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How Smell—the Most Underrated Sense—Was Overpowered By Our Other Senses | Lithub

VIA BASIC BOOKS Ashley Ward on the Oft-Ignored and Much-Maligned Olfactory Sense Despite the wonderful contributions that smell makes to our lives, it’s undervalued in modern Western societies. Polls conducted…
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Scent adds more dimension to exhibits and stories & enhance perception and interaction | Denver Art Museum

Dana El Masri is a perfumer, interdisciplinary artist, lecturer, writer, and storyteller who is inspired by the scents and sounds of contemporary landscapes, as well as by her deeply rooted Egyptian…
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Immersive Seeds: What We Can Learn From a Sensory Journey as a Rainforest Tree | KCET

The "Tree" VR experience allows viewers to embody a kapok tree, which is considered sacred among indigenous peoples in Peru and other areas in and around the Amazon rainforest. |…
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Why Clinique’s Next Move In The Metaverse Is A Winning Formula For Web3 Retail | Forbes

Skin diagnostics get virtual at Clinique Lab new digital retail experience in the metaverse. CLINIQUE Clinique is launching digital laboratory Clinique Lab, an all-immersive, multi-sensory gamified experience that combines retail…

The Eatrenalin is a fine dining and theme park experience | Charlotte Observer

Eatrenalin is part of Europa-Park, a theme park in Rust, Germany. The restaurant offers guests a multi-sensory, fine-dining experience. WIRESTOCK CREATORS Shutterstock Have you ever imagined what you would get…

Multi-Sensory Visual Wonderland of Senza Fine |

The third edition of Senza Fine featured performances from Seth Troxler, Carlita and HVOB, alongside spectacular visuals by Ben Heim. Michael Poselski/offbrandproject Senza Fine’s third edition was a multi-sensory exploration…

How to Use the 5 Senses — Plus a Secret 6th One — to Catapult Your Brand Experience | MarketBeat

Brand experience is a cornerstone of business, especially for those with a brick-and-mortar presence. Without a strong and consistent brand experience, it would be difficult to attract customers. So what…

Tetley to Launch Immersive Pop-Up Experience for their new line “Tetley Live Teas” | Newswire

Canada's #1 tea brand encourages shoppers to "Live in the Moment" by inviting them to an immersive, multi-sensory experience on Feb 16-19 at CF Sherway Gardens Mall Tetley is launching "Live in the…
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A virtual reality rave experience is coming to FACT Liverpool this Spring | The Guide Liverpool

To coincide with Eurovision celebrations, FACT Liverpool has announced the arrival of In Pursuit of Repetitive Beats, a multi-sensory virtual reality rave experience taking place from 20 April to 15…

Why chocolate feels so good? It’s down to lubrication |

Scientists have decoded the physical process that takes place in the mouth when chocolate is eaten, as it changes from a solid into a smooth emulsion that many people find…

Don’t Miss This Blind Restaurant In Toronto For A Truely Unique Experience | Indie88

Image: @onoirmtl on Instagram Have You Been Looking For A New Dining Experience In Toronto? If you’re looking for something completely different… and we mean completely different in Toronto… you’re going to…

Art made from mushroom foam, walnut ink and more featured in Sustainable Studios exhibit |

Visitors smell Nichole van Beek's artwork made with mushroom foam combined with beeswax, rose petals or hemp seed at the Sustainable Studios exhibit at Millersville University's Eckert Art Gallery. The…
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AI and “Qualia,” the Ability to Experience | Mind Matters

Robert J. Marks wrote an article for the Spring Issue of Salvo Magazine on AI, covering his ideas on its “non-computability” in the areas of love, empathy, and creativity.The Quality of Qualia…

New technology enables the blind to navigate – Israeli study | The Jerusalem Post

The brain (illustrative). (photo credit: PIXABAY) A new study by researchers at Reichman University’s Brain Cognition and Technology Institute has shown that visual navigation areas in the brain can be…

Coldplay to screen new concert film as multi-sensory cinema experience | Complete Music Update

Coldplay have announced that they will screen their new live film ‘Music Of The Spheres: Live At River Plate’ in cinemas worldwide on two nights next month. Directed by Paul…

love hultén’s CHD-4 drum machine turns patients’ heartbeats into rhythmic soundscapes | Designboom

Audiovisual artist Love Hultén has teamed up with Teenage Engineering to devise an arrhythmic drum machine to raise awareness for congenital heart disease (CHD). CHD-4 is conceived as a modular synth with…

This Artist Designs Stunning Portraits of Birds from Foraged Materials | Goodnet

(godi photo / Nature’s beauty is all around you. Wildflowers glisten in bright blues, yellows and reds. Trees, with unique shaped branches, twigs, and leaves, decorate the horizon. Under your feet,…

On Site: Princess Cruises’ Multi-Sensory Dining Experience | Travel Agent Central

The multi-sensory "360: Extraordinary Experience" is a fantastic mix of film, dining, wine tasting, animation, storytelling and all-around fun for travel enthusiasts. (Photo by Princess Cruises) If advisors have clients…

You Can Get Jelly Bean Scented Grass to Fluff Up Your Easter Baskets This Year | Totally The Bomb

As a kid, believing that there was a giant Easter bunny who left baskets filled with sweets every holiday sounds crazy now as an adult. And one of the most…

One gentleman of aroma – Shakespeare’s Birthplace’s latest tour | Stratford Observer

Immersive - Visitors can experience Shakespeare will all the senses. VISITORS to Shakespeare’s Birthplace will be able to find out what the Bard smelt like. There will be an opportunity…

Tetley Launches Immersive Pop-Up Experience for ‘Tetley Live Teas’ | LBBOnline

FUSE Create are helping tea lovers live in the moment by creating multi-sensory, interactive galleries, and designing experiences Tetley is launching ‘Live in the Moment,’ a fully immersive and multi-sensory…

Toys R Us Launches a New Sensory Library with The LEARN Project | SA Good News

South Africa, 9th February 2023 – Toys R Us has partnered with The LEARN Project to launch a new sensory library in Newlands East township in KwaZulu-Natal. The Bright Future…
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Some of the Most Recent Immersive Event Experiences Stand Out | Martech Series

There have been numerous technological advancements since virtual reality and augmented reality first appeared. AR/VR enables people to make wiser decisions. Let’s use an example to better grasp this. Consider…

Aaron Rodgers & Sensory Deprivation: Best Wishes | National Review

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) reacts while leaving the field after the NFC divisional playoff round game against the San Francisco 49ers at Lambeau Field in Green Bay,…

Smuggler’s Cove launches new multi-sensory Rum Experience | The Guide Liverpool

Smuggler’s Cove on the Royal Albert Dock has launched a private experience that rum-lovers are going to want to try. The brand-new ‘Rum Experience’ has been designed to take guests on…

Learning to Play Music May Improve Multisensory Processing, Reduce Depression | Lab Manager

ISTOCK, ALEKSANDARGEORGIEV According to a small study published in Scientific Reports, learning to play the piano can improve one’s ability to process multisensory information and reduce depression, anxiety, and stress. Researchers from…

What Is Experiential Dining? Everything You Need to Know About the Trend | Paste

Experiential dining isn’t anything new, but it is among the top food trends for 2023. If you’ve ever been to Medieval Times or even Benihana, you’ve experienced this trend, which…

François Chartier | Une expérience olfactive autour de la Rosa de Riopelle | La Presse

PHOTO ALAIN ROBERGE, LA PRESSE. L’œnologue François Chartier Œnologue réputé grâce à sa science aromatique d’harmonies moléculaires qui l’amène à collaborer avec des chercheurs, chefs et entreprises de partout sur…

Aromas Designed by François Chartier: Smell Riopelle at the Museum of Fine Arts | The Bobr Times

MISE À DAY Art lovers are accustomed to admiring the work of the great Jean Paul Riopelle with their eyes. In the new space dedicated to the Quebec painter, which…
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Study: New VR sensory room reduces anxiety in people with intellectual disability | MobiHealthNews

Credit: Devika A new VR programme with interactive sight, sound, and touch experiences has helped improve outcomes for adults with neurodevelopmental disabilities, including autism and intellectual disability. This is based…

Sensory design: transform patient experience | Dentistry

The UK’s dental practices may be some of the most neglected spaces within the healthcare sector. But if architect Nicholas Szczepaniak has his way, all that is set to change.…
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‘Thinking about beauty in a new way’: How brands are pursuing multi-sensory strategies in the digital world | Cosmetic Design

Getty Images From non-fungible tokens to augmented reality, and live commerce to the metaverse, major beauty brands are increasingly pursing multi-sensory strategies in the digital space, according to panel of…

Where do you rank smell in the hierarchy of senses? | The Irish Times

“Instinct is the nose of the mind.” – Delphine de Girardin Scientists have looked at our sensual hierarchy by evaluating how much space the brain devotes to processing each sense…
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Osaka startup develops smart scent system, aims for immersive aromatic VR experience

OSAKA -- An IT venture here has developed a system that connects apps with an aroma-diffusing smart device, enabling people to become even more immersed in virtual worlds through their…

Aroma Shooter Let’s You Smell Smell Games, Movies, Anime, and More | Hypebeast

Standing out amongst the tech advances showcased at CES 2023, Japanese developer Aromajoin showed off its Digital Scent Technology, “Aroma Shooter.” Aromajoin describes itself as developing “the finest digital scent products based on the…

Does bimodal visual-olfactory training with patient-preferred scents improve olfaction in individuals with COVID-19 postviral olfactory loss? |

Study: Efficacy of Combined Visual-Olfactory Training With Patient-Preferred Scents as Treatment for Patients With COVID-19 Resultant Olfactory Loss. Image Credit: E.Va/Shutterstock In a recent study published in JAMA Otolaryngology–Head & Neck…

This London restaurant takes multi-sensory dining to the next level | Stylist

You don’t just eat with your mouth, you know… These days, food needs to do more than just taste good. It needs to deliver the visuals for Instagram, the satisfaction of an…

Not just visuals: How sounds and smells affect the city | California18

When David Howes thinks of his hometown of Montreal, he thinks of the melodies of chimes and the smell of bagels being baked over wood fires. But when he asked…
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The Quest to Make the Metaverse a World of New Smells and Tingles | The Daily Beast

Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Getty We’re still waiting on the metaverse to arrive—at least in the way it was promised. That hasn’t stopped companies from pondering new ways…
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Weekly Roundup: Experimental eating and mood food to drive F&B in 2023, AI solutions to improve cheese quality | Food Ingredients First

Consumer desire to raise and uplift sensory experiences through food and drink will propel impactful innovations in the year ahead, according to Flavorchem, a global flavor and ingredient supplier. Meanwhile,…

Aromas and Audio: This Innovative Fragrance Diffuser Uses Speaker Design Theory | EDM

OJAS/Byredo The designers of the "experimental and revolutionary fragrance diffuser" say it's on the cutting-edge of multi-sensory experiences. A new fragrance diffuser, which is shaped like an antique horn speaker,…

Aromajoin brings scents to match the mood of videos with AromaPlayer | Venturebeat

Japanese tech startup Aromajoin will unveil its scented video platform AromaPlayer at the CES 2023 tech trade show. This brings olfactory sensing while you watch videos. Powered by Aromajoin’s proprietary Aroma Shooter technology,…
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VR Still Stinks Because It Doesn’t Smell | UK NEWS TO DAY

VR still stinks, and its stench has many notes. It smacks of rich white guys wildly overfinancing and consistently exaggerating the ever-on-the-edge-of-a-breakthrough technology. It has a festering funk of entrenched privilege,…

A plastic Christmas tree can never trigger the same Christmas spirit as a freshly-cut tree with fragrant needles | Science Norway

A real tree smells good. Memories of this give meaning to smell, because the sense of smell is directly connected to the memory center in the brain. (Photo: Colourbox) Do…
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The “Haptic Metaverse Glove” lets you feel virtual punches and more | Mixed-News

Image: AI Silk Corporation The “Haptic Metaverse Glove” tracks movements and also sends electrical feedback through coated fibers. There are quite a few experimental products and research projects for sensory…
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This Mixed Reality Meal Combines Food And VRUK NEWS TO DAY | CHOF360

A delicious meal paired beautifully with immersive technology. Last week, Italian artist Mattia Casalegno debuted his latest thought-provoking installation, Air Banquets RMX, during the Miami Art Week in Miami, Florida. The…

Sonic Seasoning: How Sound Affects Taste | Ludwig-van

Image by Руслан Сикунов (CC0/Pixabay) Sonic seasoning, or oenesthesia, is a growing field of research into the way sounds can affect the way we experience food and drink. Naturally, much…

How to Make Training Work for Every Employee Based on Their Learning Style | Workest

Here’s how to factor in different styles of learning so that the training you provide to workers is impactful for them — and cost-effective for your business. Here's what you…

Your future home wants to read your mood | The Next Web

Nowadays, just about every facet of daily life can be automated or altered to fit consumers’ preferences and moods. This shift towards customizing private spaces is especially prominent in the…

Exploring sensory decline and dementia risk | National Institute on Aging

The sight of grandchildren’s faces, the smell of home cooking, the sound of a friend’s voice: We process so much of life through our eyes, ears, and nose. While many…

Cineplex Cinema launches first B.C. multi-sensory experience | Burnaby Now

KEHAN CHEN/ Moment/ GettyImages Cineplex Cinemas Metropolis debuts auditorium equipped with motion seats and effects including water, wind, fog, scent, snow and more There are movies that make you feel…

Benefits Of Scent In Packaging | Label and Narrow Web

Scentisphere's Mark Bernstein (L), Chris Matthews, and Jim Berard In recent years, there has been a substantial increase in interest in scented packaging. In order to explore the benefits of…
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This virtual reality headset allows you to kiss over long distances | Interesting Engineering

A person using VR headset. Ibrahim Can/Interesting Engineering At number 20 on IE's 22 best innovations of 2022, we take a look back at this intimate invention. Can you imagine…
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Bringing Multi-Sensory XR Experiences To Life With “Symbiosis” At PAM CUT | ARPost

Polymorf is bringing “Symbiosis” to the US for the first time, allowing visitors to access multi-sensory XR experiences at the Portland Art Museum. Symbiosis, an award-winning multi-sensory XR experience directed…

Firmenich Unveils Color-Coordinated, Pantone-Inspired Scent | WWD

Firmenich has launched Live Bold Eau, inspired by Pantone's color of the year for 2023. COURTESY OF FIRMENICH Viva Magenta Pantone 18-1750, the laureate, was chosen for its connection to nature, how it…

Why Lincoln, Serena Williams Are Launching a Scent for Cars | Adweek

A Lincoln brand ambassador since 2018, Serena Williams really does drive her own Navigator. Serena Williams is a longtime habitué of Art Basel in Miami, so it’s no surprise the…

Brain Matters: Marketing, decision making and the psychology of smell | Money Control

From the sweet, sweet smell of success to the stink of a failure, we’ve always used our sense of smell to convey, in rich visual imagery, what’s going on in…
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Virtual Realty Exhibit Blends Art And Food At Miami Art Week 2022 | NBC 6 South Florida

‘It Was Magical': Mixed-Reality Dining Experience Presented at Superblue During Miami Art Week The multi-sensory experience is designed to bring art and food into a new dimension by combining virtual…

Cartier Are Evolving Perfume Into A Multi-Sensory Immersive Experience | Elle

CARTIER The brand's latest immersive fragrance pop-up, OSNI 2, is landing in Paris. Perfume belongs in a bottle, right? According to iconic luxury jewellers and fragrance house, Cartier, that's not always…

Why Brands Are Reeking Havoc on Our Noses | The Washington Post

“There’s no scent!!” Online reviews complaining that Yankee Candles had no smell punctuated the pandemic, and led to claims that Covid-19’s waves might thus be predicted: Indeed, recent statistical analysis…
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An Artist and Chef Collaborated to Imagine the Dinner of the Future. It Involves Animation, Virtual Reality, and… Not Being Able to See Your Food | Artnet News

A guest dining at Mattia Casalegno's Aerobanquets RMX at Superblue Miami. Photo courtesy of World Red Eye. If you’re looking to experience contemporary art, fine dining, and cutting-edge technology at this…

Seeing Sound, Hearing Champagne – Krug & Ryuichi Sakamoto Unveil Multi-Sensory Experience | Man of Many

Seeing Sound, Hearing Champagne – Krug & Ryuichi Sakamoto Unveil Multi-Sensory Experience You’ve probably heard of food and champagne pairings but why stop there? Proving that there’s more than one way to…

Using the Five Senses in Marketing is a Must | The Weekly Journal

Dani DG You probably won’t make it to the end of this article. Not because it’s boring per se, but because nothing holds your attention for more than eight seconds.…

Internet of senses to “fundamentally alter” human consciousness | Cybernews

Image by Shutterstock The internet of senses could fundamentally alter human consciousness and the way people experience reality. It will pose major privacy and security challenges, even if existing technological…

Why Do You Experience Food Nostalgia? | HealthNews

Image by FotoDuets via Shutterstock A steaming pot of stew served on a chilly winter's evening as the snow fell. The first time you tried sushi and thought it was…

How Experiential Retail Tactics Are Evolving and the Power of Scent | BoF

Attendees of the Integra Fragrances x BoF executive breakfast and fragrance workshop. (Integra Fragrances) Last week, BoF and Integra Fragrances invited executives from the likes of Kering, Armani, Sunnei, Ginori…

Picky Eaters Are Put Off by Food Depending on Plateware Color | Neuroscience News

Picky eating behavior is usually categorized as having a limited diet, specific food preparation, strong dislikes and difficulty accepting new foods. Image is in the public domain Summary: The color of…

Grief, Holidays, and Sensory Memories | Psychology Today Canada

Remembering is what makes us grieve, and holidays can activate poignant reminders of loss. Olfactory, echoic, and iconic memories are often triggered during the holidays. Memory enables us to “find”…

WineLab returns to MOD for a sensory experience blending wine, science and art | Glam Adelaide

Immerse yourself in the lights and sounds of the museum while sipping wines and taking in the current MOD exhibition, Invisibility, before it closes. Want Friday knockoffs with a difference?…
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Superblue opening MR art and gastronomy experience | blooloop

Words:  Bea Mitchell Superblue opening mixed reality art and gastronomy experience Aerobanquets RMX features dishes including a “mousse of roasted hopes”. Superblue Miami is launching an innovative mixed reality (MR) art and gastronomy…
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Is The Future Of Cinema Fully Immersive And Multi-Sensory? | Forbes

A Positron VR Voyager Motion Chair For Viewing VR films with haptics and scent. POSITRON The VR Voyager Motion Chair from LA-based Positron is ushering in a new, fully immersive…

Multisensory Realities of Authentic Artworks | Diggit Magazine

© Olga Koltsova In September 2021, the Van Abbemuseum (Eindhoven) opened the first fully multisensory exhibition in the Netherlands, featuring 120 artworks and a range of multisensory tools like touch replicas,…

Art and science: Unlocking the secrets behind food sensory experiences | Food Ingredients First

Making food a memorable experience that captivates shoppers and influences consumers to repurchase products can be challenging for companies. Formulators have to balance taste, nutrition and aspects like clean label…

Cooking Can Help Us Grieve, Heal, and Process Our Emotions—Here’s Why | Wellandgood

Recently, I flipped the last page of Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner. For those of you who haven't read it, the memoir is about Zauner growing up Korean in…

At SAMA, Those with Dementia Can Connect Memories Through Art | San Antonio Magazine

Still Life with Festive Breads, Artist unknown, Puebla, Mexico, 19th century; Oil on canvas 21 3/8 x 29 3/8 in. (54.3 x 74.6 cm), San Antonio Museum of Art, The…

Dyson launches its bizarre combo of noise-canceling headphones and pollution mask | Designboom

FUTURISTIC NOISE-CANCELING HEADPHONES WITH A BUILT-IN AIR PURIFIER british technology company dyson launches its first wearable product: a pair of futuristic noise-canceling headphones with an unorthodox addition of a built-in air purifier. as if…
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VICUNA Platform, Smell in Metaverse-VINAVerse | Sponsored Bitcoin News

VICUNA is designed to develop cutting-edge technology and applications that push users beyond the limits of immersive experiences. VICUNA team believes in building products that improve customers’ lives and advance the…

Visualising scents: a user-centric approach | by Jian He | Medium

How to visualise scents? As a designer I’ve been creating many visuals on mobile and desktop applications. When it comes to designing the experience of a different sense — smell,…

Driving enrollment with multisensory experiences | Higher Ed Dive

Sladic via Getty Images For many U.S. colleges and universities, driving enrollment is an uphill climb these days. Though digital channels have made it easier to reach a wider audience,…

Through music and new media art, Montreal’s Erin Gee aims to trigger that tingling feeling | CreateaStir

Photo by Elody Libe Vancouver New Music presents Erin Gee’s Affect Flow, with musica intima and pianist Andrea Wong, at the Annex on November 19 as part of Parallel 05…

In Pictures: Step Into Monet’s Giverny Garden—and Even Smell the Lilacs—in New York’s Newest Immersive Show | Artnet News

A guest enjoys "Monet's Garden." All photos by Matthew Murphy. Immersive exhibitions are back in a big way—heartening evidence that New York City and the world beyond are recovering from…

Multi-sensory play brings the sounds, smells and stories of Nunavik south Pipa News

Niap pictured in Aalaapi in February 2019. (Anne Marie Baribeau) Multi-sensory play brings the sounds, smells and stories of Nunavik south Olivia Ikey Duncan and Niap say their multisensory play…

The Spice House Introduces Spice Bar and Scent Experience | Urban Milwaukee

The Spice House. Photo by Cari Taylor-Carlson. Every at-home cook can appreciate the welcome aroma of gently toasted spices, the sharp bite of chili flakes or a perfectly balanced seasoning…

Tang of urine and spicy pig’s blood: A virtual-reality Ulysses lets you inhale the smells of Joyce’s Dublin | The Irish Times

Justine Cooper, performer and scent designer with her bottles and potions in a dance pose with Rosie Stebbing (performer in silhouette) for a new CoisCéim production Go to Blazes. Photograph:…

What is a Sensory Deprivation Skull and Why are They so Cool?! | Nerdbot

Joep van Lieshout "Sensory Deprivation Skull, 2007" (Mutual Art) In 2020 sculptor Joep van Lieshout auctioned off his piece “Sensory Deprivation Skull, 2007.” The skull’s design allows users the experience of literally…
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Scent-sational science: VR sniffs out new ways to enhance olfactory senses | The Star

Researchers at Stockholm University and Malmo University have made an immersive VR system that tests gamers’ sense of smell. — PETER LUNDEN/YouTube screenshot Technology has made major strides in delivering…

Meet Jack Coulter, the Irish artist who experiences sound as colour | The Irish Times

Jack Coulter: 'Everything started making sense when I painted' The young Belfast artist is attracting worldwide attention with his upcoming debut exhibition at Sotheby’s in London “I took a step…

How do people on the spectrum go to the dentist? | CBC News

Dr. Peggy Bown uses a variety of methods to provide a better sensory experience for her patients, including this technology that can detect cavities and dental decay without the use…

Enhancing In-Store Experiences with Music, Scent and Visuals | Chain Store Age

Experiences have always been the driving force behind retail, and yet many brands still struggle to understand and implement this transformation in today’s new economy. And now, more than ever,…

Are Two Senses Better Than One? | Psychology Today Canada

KEY POINTS Although we think of our senses as separate, research shows we frequently integrate visual and auditory information. When auditory and visual signals match up, this can improve performance…

Cryotherapy chambers, meditation pods and sensory deprivation all part of £750,000 Lowry Spa redevelopment

As The Lowry Hotel celebrates its 21st anniversary, the final piece of the hotel’s ongoing seven figure refurbishment programme has been revealed as ‘RE:TREAT’ – a luxury spa destination in the…

For customers on the autism spectrum, the Delta travel experience is welcoming | Delta News Hub

For customers on the autism spectrum, the Delta travel experience is welcoming In addition to Delta-curated tools like multi-sensory rooms, our partners at airports and the Transportation Security Administration can…

The Batman Now Has An Official Cologne, So You Can Smell Like Vengeance – /Film

House of Sillage / Warner Bros. If you've got $300–$400 dollars burning a hole in your wallet and the uncontrollable urge to smell like the caped crusader, boy have I…

The New Halloween Scare: ‘Oh, My God, That Smell Was Gross.’ | WSJ

A character inside the ‘Creature Chaos’ haunted house,' part of 'Dark Nights' at Hersheypark in Hershey, Pa. SHARON SIPPLE/HERSHEYPARK Jason Egan’s job is to make people scream. The horror experiences built…

Look up, and listen too! Fall foliage is a sensory treat | The Chestnut Hill Local

Fall foliage of a three-flowered maple tree at Morris Arboretum. PHOTO BY KIMBERLY PAYNTER/WHYY Philadelphia is currently situated in fall’s sweet spot — the temperature has cooled, pumpkin spice has…

Multi-Sensory Film LE MUSK, NA Premiere at Infinity Festival HLWD |

New film incorporates smell into a unique cinematic sensory experience, exclusive North America Premiere at Infinity Festival Hollywood, Nov 2-5, 2022 Motion, music, and scent integrated into the narrative, makes…
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the sense of smell enters VR gaming world with nosewise odor machine | DesignBoom

image © Jens Lasthein/Stockholm University MORE IMMERSIVE VR GAMING THROUGH SMELL  So far, computer games have focused mostly on what we can see or hear, while the sense of smell…

Reno artist uses the sense of smell to inspire abstract paintings in new exhibit | Art |

In the art exhibition, “Alchemy of the Ephemeral,” Reno artist, Joanna Drakos, will exhibit a new series of paintings, each one inspired by a different scent. The show is on…

UK researcher explores multisensory approach as potential treatment for Alzheimer’s patients | UKNow

The focus of the work done by Elizabeth Rhodus, Ph.D., is to enhance sensory input in order to improve behavioral symptoms in people with Alzheimer's disease and related dementias. Photo…
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Sensory room provides immersive experience for tasting food | UC Davis

Julien Delarue, associate professor in sensory and consumer science, in the new multi-sensory immersive room at UC Davis Quick Summary New sensory room offers immersive experience for food product research…

Seattle Seahawks unveil renovated sensory room at Lumen Field |

Originally launched in 2019, the updated space was renamed "Ben's Room" after the son of John & Traci Schneider. #newdaynw SEATTLE — Lumen Field is known for housing some of the loudest…
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The Unbelievable Stats Behind The World’s Largest Dinner Party | Tasting Table

Oleksii Halutva/Shutterstock The culinary business is one of the most competitive industries out there, so cutthroat that you might have to worry about having all those knives around. A firm…

Studio Joseph has created an olfactory, haptic, auditory, and tactile experience | Global Design News

Sensory Journey embodies truly equitable placemaking inviting all people, irrespective of ability, to come together for shared learning, enjoyment, and social bonding. The architects’ guide throughout the project was the…

Japan Has Bleach Coke—As in the Anime, Not the Chemical Compound | Otakuusa Magazine

It’s pretty common knowledge that you shouldn’t drink bleach. That is, unless it’s a Coca-Cola drink themed for the anime Bleach, and not the toxic chemical compound sodium hypochlorite that we…
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VR games could soon tap into your sense of smell too | Interesting Engineering

Researchers testing the odor device. Jens Lasthein Researchers at Stockholm University and Malmo University in Sweden have collaborated to develop technology that adds the ability to smell in virtual reality…

Incorporate Immersive Dining Trends into Your Next Event | Special Events

As immersive events climb in popularity, a branch of dining escalates in tandem: immersive—or experiential—dining. While this type of dining exists almost exclusively as restaurant offerings or ticketed exhibitions, consider…

The Nose Knows |

Photo: Tyler Kliem Sissel Tolaas wants you to smell fear. Her exhibition RE__________, newly opened at the ICA, offers a sprawling tour of our shared smellscape; from sandy beaches to dollar…

Live performance pairs music and scent | WSU Insider

Two Washington State University departments are collaborating on an experience to have more sensory impact on a live audience. César Haas, professor of guitar and jazz studies at the School…

Illuminarium uses ambient scent to take guests on spectacular voyages | InPark Magazine

O'Keeffe spectacle, Illuminarium By Heather Lane, Prolitec The thundering feel of a herd of elephants, the sound of a Georgia O’Keeffe painting coming to life… the scent of the moon? While this…

Art in the Dark | West Palm Beach, FL Patch

Riviera Beach Marina Village Event Center, 190 E 13th St, Riviera Beach, FL, 33404 A unique sensory event that brings to light how blind and visually impaired individuals experience art…

How to be a better cook: use your senses | The Irish Times

This creme caramel features a gently set custard with the right amount of warmth from toasted spices and sharpness from caramelized sugar. Photograph: Kelly Marshall/The New York Times Paying attention…

Spiders, Sperm, and Calvin Klein Obsession Co-exist in MIT Show ‘Symbionts’ | Ocula News

Gilberto Esparza, Plantas autofotosinthéticas  (2013–14) (detail). Polycarbonate, silicon, stainless steel, graphite, electronic circuits, local wastewater, natural pond water with micro algae and microorganisms, plants, shrimp, fish, sound. 400 × 400…

The big idea: do we all experience the world in the same way? | The Guardian

Illustration: Elia Barbieri/the Guardian Every human brain is different – it’s time to embrace the diversity of our experiences Imagine you and I are walking together along Brighton seafront on…

Hefty announces pumpkin spice-scented garbage bags

Cinnamon Pumpkin Spice Ultra Strong™ Trash Bags. (Reynolds Consumer Products) Hefty wants to make sure that not only are your lattes pumpkin spiced but your garbage is as well. That’s right,…

Sensoria: The Art and Science of Our Senses | Excalibur

Courtesy of York University Sept. 26th – Oct. 14th, Sensorium: Centre for Digital Arts and Technology at York University is teaming up with LAZNIA Centre for Contemporary Art in Gdansk,…

Cadbury now has a sonic logo – and it’s kinda perfect | Creative Bloq

(Image credit: Cadbury) Why rely on visual marketing when you could play with sound as well? That's the feeling behind the new sonic logo composed for Cadbury by a prominent…
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Meet the woman shaping post-pandemic cybersex | BusinessWorld Online

THE FOUNDER of Raspberry Dream Labs, Angelina Aleksandrovich, poses for a photograph with a VR headset she gives volunteers for her cybersex experience using XR, a combination of virtual and…

Innovation And Technology: The Province Will Have A Sensory Museum | World nation News

In its last session, the House of Representatives approved the creation of a space within the Knowledge Park where visitors can have a significant sensory experience through the implementation of…

Seahawks unveil ‘sensory’ room at Lumen Field for fans overwhelmed by crowd noise | My Northwest

The Seahawks have introduced an updated 'sensory' room for those overwhelmed by crowd noise at Lumen Field. (Courtesy of the Seattle Seahawks) Every NFL team knows that Seahawks games are…

David Byrne’s Mind-Bending, Multi-Sensory Theater of the Mind Is Open in Denver | Westword

David Byrne's Theater of the Mind will finally open Wednesday, August 31. Denver Center for the Performing Arts What is reality? Can you really trust what you see, hear, taste, touch, feel? These…

How Do You Smell? | Smithsonian Magazine

A sculpture by artist Arlene Love and a tray of bottled scents in Joel Mainland’s office at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia. Caroline Tompkins By Abigail Tucker Photographs by Caroline…

Etihad Stadium sensory suite receives Puma makeover | Mancity

Fans in the stands for City’s home fixtures against Crystal Palace and Nottingham Forrest might have noticed something different at the Etihad Stadium this season. That is because the Club’s…

An Ultra-Nostalgic Cocktail Experience Is Coming To London | Secret London

Look, we don’t want to sound like our parents, but today’s music really is just samples of iconic tunes from the past few decades at the moment, isn’t it? If…

Scoot Has A New Pokémon-Themed Plane With Pikachu’s Face All Over | The Smart Local

Image credit: Scoot What child of the ’90s doesn’t know Pikachu and gang? You probably woke up early on Saturday mornings to catch Ash, Brock, and Misty disrupting Team Rocket’s…

Fun and effective – say hello to experiential marketing | iTMunch

Have you ever taken a car for a test drive? Why do you think automotive companies allow you to take the car for a spin? The answer is experience. Similarly,…

Magnolia Bakery x TULA collab on new banana pudding-inspired skincare | Guilty Eats

A ton of food brands have been getting into the merchandise game, but while most have done makeup, apparel, or even scented candles, the famous Magnolia Bakery is going a different route.…

Regent Hotels & Resorts debuts Regent Taste Studio – a multisensory dining experience blending culinary talent with artists across creative disciplines | IHGPLC

Regent Taste Studio - Global Pop-Up Launch in Singapore The global brand premiere of Regent Taste Studio was staged in Singapore, featuring Regent Phu Quoc chefs in collaboration with world-renowned visual artist…

Autism and Sensory Needs | Psychology Today

Atypical sensory processing is associated with behavioral, emotional, and learning challenges. Supporting autistic children's sensory needs improves their well-being and learning outcomes. Best practice recommendations for coping with atypical sensory…

Creating multi-sensory experiences for disabled audiences at the Van Abbemuseum | Museum Next

A blind visitor touches artwork at The Blind Spot exhibition at Centraal Museum, Utrecht Museums are places of constant inspiration. They can be a riot for all senses and an…

Mind trickery is on the menu at Death & Co.’s new pop-up cocktail tasting in Denver | Denver Post

The Neuro Bar Lab experience at Death & Co. cocktail bar aims to explore cognitive concepts like bias and reward response using liquor as the medium. For this deconstructed martini,…

Cocktail Fans Are Divided On This Unique Perfume Paring Experience | Tasting Table

Maria Tebriaeva/Shutterstock Enticing all of our five senses during a meal truly displays culinary creativity and skill. While the obvious focus may be on measuring how well a meal tastes,…

Exploring the depth of smell through art | Penn Today

Sissel Tolaas, right, organizes her new exhibit at the Institute of Contemporary Art. Pictured is a shelf that contains vials of liquid that contain the smell of money. With “RE_______,”…
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Multi-sensory XR experience ‘Symbiosis’ debuts at Portland Art Museum and combines VR, haptics, robotic suits, olfactory aromas, and more | Auganix

Symbiosis features individualized haptic suits and soft robotics that are unique for each different perspective within the experience. September 15, 2022 – PAM CUT // Center for an Untold Tomorrow, the Portland…
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Google AI Introduces a Machine Learning-Generated Sensory Map Called ‘Principal Odor Map’ (POM) That Enables the Prediction of Odors from Unseen Molecules | MarkTechPost

Molecules disperse into the air, travel to our nostrils, and bind to receptors in our noses to create odors. There are potentially billions of chemicals that can create a smell,…

Astronaut Says He Had Religious Experience During Spacewalk | Futurism

Image by NASA It's easy to imagine a spacewalk being trippy or even jaw-droppingly frightening, but for one American astronaut it was nothing short of religious. In an interview with Kingsport,…
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Smelling strawberries, smoke and space in virtual reality | ASU News

​Virtual reality, or VR, has been a topic that has fascinated the public for years. Movies like “Ready Player One” show the varied possibilities of this technology. Now, Arizona State…

What Is Sensory Urbanism? | ArchDaily

Photo by Jeremy Bezanger, via Unsplash Sensory urbanism is a form of investigation of how non-visual information defines a city's character and affects its livability. Using methods that range from…

How Autistic People Experience Sensory Processing Issues | Psychology Today

Research shows that autistic people often experience physical discomfort and anxiety as a result of sensory processing issues. The intensity of sensory issues can be hard for people with autism…

Tantra – Experience Ecstasy – Explore The Sensory Awakening Ritual | Recently Heard

What makes Tantra unique from most spiritual practices is that Tantra embraces the senses as a path to the Divine. It sees the body as a temple for Consciousness to…

The link between taste and auditory senses | Otago Daily Times Online News

  Wine writer, researcher and sound artist Dr Jo Burzynska has designed a multi-sensory wine experience that challenges how people think about wine, she tells Rebecca Fox.When Dr Jo Burzynska realised…

DQ Gives Fall Décor a Cozy-Cool Makeover to Celebrate New Fall Blizzard Treat Menu | Business Wire

This fall, the season’s coolest décor is coming home. In anticipation of the new Fall Blizzard® Treat Menu, American Dairy Queen Corporation (ADQ) is debuting a festive throw pillow collection, designed…

How Different Smells Can Influence The Visual Perception Of Emotions? | PV Post

One of the latest kinds of achievements has been brought forward by a Ph.D. candidate at the University of psychology in Brazil that smell plays a vital role in influencing…

New scented pencils could put students in the mood to learn |

'Essential Pencils' include scents of lavender, cinnamon, grapefruit, bergamot, peppermint, and jasmine. For children across America, a new school year may be the right time to try out a new…
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A-books over e-books? Augmented reality could soon bring printed books back to life | Al Arabiya English

Augmented reality books (a-book) developed by the University of Surrey. (Credit: University of Surrey) Augmented reality could play a major role in initiating the comeback of printed books, according to…

Have You Tried Coke Dreamworld Yet? Here’s What It Tastes Like | CNET

New Coke Dreamworld hits shelves on Aug. 15. Coca-Cola While dreams may be the last thing on your mind when it comes to enjoying a refreshing soda, Coca-Cola has created…

The surprising reason supermarkets sell flowers | CNN

A view of a bodega selling colorful flowers in New York City. All stores have marketing tactics to get you in the door — stylish mannequins, elaborate display windows, posters…

Why some stores like Abercrombie and Victoria’s Secret have distinct smells | CNN

Have you ever stepped into an Abercrombie, Victoria's Secret, Vitamin Shoppe or another store and wondered: "What's that smell?" Scent is a subtle, often underrated, component of companies' attempts to entice…

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR): Science & History | Healthline

If you’ve browsed YouTube or Instagram in the last several years, you’ve probably run into a multitude of videos labeled “ASMR.” What does this mean exactly? Whether it’s whispering, tapping,…

Scientists understand mysterious mechanism by which nematodes can smell | News 9 Live

Head of a nematode, with a particular type of odorant receptor expressed by the olfactory neuron highlighted in green. (Image credit: Daniel Merritt) For 30 years, scientists were baffled by…

5 brands harnessing sensory marketing with in-person experiential | CMO Australia

As consumers and the market continues its quest to recover from the pandemic and return to in-person engagement, brands are lining up to build their own immersive live experiences and…

Sensory Maps: What the Sense of Smell Can Reveal about Urban Environments | ArchDaily

Besiktas Fish Market Refurbishment by GAD Architecture. Image © Alp Eren Every city is a complex environment, bringing together people, cultures, architecture, commerce, and even nature. While experiencing a city,…

French’s Is Releasing a Mustard Donut for National Mustard Day | Thrillist

Courtesy of French's Mustard French's Mustard is obsessed with making other food and drinks taste just like French's Mustard. There was a controversial ice cream flavor back in 2019, and a beer flavored…

What is “emotional memory” (and how do you know you have it?) | Eminetra Canada

Photo: Ursula Ferrara (shutter stock). A panic attacks Typical trauma reaction occur in response to Certain triggers, e.g. people or things It was present in a traumatic moment.However, sometimes there…
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VR Still Stinks Because It Doesn’t Smell | WIRED

PHOTO-ILLUSTRATION: JACQUI VANLIEW; GETTY IMAGES Scent is the realest sense. For virtual reality to feel truly immersive, it needs to start stinking it up. VR STILL STINKS, and its stench has…

New interactive SCAC exhibit to explore color through art and sound | Shelby County Reporter

Shelby County Arts Council’s Color + Sound art exhibit based on two-time Grammy winning artist Dave Crenshaw’s album of the same name will open on Thursday, July 28. (Contributed) COLUMBIANA –…
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Smell your way back in time with a multi-sensory augmented reality journey at the Mary Rose Museum | The News

I HEAD up to the first floor of the Mary Rose Museum and am greeted by an animated reincarnation of Hatch, the only dog on board the Mary Rose, who…


Usher x Rémy Martin 1738: A Taste of PassionRémy Martin, Cognac Fine Champagne, and Grammy award-winning musical artist Usher have teamed up to launch the "Usher x Rémy Martin 1738:…
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Creating Digital Anticipation for Spa Services |

Spa and wellness services place a particular focus on being present and in the moment. Thus, a hotel's spa and wellness experience typically begins as soon as guests walk through…

Brands offer free food to those who get their logos tattooed. These people actually did it | Today

Tattoos people have gotten for free food: a Duke's Mayonnaise jar, a Farmer Boys pickup truck and a Casa Sanchez logo.Kustom Hustle Tattoo / Jim Ceja / Max Weber Tattoos…

Study finds new links between dogs’ smell and vision | Cornell Chronicle

Credit:Michael Carroll/CVM Cornell researchers have provided the first documentation that dogs’ sense of smell is integrated with their vision and other unique parts of the brain. Cornell researchers have provided…

In older adults, vision and hearing loss significantly raises risk of dementia | Health Hearing 

Among other changes that arrive with age, you can expect your hearing and vision to change. Age-related hearing loss, for instance, affects around 50 percent of people over age 75. Illnesses that…

Creative nexus of sensory perception: Craig Swan presents ‘Visaural’ show at Resonator | News |

Craig Swan posing in one of his two Norman art studios. He curated multimedia exhibition “Visaural” that opens in Resonator Institute Doug Hill / For The Transcript Creative ferment often…
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The Mary Rose Museum reveals AR experience with sight, sound, and smells | Museums + Heritage Advisor

In what one of its creators calls a ‘world first’, the multi-sensory augmented reality experience has been developed to work both in and outside of the museum. The Mary Rose…

Olfactory Ecologies and Contemporary Art | Santa Barbara Museum of Art

Beatrice Glow, Aromérica Parfumeur (detail), 2016, Installation at Sala de Arte del Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de Chile en Mall Plaza Vespucio. Hsuan L. Hsu, Ph.D. Professor of English, University…

Def Leppard Double Down on Glam With New Line of Beauty Products + Scented Candles | Loudwire

Anna Webber, Getty Images / Def Leppard are putting the glam back in glam metal. Just about a month after the release of their latest studio album Diamond Star Halos, the rockers…

Expect art, food and illusion at this immersive new Dubai dining experience | Whats On

Show-stopping visuals tell the story of artistic greats at Seven Paintings… Are you a fan of unique dining concepts like Le Petit Chef and Sublimotion? There’s a new interactive dining experience to check…

Bompas & Parr bring sensory sculpture to Bunjil Place | Watoday

Bompas & Parr’s ‘edible fog’ created for Casey Cornucopia. CREDIT:THE EMPIRE COLLECTIVE There’s often a moment in a Zoom where you just have to ask about that thing in the background. With Rob…

Music to see, touch and smell News | Indo New York

Zappa said that writing about music is like dancing about architecture, and maybe he was right. But what is clear is that music is not only heard, it can also…

Let’s Kick It! Vanilla Ice Teams Up With Joyburst to Release a New Flavor | US Magazine

 Ryan Emberley/Getty Images for Joyburst Stop, collaborate and listen! Brad Woodgate, CEO and founder of No Sugar Company, and ’90s music icon Vanilla Ice are bringing you the best drink — and…

Museum Challenges Visitors to Turn Favorite Artworks Into Cakes | My Modern Met

Two years ago, at the start of the global pandemic, people found creative ways to stay indoors. During this time, museums across the world had to close their doors to…

Peroni’s New Perfume Collab Is Inspired By These Beer Cocktails | Tasting Table

Monica Schipper/Getty Images When you think of perfume scents, ones that are floral and sweet are probably the first that come to mind. Food and spice scented fragrances infused with…

Smoke & Mirrors unveils new art-inspired cocktails | The Spirits Business

Singapore-based rooftop bar Smoke & Mirrors has released the second instalment of its signature cocktail menu: The Real Art of Drinking Volume II. Smoke & Mirrors is located on top…

Humans have 5 senses, but there’s ‘An Immense World’ of experiences for animals | NPR

Ayesha Rascoe speaks with journalist Ed Yong about his new book, "An Immense World." Yong looks at how animals use their senses to perceive the world in a radically different…

Camille: The Story, an interactive, multi-sensory experience at the Segal  |

There will be 24 performances of Camille: The Story at the Segal Centre and only six audience members per show.Photo: David Wong What happens when a partially sighted or blind…

Why sounds and smells are as vital to cities as the sights | Technology Review

AMRITA MARINO When David Howes thinks of his home city of Montreal, he thinks of the harmonious tones of carillon bells and the smell of bagels being cooked over wood…

Sensory Urbanism: Researchers make the case for fighting ‘visual bias in urban planning’ | News | Archinect

Previously reported on Archinect: Experimental architecture history exhibits spaces with smell The work of Concordia University Centre for Sensory Studies director David Howes and other researchers working in the growing field of sensory…

The Brain Has a ‘Low-Power Mode’ That Blunts Our Senses | Quanta Magazine

When food has been in short supply for a long time and body weight falls below a critical threshold, the brain reduces its energy consumption by changing how it processes…

Living la dolce Velveeta: New nail polish leaves your fingers smelling like melted cheese | USA Today

Velveeta has teamed up with Nails Inc. to produce cheese-scented nail polish. The collection includes a two-pack of red and yellow nail polish ($15) – so you can make it look like…

You Wear What You Eat: China Can’t Get Enough of Food Collabs | Jing Daily

Luxury has long leveraged food brands to create multi-sensory experiences and appear more relatable. Here are some of the best collabs to come out of China. Photo: Zegl x HeyTea…

Upscale Home Fragrances Are Getting More Creative | InStyle

CREDIT: GETTY IMAGES Before essential oil diffusers, we had candles. Before then, we had reed diffusers and incense, not to mention our favorite bouquets. The act of making our homes…

The sight, sound and smell of the Troubles: a sensory way of remembering the conflict | The Irish Times

Historian Roisín Higgins on her project: “By starting with the senses, what I am salvaging are the pieces that make us human”. I speak to Kieran online, long distance. He…

Constanze Bachmann’s groundbreaking UAL project redefines what fashion means | Creative Boom

Constanze Bachmann at LCFMA22 Catwalk Show. Photography by Ana Blumenkron, Styling Collaboration If you want to know the future of the creative industries, the universities are an excellent place to…

Grey Goose Essences launches at Heathrow with multi-sensorial omnichannel activation | The Moodie Davitt Report

Catching the eye: The bright colours of the pop-up store in Heathrow T5 drew passengers to the botanical-themed activation UK. Bacardi Global Travel Retail (GTR) has launched Grey Goose Essences, a…

Improving learning through physical action and sensory perception | The Campus

Drawing on movement and sensory perception as part of learning can enhance outcomes, research shows. Sheila L. Macrine and Jennifer M. B. Fugate explain how to put this into practice…

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society Create Literal Memory Boxes | The Luxury Editor

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS) has created memory boxes as part of their Flavour Hunters festival celebrating whisky month in May. Partnering with professional psychologist Dr Ansgar Endress, Scottish…

Delight Your Senses of Sight, Smell, and Touch With Multisensory Home Decor | Popsugar

Delight Your Senses of Sight, Smell, and Touch With Multisensory Home Decor Home decor is almost always dictated by your sense of sight. You want your space to look good…
Augmented + virtual realityMultisensorySmell

Inside the smell-o-verse: Meet the companies trying to bring scent to the metaverse | Fast Company

Inside San Francisco’s Museum of Craft and Design, a long hallway painted eggshell blue is lined with the most extraordinary devices. A glass globe that uses trained bees to detect…

‘Private label is on the war path, so everything matters’: Double down on sensory appeal to reward consumers, brands told | Food Navigator

Getty: wondervisuals Multi-sensorial food and beverage experiences can attract mainstream appeal despite the backdrop of the cost of living crisis, according to MMR Research. Source: 'Private label is on the…

Magnum ice cream and Nails.INC teamed up to launch ‘chocolate-scented’ nail polish — and the colors are also really pretty | Yahoo

Credit: Magnum ice cream x Nails.INC Our team is dedicated to finding and telling you more about the products and deals we love. If you love them too and decide to purchase…
Augmented + virtual realityMultisensoryScientificVisual

Touch To Hear? Sound To See? This Israeli Lab Is Reprogramming The Senses | No Camels

Shira Shvadron, an interdisciplinary designer n the special acoustic room at the Baruch Ivcher Institute For Brain, Cognition, & Technology. Photo by Tomer Applebaum I’m sitting in a spacious room…

A whiff, sound and taste of Christchurch: New exhibition uses senses to reimagine the city |

SUPPLIED Eau Tautahi is an art perfume created by Jo Burzynska. It will be released as part of her new multisensory opening at Christchurch’s Arts Centre on Tuesday. Surveying her…
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AiRres mask enhances VR experience by utilizing breathing resistance | Design Boom

video still by MultiMediaTechnology AiRres Mask is a head-mounted device that controls the user’s breathing ability in order to bring the virtual experience a step closer to reality. Depending on the environmental…

UC research institute hosts first annual festival of sensing |

The University of Cincinnati's Institute for Research in Sensing hosts its first annual Expo & Festival of Sensing this month to convene an interdisciplinary conference exploring the topic of sensing…
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Council Post: Are Multisensory Experiences The Next Frontier Of Building Brands In The Metaverse? | Forbes

GETTY We’ve all heard the phrase “perception is reality.” Each of us as consumers perceives our world differently. The individual reality we each see is just that—individual—and it changes from…

The Benefits of Wine Include Activating Multiple Brain Regions | Now

When wine connoisseurs discuss the complex flavors of a particular wine, they are sharing a multisensory experience that involves more brain regions than almost any other human activity. Whether you…

Irish Spring Built a ‘Nice-Smelling’ Shower for Stinky Gamers | Muse by Clio

Sometimes, hardcore gamers get funky. And you KNOW what we're talking about ... B.O.! They play for hours on end, days sometimes, barely stirring from their chairs, sweating like maniacs,…

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society announces limited-edition memory box collaborations | Drinks International 

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society has partnered with memory psychologist Dr Ansgar Endress, chef Bruce Clyne-Watson, and, rollercoaster designer Brendan Walker, to launch a series of festival bottlings paired with…

How Acoustic Solutions Can Enhance In-Person Shopping Experiences | Retail TouchPoints

It’s no secret that in-person shopping is a multi-sensory experience. How a retail space makes someone feel in terms of comfortability has a surprising effect on how much they will…

Flavor trends: Fusion snacks tipped for multisensory eating experiences | Food Ingredients First

Bold, multidimensional snack flavors and formats are exciting consumers’ senses in the post-pandemic paradigm. This is especially evidenced by the rising popularity of fusion flavors and region-specific cuisine palates, as…

Multi-Sensory Approach Benefits Communication With Those Living With Dementia | UKNow

Photo credit: Toa55; iStock/Getty Images Plus. The University of Kentucky Public Relations and Strategic Communications Office provides a weekly health column available for use and reprint by news media. This week's…