location for a state-of-the-art Sensory…

Carousell partners Visa for sensory branding tech | Marketing Interactive

19/11/2018 Mon 17:56 in Singapore by Rezwana Manjur Carousell,a web-based classified marketplaces in Asia Pacific, has become the first merchant partner to incorporate Visa’s Sensory Branding technology on its payment platform. A research…

Rabbids Team Battle is a 4D ride from Triotech and Ubisoft |

Visitors of the International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions annual trade show in Orlando have had the opportunity to try a demo of Rabbids Team Battle, an interactive 4D ride…

Jimmy Dean offering sausage-scented holiday wrapping paper | WWAY TV

Jimmy Dean giving away sausage-scented wrapping paper for the holidays. (Photo: Jimmy Dean) (WTVD) — There’s nothing like waking up to the scent of sausage under your tree on Christmas…

What ‘Sexual Healing’ Smells Like | The Daily Beast

Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast The perfume sits rather un-subtly on my nightstand. In thick black capital letters, its label reads, “Sexual Healing.” Nearly everyone who sees the…

Bacardi and Eraman unveil new Dewar’s Multisensory Vapour Bar in KLIA2 | Travel Retail Business

Vapour Machines transform Dewar’s premium blends and single malts into liquid vapour. Bacardi Global Travel Retail (BGTR) in partnership with Malaysia Airports Berhad retail subsidiary Eraman, has introduced Bar Metropole, a…

‘Legally Blonde’ Writer Co-Creates Holiday Pop-Up Museum | Hollywood Reporter

Writer Amanda Brown and TV journalist-turned mompreneur Chloe Sommer have created a multisensory experience, with a mistletoe kissing booth and Santa selfie station. The holiday spirit is coming to Instagrammable…

New multi-sensory meeting room that includes scent & light effects | Conference News

Hilton London Bankside has partnered with Bombas & Parr to create a unique multi-sensory meeting room inside its hotel, under the name The Agora. From flooding the room with scented air…

The Funny Psychology Of Why We Love The Taste Of Coffee | Forbes

GETTY If you’re a coffee lover, you know that drinking coffee is a complex and nuanced experience—there’s the rich aroma, the comforting warmth, and the loveliness of the ritual of…
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VR transports users to an alternate simulated environment created to stimulate a user’s sight, smell, touch, hearing and vision | HiTechChronicle

But really, What is VR? “Presence,” as defined by the website VR Focus, “is the magic of virtual reality, the feeling that you’re actually in the virtual world.” Presence, then, includes the…

Chase Distillery embarks on ‘British Field to Bottle’ multisensory campaign at Birmingham Airport | The Moodie Davitt Report

Chase Distillery is partnering with Dufry in a promotion at Birmingham Airport that highlights the UK brand’s farm-turned-distillery approach to craft spirits. The ‘British Field to Bottle’ campaign celebrates Dufry’s launch…

Helping A Child With Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) Through Eating Issues: The Gag Desensitization Method |

Eating is a multi-sensory experience. What food looks like, how it smells, the sounds heard while they are cooking and wonderful textures all combine to create a positive relationship with…

Study sheds new light on how we use our senses to interpret value and risk | MDlinx

Both sight and hearing are involved in determining the risk and value of something, according to researchers at Tel Aviv University, Israel. The common currency network of the brain is…

Cheesy music: Swiss experiment with sound to make cheese tastier |

Swiss cheesemaker Beat Wampfler lets the music play in his experiment for a tastier Emmental, one of the most famous cheeses in Switzerland When searching a fromagerie for the perfect…
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What do the arts smell like? Burlington company Alice & the Magician adds scents to events | Burlington Free Press

The founders of the Burlington flavor-and-fragrance company Alice & the Magician faced a creative quandary: They needed to make a car smell like a teenager’s car. For art. To many,…

Blue 449 Brings The Scent Of Summer To Australia For The Launch Of Beefeater Pink | B&T

Beefeater Gin together with Blue 449 has taken the scent of summer into Bondi Junction station and Adshels in Melbourne to promote the launch Beefeater Pink offers a bold, new strawberry…

Blizzard released an entire album of Lúcio’s music, called “Synaesthesia Auditiva” | Dot Esports

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment Blizzard Entertainment seems to be going all-in on Lúcio, Overwatch’s Brazilian DJ. After just revealing his own brand of cereal at BlizzCon last week called Lúcio-Oh’s, the company just published…

This Is How It Feels To Have Synaesthesia | HuffPost UK

VIALETA NOVIK VIA GETTY IMAGES “What letter has your favourite colour?” Upon asking what appeared a fairly nondescript question, my friend responded with a set of bewildered eyes. “Come on,…
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Cirque du Soleil founder to open pyramid theatre in Montreal | blooloop

In June 2019, Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberté will open a new entertainment venue shaped as a pyramid in Montreal – called PY1. Lune Rouge Entertainment, founded by Guy…

A multisensory electronic music experience  |

Four distinct stages, seven themed rooms, over 11 hours of music, 20+ DJs, hidden spaces, all indoors. In short, The Cityfox Halloween Festival was an electronic music extravaganza. The Cityfox Experience team is…
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Disney and Universal put a spin on reality with latest patents including “Multisensory Augmented Reality” | Theme Park Insider

Universal has filed five ride-related patent applications that have been published within the past week or so: Passenger Restraint With Integrated Lighting Dome Theater Ride System And Method Motion Simulation…

Motion sensors detect movements that are transformed into sounds and music to help reduce stress and anxiety | YorkMix

York charity Accessible Arts & Media are using creative technology to help people improve their mental wellbeing. Their iMUSE (Interactive Multi-Sensory Environment) programme uses interactive technology to help people relax…

Multisensory experiential, immersive & interactive experience including art installation, exclusive merchandise & Rapper Nas | Marketing Daily

Cadillac used the ComplexCon music and streetwear festival in Long Beach this past weekend to show off its XT4 crossover and connect with a young and hip audience. General Motors’…

Silent Disco Parties Aren’t Just For Fun, They Can Also Help Those With Social Anxiety | Refinery29

When T.J.* put on a pair of headphones at his very first silent dance party in New York City this summer, he wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. “I never saw myself…

Five Reasons Why The Department Store Model Is Far From Dead | Forbes

The UK's only free wooden skate bowl at Selfridges Oxford Street, London IMAGE: ANDREW BUSBY "The report of my death was an exaggeration" that oft-misquoted line from Mark Twain when on a…

The artist using synaesthesia to interpret this season’s scents on canvas | Dazed Beauty


Synaesthesia: The condition which means you can ‘taste’ sounds and ‘hear’ colours | The Independent

Ever wondered what Wednesday looks like? How it tastes? Which colour it is? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you might be one of the few…

Overwatch’s Lucio Gets His Own Cereal And A Full, Free Music Album | GameSpot

A lot of announcements have come out of Blizzcon 2018 so far, but the funnest and most bizarre might be the announcement of a cereal based on a joke from Overwatch. Lucio, the…
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China’s Tech Firms to Soon Blur Bounds of ‘Reality’ Using AR | That’s Shanghai

This feature is our October 2018 cover story for That's Beijing and That's PRD. Check out the full issues online here.  Imagine the Optimists’ Future Technology progresses by leaps and bounds, radically changing everything.…
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Demand for ‘Sensory Journalism’ on the Rise | ODWYERP

Millennials and Gen Z consumers want to watch news more than they want to read it, and also have distinct preferences as to how that news should be presented, according…

Sanctuary for the Senses | HourDetroit

By day, the basement-level space that makes up Sfumato’s charming storefront in Midtown is a treasure trove of fragrances. The wood shelving that lines the concrete walls holds the brand’s…

Virtual Dementia Tour puts students in the shoes of those with dementia | UIndy 360

You never truly know the plight of another person until you are walking in their shoes. The University of Indianapolis Center for Aging & Community gave students the opportunity to do just…

New multi-sensory festival, Re-Textured, to celebrate experimental music and architecture | DJMag

Various Brutalist buildings across London will play host to a new electronic festival in March next year. Focusing on ambient, drone, techno and leftfield electronics, the Krankbrother-hosted Re-Textured will take place in…

Can You Feel What I’m Saying? Using haptic sense to interact with technology | ECNMag

Imagine the panic. Fire alarms blare. Smoke fills the room, and you’re left only with the sense of touch, feeling desperately along walls as you try to find the doorway.…
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Environment In Which You Eat Can Modify Taste Says Research | HungryForever Food Blog

There’s a reason why restaurants and diners ensure a comfortable ambience for you to relax and enjoy your food. While this may just be a theory a few weeks ago,…

Lunchmeat 2018: Prague’s ambitious A/V festival proves visuals can matter | Factmag

Photography by: Jakub Červenka Prague’s Lunchmeat Festival is turning into one of Europe’s most exciting festivals. FACT’s Henry Bruce-Jones travelled to the Czech capital to check out three days of…

Visitors get to step into history in a multisensory way by seeing, hearing, touching, and even smelling the past | Triblive

Joe Napsha | Tribune-review Mike Kijowski of Carnegie relishes the opportunity to educate people in the 21st century about the gunsmithing techniques used to make the muskets fired during the…

Sissel Tolaas goes nose-on with the whole world | Engadget

1. The sniff shot When you are a world-renowned pioneer in smells, it's somewhat inevitable you will end up sticking your face into peculiar places: the burned rubber tire of…
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Why Millennials Need VR – It has a much higher sensory impact than traditional marketing channels | Forbes

Millennials are twice as likely to buy a VR headset than their generational peers.REWIND Born after the 1980s, Millennials (or Generation Y, as some would say) are highly educated, socially…
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Does virtual reality need a dash of magic? | Financial Times

Otherworldly fantasies are not hard to find in California, where Elon Musk’s SpaceX rockets trail across the sky and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos plots a life on Mars. Conjuring ideas that…

Wine’s origin might affect acceptable price more than taste study shows | Eureka Alert

IMAGE: THIS IS A BLIND WINE TASTING. view more  CREDIT: WSU TRI-CITIES Taste might have less to do with what consumers are willing to pay for wine than you think. In fact, issues…

A multisensory Van Gogh experience at new Brussels exhibition | Lonely Planet

Van Gogh – The Immersive Experience gets underway in Brussels. Image courtesy of MB Presents Ever wanted to jump right into a painting? You now can in Brussels, Belgium as the…

The race to integrate tech into retail experiences | Gulf News

Retailing has undergone a transformation with the balance of power shifting from brands to retailers, and eventually to consumers. In this new age, the “connected consumer” can become a shopper…

Mars sets up multisensory hotel | Campaign Live

Shanghai event for Dove chocolate brand encourages visitors to find their 'pleasure profile'. Mars has created a multisensory hotel experience in Shanghai that encourages visitors to find their "pleasure profile".…

Scientists Are Developing ‘Electric Gum’ That Never Runs Out of Flavor | Digital Trends

Science Photo Library / Alamy Stock Photo A device which zaps your tongue with electricity sounds more like some cruel and unusual torture method than it does something folks might…

Visual fragrance is a thing, and this company just won a major award for it | From The Grapevine

Amkiri has developed a patented visual fragrance product that allows the user to apply scented body art. (Photo: Amkiri) by Jaime Bender  |  Monday, October 22, 2018 When you spritz perfume on…
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What Does the Future of VR Look Like?…Incorporating Other Senses |

Looking to get your first VR headset on Black Friday and wondering where the industry is going? The future looks bright. Virtual reality has recently started to make a name…

Scented Sight: A special set of paints for visually impaired artists | DNA India

Suresh Nair (Left) Abstract artworks painted by visually impaired students under the tutelage of (right) artist Suresh Nair Some find the smell of freshly painted walls intolerable. Even acrylic and oil…

Beautiful multisensorial experiences with wine scents | Record Online

Daniel Axelrod/Times Herald-record Kelly Jones thought she had everything she wanted till she saw that cherry blossom fluttering outside the Tokyo board room at Toyota’s headquarters. An unabashed gearhead, the…

The scent of a season: Explaining the aromas of fall | The Washington Post

Autumn foliage fills the trees of Prospect Park in Brooklyn on Oct. 30, 2015. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images) By Matthew Cappucci October 19 With autumnlike weather becoming entrenched over the Lower 48,…

New digital art exhibition questions how all things connect and interact using fans and motion sensors to keep the artwork ever-changing using fans and motion sensors to keep the artwork ever-changing | The Mail

Internationally-recognised French arts collective, Lab212's new immersive exhibition, Nebula, runs at Barrow's Signal Film and Media until November 3 AS PART of its Platform digital arts programme, Signal Film welcomes…
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Virtual reality can boost empathy | Space Daily

Virtual reality could be used to boost empathy, new research suggests. The tool could be used to encourage tolerance and acceptance of marginalized groups. Empathy is the ability to understand…

Taste What You See on the Screen (Podcast) | Bloomberg

Seth Unger, Executive Producer of The Food Film Festival, discussing The Food Film Festival with George Motz Owner of Motz Burger. The Food Film Festival is a four-day multisensory event…

MFA student exhibition merges STEM, art to explore consciousness through senses | Daily Bruin

MFA student Samuel Congdon is one of the artists participating in Thursday's "Convolution" exhibition. The preview show aims to explore consciousness through senses like slight, smell and sound, integrating technology…

Scent-Based Water SZENT Launches Online |

What does this water smell like? That’s not exactly the question most consumers hope to ask upon opening a bottle of water, but in the case of new beverage startup…

State-of-the-art smell and stress sensors were all the rage at Tokyo Tech fair | Technology News, Firstpost

Sensors were all the rage at this year's high-tech fair. AFP State-of-the-art sensors that can measure stress levels, mood, posture, performance and even smell took centre stage at Asia's top…

Gorgeously colorful art using cake, icing & sprinkles | Orlando Weekly

Photo by Heather Allison Love Ever walk into a gallery and smell cake? UCF's Visual Arts Building has the usual art-building aroma about it, but the sugary tendrils of a…
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Do your surroundings affect your taste? Virtual reality answers | Medical News Today

What we taste is intertwined not just with what we smell, but also with other sensory inputs. What we can see, in particular, may alter how we perceive the flavor…

People with a good sense of smell are better at navigation | DailyMail

A group of 57 volunteers participated in an experiment which assessed the proficiency of their nose as well as their sense of direction. They were tasked with identifying different odours…
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How virtual reality technology affects your food consumption | Sci Tech Europa

A new research paper published in the Journal of Food Science, has shown how virtual reality technology affects a user’s experience of food consumption. Using the example of sensory environments manipulated by virtual reality technology,…

An Immersive, Multi-Sensory Installation, in a “Mysterious” Site, Is Coming to Sydney | Broadsheet

Coutesy Caldera The Eveleigh Locomotive Workshops will be transformed into a nocturnal world of performance, music and burlesque over four nights in late November and early December. Caldera is a night…

Medicine and music| Hippocratic Post

Although every healthy human brain is able to perceive music, musician’s brains are more finely attuned to these tasks. Earlier this month, artist and academic, Dr Pauline Amos performed live,…

Architecture You Can Smell? A Brief History of Multisensory Design | Metropolis Mag

Diller Scofidio + Renfro’s 2010 How Wine Became Modern exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is one of a series of museum shows the architects have developed over the…

Chipotle now has a calorie-free item: Scratch-and-sniff stickers | WKCY

Chipotle unveils limited edition scratch-and-sniff stickers. Chipotle Mexican Grill There’s a new way to get a whiff of Chipotle without the calories or heading to the fast-casual chain. For $3,…

The Swedish designer creating edible robots that add multisensory elements to the eating experience | Wired

DJAMILA GROSSMAN FOOD DOESN’T ALWAYS pair so well with tech. The former is comforting and cultural, the latter cold and commercial. Lab-grown meat, transgenic crops, desserts extruded from the nozzles of 3-D printers: not…

How Denver Haunted Houses Use Smells to Spook Visitors | 5280

Photo courtesy of the City of the Dead Haunted House Smell is no small part of the Swansea haunt’s spookiness. When you approach the shaky elevator that delivers you to…

What does the Black Country smell like?  | Express & Star

What makes you think of the Black Country? Chimney smoke, balti pies or the canals   From groaty pudding to a pint of Banks’s Best Bitter, the favourite smells of…

Nursing students get real-world training through experiential simulation | Georgia Southern University

Students in the pre-licensure Bachelor of Nursing program on Georgia Southern University’s Statesboro Campus had the opportunity to gain real-world experience to care for dementia patients by participating in an…

Interactive Multisensory London Art Installation Designed to Make You Cry (with menthol) | Mental Floss

TATE PHOTOGRAPHY, ANDREW DUNKLEY Some art is so powerful that it can move you to tears. A new installation at London’s Tate Modern is virtually guaranteed to do so, regardless of…

Imagine a room where… | Daily Herlad

A client explores the NWSRA Snoezelen Sensory room.Karyn Emeralda As the diagnoses of autism, individuals with multiple disabilities and an ever-aging population continues to rise, the need for sensory integration…

Bars and restaurants are too damn loud. Can SoundPrint cut through the noise? | Fast Company

Like many New York City singles, Gregory Scott was working way too hard to hear his dates. The city’s abnormally loud bars and restaurants make connecting with a stranger all…

Ambient Scenting and Sound in Growing Demand in Coworking Spaces | AllWork.Space

Modern, innovative coworking spaces are cropping up across the country, as everyone from freelancers to top execs are saying goodbye to the traditional office design of the past. Creative, comfortable,…
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The Many Ways VR is Changing How We Eat | The Spoon

It would be easy to dismiss virtual reality (VR) as something that won’t impact what and how we eat, especially since, you know, virtual eating won’t fill a physical stomach.…
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Study: Virtual reality provides immersive environment for food testing | Food Navigator USA

Food sensory judgements – taste, texture, and aroma perception – can be influenced by the surrounding environment, and virtual reality (VR) technology can be an effective and affordable way of…

Ariana Grande Takes Fans Inside Spotify’s ‘Sweetener The Experience’ Pop-Up | Just Jared

Ariana Grande is showing fans around her and Spotify’s “Sweetener The Experience” pop-up! The 25-year-old “God Is A Woman” crooner kicked off the gorgeous experience on Friday (September 28) in New York City.…

Multisensory and experiential events for Manchester Food and Drink Festival | Saddleworth Independent

A SERIES of exciting sensory and experiential events are being hosted at The Loft as part of the Manchester Food and Drink Festival. The Loft, Pernod Ricard UK’s multipurpose events…

B.Traits curates new ‘multi-sensory’ and meditative experience, Paciphonic | Resident Advisor

The Canadian producer is bringing her new concept to the recently renovated Hackney venue EartH in November. B.Traits has curated a new show and experience that examines ambient music, sound activations…

Beer and Banking? Explore This Unique Brewpub Branch Experience | The Financial Brand

A financial institution in Washington state has created an unusual multi-sensory branch that blends banking with beer — from taps in the "teller bar" to the smell of hops infused through…

Harry Parr on Designing MultiSensory Experiences and Starting a Business You’re Truly Passionate About | Core77

This interview is part of a series featuring the presenters participating in this year's Core77 Conference, "Now What? Launching & Growing Your Creative Business" , a one-day event aimed to equip attendees…

What’s sex like when you can feel colours and taste sounds? For people with synaesthesia, the world can appear very different | South China Morning Post

If romantic films are to be believed, kissing someone special can leave you seeing fireworks. For 38-year-old Sariah of California, it’s closer to seeing the Northern Lights. What she experiences…

London Design Biennale offers sensory world exploration | THE DAILY STAR

Filled with sounds, smells and interactive installations, the second London Design Biennale offers visitors a sensory exploration of the world, and an antidote to the “island mentality” of Brexit. “We…
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Eating with your eyes: Virtual reality can alter taste | Cornell Chronicle

Humans not only relish the sweet, savory and saltiness of foods, but they are influenced by the environment in which they eat. Cornell food scientists used virtual reality to show…

Fall Arts: Emily Lawrence, Scratch & Sniff Menu at The Craig Gallery | The Coast

Emily Lawrence is at work mapping the familiar footpath between our olfactory glands and our memory vaults. She perches on one of several petite stools inside The Craig Gallery, surrounded…
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The Oddly Satisfying Spa Uses VR and ASMR to Relax Guests | VR Fitness Insider

No cell phones. Those 3 simple words can throw some of us into a tailspin of “digital anxiety”, or a term Tyler Pridgen, the spa’s Co-creator, used in a video…

Humans have more than 5 senses | World Economic Forum

Image: REUTERS/Steve Nesius Equilibrioception ... a sense of balance is just one of the many ways we experience the world around us Human Enhancement When we think of human senses…

Best Practices in the Auto Industry: Appeal to All Your Customer’s Senses…even Smell & Taste! | CBT Automotive Network

The use of visual displays for advertising has had a major role in advertising for those in the automobile industry. This form of advertising allows customers to see and experience the vehicle…

A multisensory gastronomic theatre experience that is ‘bold and satisfying’ | The stage

The unpleasant feeling of chewing while wearing headphones does little to detract from the immersive, experiential quality of genre-blurring multimedia piece Gastronomic. Instead, it lends an appropriate sensation of eating…
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Cosmic Sleep takes visitors on a multisensory trip following the path of the extraterrestrial rocks zipping through the solar system | Quartz

Courtesy of IFF “Cosmic Sleep”Most of us don’t spend a lot of time appreciating our sense of smell. One 2011 global survey suggests that 53% of millennials would rather lose their ability…
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How virtual reality is being used for science as well as gaming | 9Pickle

(Fox) When most of us think of virtual reality, we think of sweet video games. But those chunky headsets and all-encapsulating graphics can do more than just give players a…
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Fully immersive hyper augmented augmented experience including temperature changes, wind, mist, and smells | Fastcompany

The Void, an entertainment company that uses a mix of virtual reality, augmented reality, and sensory elements like wind and temperature to create interactive experiences, has partnered with ILMxLAB, Lucasfilm’s immersive…

Multisensory activity may lead to faster recovery from brain damage, stroke | UPI

Activity, rather than prolonged rest, may lead to quicker recovery from brain damage, including from a stroke, according to a study with mice. Columbia University researchers believe that activity-centered treatment…

Desperados submerges party in world’s deepest pool for multi-sensory stunt | The Drum

Desperados has taken the party underwater in a new experiential effort for the ‘Release Your Inner Tequila’ campaign. The Heineken-owned brand rented out the world’s deepest pool and hosted a ‘Deep…

Multifaceted festival that combines art, sound, technology and taste into a surreal sensory journey | Markets Insider

OPUS Merriweather®, the bold, multifaceted festival that combines art, sound, technology and taste into a surreal sensory journey , will return on Saturday, October 13, from 5:00PM to 11:00PM. Attracting more than…

The Holi-Brolly umbrella gives off a glow and scent | Lonely Planet

This umbrella gives off a glow and scent to make you feel like you’re still on holiday. Image: TUI/SWNS If coming home to grey skies gives you the blues, a…
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The fourth industrial revolution – virtual & augmented reality | Cape Times

Students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of virtual and augmented reality with the aim of creating a more interactive learning environment at university. UWC is…

It’s a sensory area that helps to decrease behavior and anxiety | Triblive

The median age in Westmoreland County is 46, and more than 19,500 county residents are enrolled in Medicare. More than 34,000 — just under 10 percent — are 75 or…

A sensory look at the fussy eater |

Children who experience their sensory world differently are at increased risk of eating in a restricted way. Due to the fact that eating is so very important for survival, these…

Now Meat-Lovers Can Scrub Up With Vegan Bacon-Scented Soap | Livekindly

Vegan bacon-scented soap is a thing thanks to cruelty-free cosmetic company Outlaw Soaps. The California-based brand, which also makes lotions, colognes, and lip balms, has created a coconut oil-based soap which…
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Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality | Chronicle week

If Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are in the same virtual family, then they must be distant relatives. Sure, VR gets a lot of attention and is sort of a…

A central hub to relay sensory information to the brain | Science Trends

The thalamus functions as an anatomical region of the brain, located in the center of the brain, between the cerebral cortex and the midbrain. The thalamus is involved in several cognitive functions, such…

Interactive exhibition “synescape: please touch” | News VietNamNet

One of the objects on display at the exhibition, which will activate sound and video upon touching, presented in a white box The exhibition named ‘synescape: please touch’, revolves around…

Multisensory experience created to help adults suffering from neurodegenerative diseases to relax and connect with their caregiver | USC News

Gabriela Gomes created an immersive experience to help adults suffering from neurodegenerative diseases. (Photo/Courtesy of Gabriela Gomes) Walking around at the Electronic Entertainment Expo — commonly known as E3 —…

Fake Google Pizzeria Ads Learn About Its Users – Users favor “multisensory experiences” | TechCrunch

Google’s  Unskippable Labs team has been testing ad effectiveness in a compelling new way: It created a fake pizza brand called Doctor Fork, used stock footage to create 33 ads and…

Busy Bees nurseries re-brands and gains a signature scent | Nursery World

The largest nursery group in the UK has undergone an image overhaul including a new logo, typeface, colour scheme, mascots and even a signature scent. As part of a 12-month…

SONOS visualizes sounds through graphical rays, with banbanbanban & superNature | Designboom

the collaborative installation of SONOS, banbanbanban, and superNature creates a visual motion projection in the space, which allows the flow of new experiences and the existence of sound. the sound ‘rays’ its graphical…

Ambiance Marketing: A multi-sensory approach to attracting and retaining clientele | JDRAZURE

by James D. Roumeliotis The dictionary conveys to us that “ambiance” is “the character and feeling of a place.“ A place which wants to attract the most discerning souls, should be…

See, Feel, Taste: The Influence of Receptacle Colour and Weight on the Evaluation of Flavoured Carbonated Beverages | MDPI

A study was designed to assess whether the individual and combined effects of product-intrinsic and product-extrinsic factors influence the perception of, and liking for, carbonated beverages. Four hundred and one…
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Multisensory Augmented Virtual Reality Becomes New Mall Reality | Twin Cities Business

Are virtual reality attractions the new shoe stores for shopping malls? It’s beginning to look that way at Mall of America, which just signed its third immersive entertainment experience called…

A sensory exhibition | Times of Malta

More than 30 members of the Malta Society of Arts (MSA), under the guidance of curator Roderick Camilleri, are participating in the official members’ exhibition entitled Perception. The show is…
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Walmart VR shopping – VR headsets and sensory gloves would have the sensation of walking through product aisles and picking out items for home delivery

Walmart applied for two patents that show how the chain plans to create a "virtual retail showroom" and fulfillment system that would let customers shop in a computer-generated version of…
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‘Weird Al’ Yankovic goes VR in new multisensory comedy short that includes haptics & smells |

'Weird Al' Yankovic is making hisvirtual reality(VR) debut in a new comedic short film called "Shady Friend" that is being produced exclusively for the Positron Voyager VR motion chair and that sounds…

Illusion & magic: Misperception of sensory experiences | The Island

By Dr Upul Wijayawardhana Magicians never fail to astonish us, unless they are very bad at their trade. Their ‘tricks’ often defy scientific explanation; may be because magic is more…

Eau de car showroom is becoming the way to sniff out a better relationship with customers | Go Auto News Premium 

FRAGRANT showrooms are luring customers and subtly changing their mood in a bid by dealerships and car-makers to create an inviting experience for buyers. Using fragrances in businesses is not…

Does my sweaty T-shirt turn you on? At a pheromone party, singles try to match using only their noses | Chicago Tribune

As I walked into a party on a recent Thursday night, I was self-conscious in a way I'd never been before: What if no one likes the way I smell?…
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Virtual reality multisensory neuroprosthetic approach may be able to reduce the illusions of phantom limb distortion | European scientist

One of the major challenges with artificial limbs is the lack of something called embodiment ― the idea that prosthetics actually feel like a real limb ― mainly because bionic…

KFC launches chicken scented surf wax | Daily Examiner

KFC is about the launch the most Australian merchandise collection ever … and it's for a good cause too. Following years of KFC producing a variety of goodies for countries…

Multisensory Ikea pop-up experience with sounds and scents & rooms inspired by the brand’s 2019 catalog | Block Club Chicago

The Swedish furniture and home behemoth Ikea plans to open an interactive pop-up in Bucktown in celebration of its 75th anniversary and latest catalog. Dubbed the “Ikea Inspiration Experience,” the free…
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Virtual reality involving multisensory sensory inputs for reducing pain | Brain Blogger

Falling Through the Cracks in Pain Management Pain and Opioids Chronic pain is debilitating, and it can cause patients to “fall through the cracks”. Health care institutions struggle to find…

Battling anti-Semitism with multisensory Holocaust survivor stories | J-Wire

The rising tide of anti-Semitism around the world, including New Zealand, means that the re-telling and preservation of Holocaust survivors’ stories matters more and more…writes Miriam Bell. That’s why the…
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Virtual Reality May Effectively Reduce Sensory, Affective, and Cognitive Pain During Labor | Clinical Pain Advisor

Virtual reality (VR) may effectively alleviate pain and anxiety for unmedicated women experiencing contractions during the first stage of labor, according to a study published in Anesthesia & Analgesia. The investigators used…

The Glenlivet Code Is Putting Whisky Connoisseurs To The Test | Prestige Online

Imagine a whisky being released with little to no information. That’s what happened when The Glenlivet Malaysia presented a mysterious Single Malt Scotch known as The Glenlivet Code. What we…

Exclusive luxury dining experience where an intense array of scents, textures, aromas, Malaysian culinary flavours & accentuated imaginative landscape of images, sounds and interactivity. |

A first in Malaysia, the House of Hennessy has undertaken a unique endeavour, a special collaboration with Tapestry Malaysia and Chef James Won of Enfin by James Won. This comes…

The art of scent: Chandler Burr on the most unheralded of artistic mediums | The Globe & Mail

JAMIE BENNETT Chandler Burr is a journalist, author, and curator. He is the New York Times’s former perfume critic, author of the books The Emperor of Scent and The Perfect…

Extracting audio from visual information | MIT News

Researchers at MIT, Microsoft, and Adobe have developed an algorithm that can reconstruct an audio signal by analyzing minute vibrations of objects depicted in video. In one set of experiments,…

Olfactory receptors ‘do more than smell’ | Medical News Today

Scientists in Germany suggest that a better understanding of the many roles of olfactory receptors in the body could lead to new avenues of medical research and treatment. Olfactory receptors…

Brands leverage scratch-and-sniff marketing to delight consumers | CASSANDRA

A focus on scent, apparent in a global rise in scented art exhibits, is resonating strongly with young consumers amidst the onslaught of digital advertising they receive on a daily basis.…

Teaching a bunch of visually impaired kids to paint by recognising each colour by its unique smell |

What would it be like if you had to paint on a canvas with your eyes blindfolded? The task would not only be difficult but extremely challenging as well. But,…