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Mobile multi-sensory room could be a first of its kind, says North Vancouver non-profit | North Shore News

With the flick of switch, what looks like an ordinary room on four wheels has turned into an extraordinary oasis for those who need it.In an effort to stimulate the…

How Digital Sensory Marketing Is Key To Appealing To Today’s Consumer | Deccan Herald

The pandemic has left everyone emotionally, physically and financially shattered. The decisions taken are now more precocious. The consumers are simply tired of the business advertisement running up and down…
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UChicago Researchers Re-Create Sense of Touch and Motor Control in Paralyzed Patient | Newswise

John Dickow/UChicago Medicine Research subject Scott Imbrie practices using the neuroprosthetic device in a virtual reality environment On October 27, 2020, surgeons and researchers at the University of Chicago Medicine…

Construction scaffolding reimagined as fantastical lemon grove in Midtown Manhattan | Livebl

Photo: @citrovianyc/Facebook A construction site springing up in your neighborhood is not always a welcome sight. Beyond the noise and traffic congestion, scaffolding often makes for cramped sidewalks and an unsightly…

Iconic Iced Tea brand selling limited edition bikes for 99¢ to Canadians | NEWS 1130

Three limited edition bikes are inspired by three flavours of AriZona Hard. (Courtesy AriZona Hard) -One nostalgic iced tea brand is kicking summer into gear, by unveiling a collection of…

Vizzy Hard Seltzer is releasing a limited-edition line of seltzer-scented swimwear | JS Online

Molson Coors' Vizzy Hard Seltzer is releasing a limited-edition line of one-piece swimming suits and swim trunks that "smells like its seltzer flavors," according to a news release. Vizzy’s Seltzer Szn Swimwear will…
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How Virtual Reality Could Change the Way We Date | Psychology Today Canada

Recent advances in virtual reality could transform the online dating landscape. Virtual reality dating has the potential to eliminate some of the problems with online dating. There are advantages of…

Incense with its own soundtrack offers new way to relax | Wallpaper

This new incense collection called Co sees Japan’s oldest supplier paired with experimental musicians for an innovative take on the Koh-do tradition of ‘listening to incense’ Experimental music and fragrance traditions combine…

Forget cameras – Nikon has just launched a new range of candy!

(Image credit: Nikon) Nikon has released new chocolate, blueberry, chili, matcha, and brown sugar-flavored confectionary in Japan New cameras are all well and good, but Nikon has bucked the trend…

McDonald’s Peter Alexander collaboration: New range features PJ pants, shorts and sweaters | 7NEWS

McDonald’s has teamed up with leading sleepwear brand Peter Alexander to launch an exclusive range of limited-edition pyjamas, shorts and sweaters. The new collection features iconic characters Ronald McDonald, Grimace, Birdie…

Need a relaxing escape? Sensory gardens could be a therapeutic option | 

Sensory gardens are creating opportunities for relaxation and mindfulness, some experts say. Occupational Therapy experts at Chatham University in Pittsburgh say summer is an opportune time to create stress-reducing sensory…

Can Smell Be an Artistic Medium? A Perfume Expert Teamed Up With Joana Vasconcelos and Other Artists to Make ‘Olfactory Sculptures’ | Artnet

Joana Vasconcelos. Photo: Kyla Rosselli. We have art for the eyes and music for the ears, but what about about creative stimuli for our sense of smell? A new show…

The next frontier for design is right under our nose – put a smell on it | Core77

The composer Hans Zimmer scored the Pirates of the Caribbean series, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Interstellar, Blade Runner 2049 and many more blockbusters. Recently he has composed the sound of…

Multisensory spaceship-like dining pods | Manchester Evening News

Lazerian's new pop-up (Image: Gu Photography ( You can pick a coloured - and scented - pod and have drinks and cake served to you Several futuristic, spaceship-like dining pods…

Speed dating study investigates the importance of sight, sound, and scent on partner choice | Psypost

Recently published research examined the role of different sensory modalities — seeing, hearing, and smelling — in choosing a romantic partner. The findings, which appear in the journal Evolution and…

Why our “wandering brains” are wired to love art and nature |

Fractals of Romanesco broccoli and fern leaves (Photo illustration by Salon/Getty Images) Have you ever looked at the side of a cliff and seen a face in the rock, like…
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AI-Powered “Passion Flower” DJ Art Car | 

Passion Flower uses AiMi's cutting edge AI-powered technology to tailor the perfect visual and audio experience for its audience. After first debuting at Burning Man 2019, the technologically advanced, AI-powered vehicle known…

Kapow! Zap! Splat!: How comic books make sound on the page to create a cross-sensory experience for readers | Firstpost

Kaboom! and splosh! on every page. Unsplash/Miika Laaksonen, CC BY Victor Araneda Jure, Monash University Typically, comics are considered a silent medium. But while they don’t come with an aural soundtrack,…

Touchy feely: Ingredients to add hands-on appeal | Cosmetics Business

With hugging and physical contact back on the agenda, we look at some of the ingredients to help skin care makers channel the power of touch For the past 18…

Human senses: the next battlefield for online retailers | Livemint

Istock It’s hard to find things that won’t sell online," Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos once said. As the internet shrinks the world, it has expanded the size of markets. Covid…
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VR Aromatherapy Might be Coming to a Headset Near You | Freethink

VR smell can be used to improve immersion—and possibly even mental health. Share VR Aromatherapy Might be Coming to a Headset Near You on Facebook Share VR Aromatherapy Might be…

The smell of art | Apollo Magazine

Ellen Terry (‘Choosing’) (detail; 1864), George Frederic Watts. National Portrait Gallery, London This article was published in the May 2021 issue of Apollo. Preview and subscribe here. At first glance Jacob van…

Want to Smell Like Van Gogh’s Sunflowers? The Van Gogh Museum Is Working With a Fragrance Brand to Produce Custom Perfumes | Artnet

Vincent van Gogh, Still Life: Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers (1889). Courtesy of the Van Vogh Museum. Want to Smell Like Van Gogh’s Sunflowers? The Van Gogh Museum Is Teaming Up With…

Understanding Overstimulation in Autism | Autism Parenting Magazine

Most parents have witnessed a tantrum or two. A meltdown, or an autistic brain trying to control sensory overload with a challenged filtering system, cannot be equated to a tantrum.…

Thread Infused with Scent Embellishes Embroidered and Woven Textiles to Stimulate Memories | Colossal

“Jasmine I” embroidery on silk organza with jasmine-scented yarn dyed with hibiscus, beetroot, indigo, and turmeric, 36 x  54 inches. All images © Pallavi Padukone, shared with permission Scent, memory,…

Van Gogh Museum creating fragrances inspired by Van Gogh art | blooloop

The Van Gogh Museum has partnered with sustainable fragrance brand Floral Street to develop scents celebrating the artwork of Van Gogh. Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum has teamed up with sustainable British brand Floral…

Studies show that flickering light and sound could be a new weapon against Alzheimer’s disease | Florida News Times

Annabel singer.Credit: Georgia Institute of Technology For the past few years, Annabel Singer and her collaborators have used flashing lights and sounds to treat a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease…

Hyposensitivity to Sensory Stimuli Among Autistic Individuals | Autism Parenting Magazine

When searching for information about your autistic child’s sensory challenges you may find many articles about hypersensitivity. But what about hyposensitivity, and the accompanying sensory seeking behavior of a child…
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Consumers want to be delighted, surprised and excited by their food | FnB News 

The common assumption is that our sense of taste is the most important when it comes to food. But studies show that our other senses come into play before taste.…

Vic Galloway uses music to elevate whisky tasting to new heights | The List

The Edinburgh-based musician and BBC Radio DJ teams up with Scotch Malt Whisky Society to combine the worlds of whisky and music Smoky, zingy, sweet or peaty are just some…

Curious Kids: Why do people with synaesthesia link senses, and how does it work? | The Conversation

If you hear the sound of a colour or see a colour each time you feel a particular texture on your skin, that could be synaesthesia. MI PHAM on Unsplash, FAL Julia…

The Sights, Sounds, and Scents of Disney; What Takes You Back? | WDW Info

It's no secret that I am missing my happy place right now. Considering this is the longest I have gone without visiting Disney in some shape or form since I started…

This Brand New Las Vegas Attraction Flies To Grand Canyon Without Leaving The Strip | Forbes

FlyOver in Las Vegas by Pursuit FLYOVER IN LAS VEGAS BY PURSUIT No longer will travelers have to leave the Las Vegas Strip in order to experience the natural wonders…

Scratch and sniff | Quartz

In 2020, high-end French fashion brand Lanvin caused a stir after releasing $590 t-shirts that smelled of cherry, blackberry, or strawberry (though, the scent reportedly vanishes after one wash). Besides children’s books…
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PlayStation Patent Filed For Scents In Video Games | Screen Rant

Sony recently filed a patent that indicates the use of scents in upcoming PlayStation games. The use of scents in entertainment has been around since the 1960s and has intrigued movie-goers…

Brain Rotates Sensory Information to Prevent Overwriting Short-Term Memory | Science Times

(Photo : Pixabay) Brain Rotates Sensory Information to Prevent Overwriting Short-Term Memory Memories underlie so much of the rich life of humans as it helps people learn, tell stories, and…

Why sonic branding can be a lethal weapon for brands | shots

Sound is immensely powerful. It has the ability to transport you back to a certain moment in time or take you somewhere you never knew existed. It can make you…

This electric guitar is made out of 5,000 coffee beans (And it smells like coffee too) | Yanko Design

Bold, strong, intense. You could use those words to describe coffee… you could also use it to describe this electric guitar built by YouTuber and guitar aficionado, Burls Art. Designed…

Is immersive art a forgery or the real thing? | blooloop

Eddie Sotto explores the concept of immersive art and discusses why it is a rising trend in the attractions industry When I get asked where the location-based entertainment or FEC industry is heading,…

MIT scientists study spider web structure by translating it into music | Ars Technica

Cross-sectional images (shown in different colors) of a spider web were combined into this 3D image and translated into music. Isabelle Su and Markus Buehler We may one day be…

Hospitality Is The Kingdom Of Sensory Marketing | Hospitality Net

Azia Resort & SPA Sensory marketing is an essential tool to increase the profitability of the international hospitality industry. To understand why, you have to look at the process through…
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Is There VR for Senses Other Than Sight? | Gizmodo

Illustration: Benjamin Currie/Gizmodo In an ideal world, virtual reality would be just like regular reality, except without regular reality’s annoying restrictions on human flight, teleportation, endless/consequence-free consumption, etc. As it is…

Yoga and art combine in Dubai’s newest immersive fitness class | Whats ON AE

Get ready to lose yourself in the world of digital art… In Dubai, fitness fans are treated to an abundance of unique and interesting fitness classes, especially when it comes to…

New Army Training Doc Outlines Ways To Give Soldiers Superhuman-Like Sensory Perception | The Drive

U.S. SPECIAL OPERATIONS COMMAND—PUBLIC DOMAIN New Army Training Doc Outlines Ways To Give Soldiers Superhuman-Like Sensory Perception The Advanced Situational Awareness concept aims to give soldiers an unconscious "human edge"…

The Absolute Best Way to Eat An Oreo, According to Science | Popular Mechanics

TREVOR RAAB The Absolute Best Way to Eat An Oreo, According to Science Calling all twisters, lickers, and dunkers: This is your moment. You could be a dunker, a twister,…

Chemist shop stocked with 15,000 items made entirely from felt | Evening Standard

Gallery assistant Scarlett Taulbut behind the counter of artist Lucy Sparrow’s NHS themed felt chemist art installation / PA Wire Artist Lucy Sparrow has created the Bourdon Street Chemist in Mayfair, where…

New study explains why you should look at your food before casting judgment | EurekAlert! Science News

The order in which your senses interact with food has a tremendous impact on how much you like it. That's the premise of a new study led by the University…

Finding the ‘sense’ on a monotonous Monday |

The Croft // Through creative exploration of the senses, we can expand our world vision and experience the present in a new and invigorating light. Emelye Goult discusses the 'Collecting…

Sensory‌ ‌Defensiveness‌ ‌in‌ ‌Autism‌ | Autism Parenting Magazine

Imagine you walk into a dodgy diner…the sulphurous smell of onions hits you as you open the door, you start sweating because there is no air conditioning, and the more…

Scents in Colour: virtual see-and-smell tour | Apollo Magazine

A Grocer’s Shop (detail; 1717), Willem van Mieris. Mauritshuis, the Hague While some museums are closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Apollo’s usual weekly pick of exhibitions will include shows at institutions…

Illuminarium, an ‘immersive’ entertainment experience, opening in Atlanta this summer | AJC

Alan Greenberg’s five decades in business have led him to own Esquire magazine, a medical news service for doctors, a travel booking company and for-profit private schools. Now the 70-year-old Atlanta entrepreneur has…

Bush’s Beans remixes ‘bean song’ with Josh Groban ballad | Marketing Dive

Courtesy of Bush's Beans Dive Brief: Bush's Beans is supporting the national rollout of its "That Beautiful Bean Co." tagline in a collaboration with singer Josh Groban to replace the…

How to use your 5 senses to combat homesickness this spring semester | Ball State Daily

Because students didn't have a spring break this semester, they may be feeling homesick. Consider these tips to miss home a little less during the last month of the semester.…

Japan’s teamLab melds museum and sauna in fresh digital art experience | Reuters | Business | The Chronicle Herald

By Antoni Slodkowski TOKYO (Reuters) - A wall of flower petals bursts into a thousand fragments. A huge ball levitates in the air, turning from red to blue to purple.…

A Symphony of Flavors melds music, culinary arts | Arkansas Online

Tandy Cobb on 03/02/2021 at Kemuri for High Profile volunteer story.(Arkansas Democrat-Gazette/Cary Jenkins) The Arkansas Symphony Guild has created a new culinary experience for patrons to savor. The four-part virtual…

Why Do Some People Always Get Lost? | Discover Magazine

(Credit: Nopphon_1987/Shutterstock) Have you ever found yourself not being able to find your car in the big parking lot? Or are you someone who always knows perfectly where they are and how…
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Smell-o-Vision is Real!..…| Medium

OVR Technology — the ION! Semi-recently, I wrote an article about Smell-o-vision in books and movies. And the end result of that article was I was contacted by two different companies that…

How Multilevel Sensory Experience Enhances the Learning Process | Parentology

If you’re a parent or an educator, you’ve likely experienced challenges when it comes to teaching children.  There are many factors at the root of these challenges — whether it’s…

Our Seaside Town – new exhibition to open at Scarborough Art Gallery | Bridlington Free Press

The early 20th century ice cream cart which used to operate on Scarborough’s South Bay beach can be seen as part of the display at the town's art gallery in…

Sensory issues linked to heart-rate differences in autistic youth | Autism Research News

High alert: Autistic people who are over-responsive to unpleasant sounds and sensations show unique physiological patterns. Kwanchai Chai-Udom / Getty Images Autistic children with sensory issues show more pronounced changes in…

The Mercedes EQS: design for all the senses |

The EQS is the all-electric luxury saloon from Mercedes. With it, Mercedes-EQ is redefining this vehicle segment. The EQS is also the first model to be based on the modular…

How Cannabis Brands Are Taking Sensory Experiences to the Next Level | Rolling Stone

Elton Clemente - As more consumers become familiar with cannabis as a lifestyle product, companies are taking a sensory-based approach to brand experiences. Cannabis consumption has risen dramatically over the…

SinfulColors Essenchills Scented Nail Polishes Smell as Good as They Look | Allure

Courtesy of Allure All products featured on Allure are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. I've…

How consumer trends determine packaging design | The Drinks Business

While today’s consumer drivers and trends translate into a growing popularity of certain beverage categories, they also drive drinks packaging design trends. After all, packaging comes at the forefront of…

‘Scratch and sniff can be a great way to teach children to read’ | Mirror Online

Smell can trigger thoughts, emotions and physical reactions (Image: Getty) Smell is a hugely powerful sense, says Doctor Miriam Stoppard, and interest in its use in education is re-emerging What…

How you can enjoy a Manchester United matchday sensory experience… from home | InYourArea Community

Photo: The virtual experience takes the viewer on a journey from home to Old Trafford stadium With football stadiums closed until May at the earliest, many are missing the matchday…

Is this the future of retail? Comvita plans to take immersive shopping experience to the world |

LAWRENCE SMITH/STUFF Walls are lined with 140 beakers filled with various types of honey. Honey business Comvita has opened an experiential store that taps into shoppers’ senses to give them…

Miller Lite Made a Scented Candle That Smells Like a Dive Bar | Food & Wine

CREDIT: MILLER LITE The beer brand is selling a trio of limited-edition candles—which also come in "Game Day" and "Beer Garden"—with proceeds going to the hospitality industry. I love bars,…

New neuroscience-driven multisensory technologies to help the vision impaired | EurekAlert! Science News

Vision impairment is a pervasive problem facing nearly 2.2 billion people globally, according to the World Health Organization. But help is on the way: Neuroscientists are working at the cutting…

The Hague’s Mauritshuis brings smells to the museum (VIDEO) | Malay Mail

'Smell the Art: Fleeting ― Scents in Colour' will allow visitors to the Mauritshuis to take in the smells of the Netherlands in the 17th century. ― Picture courtesy of…

Christian Dior to host an aromatic dinner at Tasca this month | What’s On

The six-course Maison Christian Dior x José Avillez dinner launches on March 25… Acclaimed chef José Avillez, the mastermind behind Portuguese restaurant Tasca, has teamed up with Maison Christian Dior…

Previewing World of Warcraft’s next cookbook, with Shadowlands recipes | Polygon

Image: Blizzard Entertainment The World of Warcraft franchise has an entire catalog of books under its belt, ranging from action-adventure romps to supernatural legal dramas. One upcoming title is World of Warcraft: New…

Why Some People Can Hear Color and Smell Words | The Swaddle

Image Credit: Fabian Oefner What would it be like to hear colors, smell words, feel sounds, and taste shapes? It’s an exotic thought that might have one assuming psychedelic drugs…

An evening of chocolate and art at the first Chocolate Fantasia | KD News

Garret Colvin, Teresa Colvin, and Sarah Kinney admire artwork that was created by CCISD student Julius Robinson, which was during the first Chocolate Fantasia. The event was held Friday February…

Sensory surveillance and smart devices – why we should care about the cost of convenience | Tech trend ske

 Andrew Bourne is Zoho's Regional Manager for the Africa region and is based in Cape Town, South Africa. Today, most people and households boast a multitude of smart devices, which…

Sensory Science: The multisensory experience of wine | Rural News Group

Imagine a wine as a piece of recorded music. Its maker has endeavoured to put out a well-balanced composition, envisaging this harmony will be what’s experienced by its audience. However,…

Watch and sniff: how to smell a Dutch still life… | The Guardian

‘Is Dutch art actually able to evoke smell?’: Jan Miense Molenaer’s The Five Senses: Smell, 1637, leaves little to the imagination. Photograph: Mauritshuis, The Hague Fetid canals, flowers and fresh…

What is Sensory Integration Therapy for Children with Autism? | Autism Parenting Magazine

In our everyday lives, we process the world using our senses. Whether we’re sitting, walking, talking, or eating, more than one of our senses is involved so that each action…

Want to know what colour sounds like? New Google tool lets you experience… | Classic FM

'Playing Kandinsky' project lets you hear artist's masterpiece 'Yellow-Red-Blue'. Picture: Google Arts & Culture An almost psychedelic new Google tool lets you “hear colours and shapes”, as many great artists…

A new sensation: recording and reproducing taste | National Geographic

The Taste Display controls varying strengths of electrical current transmitted to the five flavor gels (and a buffer tasteless gel), allowing different tastes to be reproduced and experienced on a…

Library of smells for the blind and visually impaired to open in Poland | Euro Weekly News

CREDIT: Flickr Library of smells for the blind and visually impaired to open in Poland. IN a first of its kind for the country, Poland plans to open a library…
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Givaudan to acquire scent AI company Myrissi | Cosmetic Business

The French firm has developed tech which translates fragrances into colour patterns and images As part of its strategy to expand its capabilities in artificial intelligence (AI), Givaudan has inked…

Unique ‘smell walk’ has been created in Derry | Derry Now

The new 'smell walk' is a new addition to Derry's tourism offer. A 'smell walk' around Derry has been created. The unique initiative has been been created by artist Jan…

Two Seater Cadillac EV Concept having multi-sensory experience will feature various audible, visual and perhaps even scent-based stimuli to help relax passengers | GM Authority

General Motors is working on a new luxurious two-seater Cadillac EV concept designed to shield its passengers from the outside world and help reduce stress. GM announced the new two-seater Cadillac…

Nigerian artist creates rotting exhibit as coronavirus warning | NY Post

LAGOS – Nigerian artist Olufela Omokeko carefully arranges fresh peppers on wooden boards hanging in a bare room. Instead of providing spice in a meal, he wants them to encourage…

Scents of Space: Citizen Helps to Create a Relaxing Environment at Home | FINANCE.YAHOO

A video accompanying this announcement is available at: Citizen launches new scent-diffusing wellness clock: SENSORY TIME™ In a time where working remotely, virtual school and stay-in date nights have…

Classical Music, but Not as You Know It: The Sydney Art Quartet Works With a Top Florist on a Multi-Sensory Show | Broadsheet

The Flower Whisperer. Photography: Courtesy of Sydney Art Quartet / Kelly Geddes Classical Music, but Not as You Know It: The Sydney Art Quartet Works With a Top Florist on…

Artist spotlight: An interactive picnic that reconnects people with local durian culture | Timeout Singapore

Photograph: Fabian Loo Artist spotlight: an interactive picnic that reconnects people with local durian culture Learn more about the country’s infamous fruit with this fun, multi-sensory experience by artists Kray…

New Partnership Lets the Blind Experience Pictures Through Touch | Associations now

A collaborative effort will provide access and inclusion to blind and disabled populations by delivering more than 45 million tactile images to museums, science centers, libraries, schools, and government agencies.…

Virtual conferences turn to tech to recreate sights, sounds and tastes of past events | Pique Newsmagazine

At Toronto's Enercare Centre, winter brings conference season and its halls fill with the scent of cheese, pastries and desserts ahead of the annual Restaurants Canada Show. Lockdown measures mean…

Sight, Sound and Smell: The Magic of Multisensory Dining | Truly Experiences

Ultraviolet in Shanghai, the first multi-sensory restaurant in the world, uses sight, sound and smell to create a specific atmosphere that enhances the food being served. As you step into…
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How startups are using XR to disrupt how we work, learn, and play | The next web

Time to open up to new solutions. Andrea Hak Emerging tech like AI, robotics, IoT, blockchain, and machine learning are kicking our organizations into high gear by catapulting our ability…

‘Sensory Secret’ That Makes Coffee Even More Delicious | Dmarge

Have you ever stopped to think about how your regular coffee tastes at various times throughout the day? Even if you go to the same cafe and the same barista…

Sensory perception, cell signals disrupted in people and mice missing autism gene | Spectrum | Autism Research News

Excitatory drive: The structure of inhibitory neurons in mice missing a copy of the gene SYNGAP1 is typical, but the neurons have reduced excitatory inputs (white arrows). People and mice with…

Autism sensory struggles: the peripheral nerve system | Big Think

What does the peripheral nerve system have to do with autism? Credit: Myimagine on Adobe Stock Autism refers to a broad range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors,…

Pop-Tarts’ Newest Flavor Is Pink Lemonade with different designs | WXYZ

Copyright Walmart. Photo by: Walmart What’s your favorite flavor of Pop-Tarts? Whether you’re a Chocolate Fudge fanatic or a Hot Fudge Sundae lover, you might think that Pop-Tarts can’t improve…

CES 2021: New Kohler bathtub brings forest bathing to your bathroom with scent, fog, and mood lighting | TechRepublic

This Stillness Tub draws its inspiration from Japanese forest bathing, or shinrin-yoku. Water, light, fog and aromas converge to create an immersive journey of the senses designed to relax the…

Immerse yourself in a digital art sauna at teamLab Reconnect in Roppongi | Timeout Tokyo

Photo: teamLab‘Levitation’ This limited-time teamLab installation in a Tokyo bathhouse and sauna will open in March this year It’s easy to say teamLab is huge in Japan – not only are the teamLab…
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6G could be the world’s first teleportation tech | Light Reading

Meetings conducted via holographic images and virtual reality will never substitute for the business lunch. That shared experience of munching tapas or quaffing Rioja has been an essential lubricant for…

Sexual Wellness Pioneer Satisfyer Wins Eleven GOOD DESIGN® Awards | PRNewswire

(PRNewsfoto/Satisfyer) Satisfyer, a leading sexual wellness company today announced that it has been recognized by the GOOD DESIGN® Awards for eleven of its sex-tech products. The oldest prestige design award of its…

More Birds Bring More Happiness, According to Science | Audubon

By Julia ZarankinContributor, Audubon magazine A pair of new studies show how birds improve our wellbeing, adding to a growing body of evidence that avians are an antidote to our…

Unique Multi-Sensory Meditation Allowing You to Experience Colors | The Ritz Herald

SARA AUSTER. © VALSPAR People and Culture "THE SOUND OF COLOR" INSPIRED BY VALSPAR'S 2021 COLORS OF THE YEAR Today, industry leading paint and coatings brand, Valspar, from the Sherwin-Williams…

The people who want to send smells through your TV | BBC Future

by Mark Ellwood4th January 2021. (Image credit: Ferrantraite/Getty Images) The people who want to send smells through your TV We can see, hear and even feel the action as it…

Steph Richards’ super scents make Supersense | San Diego Reader

UCSD trumpet professor Steph Richards explores the connection between smell and music in her album Supersense. “Iwas at an Alex Cline concert when the air-conditioning suddenly came on and immediately the…
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We’re about to start sending messages with our noses | WIRED UK

LUIS MENDO Scents and smells provide us with unique clues about the environment but, unlike animals or plants, humans massively under-use this wealth of olfactory information. This will change in…

Angel Share Artworks Takes New Approach To Whisky Flavor Chart | The Whiskey Wash

Angel Share Artworks recently revamped, in their own way, the whiskey flavor chart. The company uses graphics to explore the stories and themes that have shaped this brown spirit type.…

Research you can see, smell, hear, taste and touch | News | University of Calgary

Research you can see, smell, hear, taste and touch Kathleen Sitter becomes first Canada Research Chair in Faculty of Social Work Touch. Taste. Sight. Hearing. Smell. Our senses inform our…

Wake up and smell the axe: check out this guitar made from coffee beans | Happy Mag

Burls Art has continued on his madcap adventure to make guitars out of an insane range of materials. Check out his latest example, made from coffee beans. It starts out…

Researchers Explore How the Human Body Senses Temperature | PEWtrusts

Getty Images As winter arrives and daylight hours decrease, it gets easier to hit the snooze button and stay in bed. It turns out that there’s a scientific reason behind…
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The Internet of Senses: Sounds Like Me | Interesting Engineering

Andrii Shchuka/iStock The Internet of Senses (IoS) is part of the emerging technologies that are going to take over and reshape our life during the next decade. The Internet of Senses is one…
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The Future Of Virtual Reality (VR) | Forbes

The Future Of Virtual Reality (VR) ADOBE STOCK You might think you’ve experienced VR, and you might have been pretty impressed. Particularly if you’re a gamer, there are some great…

Zoom founder teases virtual handshakes and the aroma of coffee | Stylist

Getty Virtual handshakes and the smell of coffee may be coming to a Zoom near you soon, says founder Eric Yuan – but will these developments be any match for the energy and flow of real-life meetings?…
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Textile electronics for virtual and augmented reality applications | Nanowerk

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are some of the hottest multidisciplinary technology trends right now, integrating computer, various sensor, graphic image, communication, measurement and control multimedia, artificial intelligence,…

The art of masking: autistic women and their experiences of diagnosis | SW Londoner

The art of masking: autistic women and their experiences of diagnosis “A lot of women are told they don’t look autistic, or don’t seem autistic.  “I don’t know what we’re…
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Emerging Consumer Trends Evolving Toward 2030: The Internet of Senses | Interesting engineering

Internet of Senses (IoS)SIphotography/iStock Can you imagine yourself living in the Internet of Senses world? Read to find out what the IoS is all about. The Internet of Things, Augmented…
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Coffee Color Changes in Virtual Reality Affect Real-Life Perceptions, Research Shows | Daily Coffee News

New research suggests that changes in the color of cold-brewed coffee as seen through virtuality (VR) can have a profound affect on sensory perceptions. Published earlier this month, the research…

Braun: Sound, Designed by The Wild | Creative Works | The Drum

‘Sound, designed.’ is the first major piece of creative work by The Wild for Braun Audio and its new LE speakers range. The campaign's conceptual film features synaesthetic artist Jake-Andrew…

‘Museum Fiasco’ is the first museum of its kind in Las Vegas | KSNV

LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — The first Kunsthalle-style museum is being brought to Las Vegas with Museum Fiasco at AREA15. Kunsthalle-style museums are a non-collection-based museum hosting rotating exhibits. There are currently…

Bacon-scented wrapping paper is a thing: Here’s how to get it |

The Manly Man Co. sells bacon-scented wrapping paper and other bacon-themed gifts. A Southern California company has just released something for the bacon lover on your holiday gift list - bacon-scented…

Sounds, smells could sway our self-image | EurekAlert! Science News

A lemony scent and light sounds could change the way you feel about yourself. Previously, researchers have shown that visual and tactile stimulation can change a person's perception of their…

Sonic frequencies and musical gestures calibrated to enhance the mouthfeel, flavour and provenance of each ingredient | JACOB THOMPSON-BELL

Current: Unusual ingredients is a multi-sensory project bringing to life the relationships between sound and flavour through live musical events and an album, created in collaboration with music producer Adam Martin…

Del Monte giving away banana and pineapple scented wrapping paper |

Del Monte Fresh Produce is giving away free banana and pineapple scented wrapping paper beginning Dec. 17 while supplies last. This year has taken twists and turns that have taken…

Sniffing lemons can make you feel thinner, while the scent of vanilla does the opposite, study shows | Studyfinds

(Credit: Lukas from Pexels) While many people believe “you are what you eat,” scientists in the United Kingdom say what you smell can also determine how you feel. Their study…

Mumm trials new sensory tasting experience | The Drinks Business

César Giron, CEO of Pernod Ricard, attends Taste Encounters with Laurent Fresnet Champagne Mumm has devised a new sensory tasting experience, designing two new glasses that play with sight and…

Scientists create ingredients to enhance taste and health properties of 3D printed food | Eat/Drink | Malay Mail

An international team of researchers is working on revolutionising 3D printing in the realm of food. — kynny / IStock pic via AFP PARIS, Dec 6 — Making 3D printed…

A Sexual Wellness Revolution With The Release Of The Groundbreaking Satisfyer Connect App | Stockhouse

Satisfyer Connect Offers an Unprecedented Sensual Experience with Interactive, Real-Time Control of Your - and Your Partner's - Sexual Wellness Devices Survey Finds One in Three Adults Want a Better…

Publishers are testing hybrid approaches to keep their events engaging | Digiday

IVY LIU ‘The experience is much more valuable’: How publishers are testing hybrid approaches to keep their events engaging In general, virtual events are boring, at least that’s the sentiment…

Oreo Sells A Cookie-Scented Candle | Delish

OREO Oreo cookies are a staple item in pantries everywhere and with so many ways to enjoy them —Oreo Thins, Double Stuf, the upcoming gluten-free variety—there is something for everyone.…

SCA and Savor Brands Team Up for Packaging Perceptions | Roast Magazine

Photo courtesy of the Specialty Coffee Association. The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and Coffee Science Foundation (CSF) have announced a two-year partnership with Hawaii-based coffee packaging, design and printing company Savor Brands to study packaging’s effects…

Candles get their scent from chef’s inspirations | Telegram

Two chefs brought their culinary skills into a whole new arena when they started creating candles. At the Kitchen Sink Candle Company,  713A Main St., next to the Town Common, Matt…

Scent and Sound: sensory influencers in hospitality | Short Term Rentalz

UK: Imagine walking into the lobby of a stunning boutique hotel. You’re surrounded by plush, luxurious soft furnishings, all dark, comfortable and welcoming. The staff at the front desk seem…

New Play-Doh for Grown-Ups Set Features Adult Smells | Nerdist

I really liked Play-Doh when I was a kid. Can’t say I’ve thought about that moldable clay-like substance much since then though, except when buying gifts for children. And why would I?…

Bring the Science of Taste into the Classroom with NOVA Resources | NOVA | PBS

Grapefruit-mint-marmalade chocolate lava mini cakes with fresh mint ricotta. Image Credit: Annie Wu Use these NOVA resources to introduce students to neuroscience, chemistry, and biology concepts that explain the science…

Mercedes Benz drivers can customise the sound of their electric cars | Women on Wheels

For years, people have been able to customise the look of their car but have you ever wanted to customise its sound? Well, now you can. Mercedes-Benz will allow drivers…
Augmented + virtual realityMarketingMultisensorySmellTouch/Feel/TextureVisual

Peak experience: Bulgari’s virtual reality fragrance experiment is pretty cool | Wallpaper

One of the expansive Alpine views users can virtually experience with Bulgari’s new Glacial Essence campaign. Bulgari perfumer Alberto Morillas is standing on top of an alpine glacier in an elegant…

New perfumes encapsulate the scent of music | Cyprus Mail

If corona is getting you down, perhaps it’s time to wake up and smell the music? Yes, we’re asking you not to hear, but to smell music. Because now you can –…

Dunkin’-Scented Candles Return for the Holidays | QSR magazine

DUNKIN' The returning candle fragrances were lovingly developed by Homesick’s team of researchers, chandlers, and perfume chemists, who worked closely with the Dunkin’ culinary team to ensure each candle captures…

What is the best way to integrate different sensory modalities? | University of Nevada, Reno

Each year, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) solicits grant proposals from scientists and engineers who are in the first seven years of their career and show exceptional…

Coming Soon: Everleigh-After, a Multi-Sensory Drinking and Dining Experience Inside a Purpose-Built Projection Cube | Broadsheet

Photography: Courtesy of Ssixx The duo behind Bar Margaux, Heartbreaker and the Everleigh is working on a highly conceptual restaurant with Ides chef Peter Gunn (who’s creating a version of…
Augmented + virtual realityHapticMultisensoryTouch/Feel/Texture

This glove helps you ‘touch’ virtual reality | Somag News

The virtual reality experience is a field in which there is much to explore. There are many advances that point to an increasingly integrated experience becoming more and more feasible…

‘Very Bangkok’: In search of the contemporary in the city of senses | The Jakarta Post

Lavish treat: Bangkok has a multisensory approach to food, here using jasmine’s smoke and gold leaf to create exquisite dishes at Michelin starred restaurant R.Harn. (Courtesy of Philip Cornwel-Smith /-)…

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s tempt all 5 senses with immersive campaign | Marketing Dive

Courtesy of Carl's Jr. and Hardee's Dive Brief: Carl's Jr. and Hardee's debuted a "Bacon and Beef Hypnosis" campaign to promote their Monster Angus Thickburger via all five senses, according…

You can buy a scented candle that smells of Aero chocolate | Metro News

Brand new Aero scented candle (Picture: Getty/Lily-Flame) In good news for chocolate lovers everywhere, you can now buy a scented candle that apparently smells exactly like Aero chocolate The brand…

The mother’s gut microbiome helps a child’s brain develop its senses | Massive Sci

Nick Harris via Flickr The mother’s gut microbiome helps a child’s brain develop its senses Without the maternal microbiome, a mouse’s thalamus under-develops, resulting in reduced sensory processing Long before humans…

Museum of Sensory & Movement Experiences | The Santa Barbara Independent

Allison Strachan (left) and Alexandra Wardwell check out the Video Organism installation at the Museum of Sensory and Movement Experience at La Cumbre Plaza. | Credit: Daniel Dreifuss Isabella Pinter…

The rise of Scotland’s experiential distillery | HeraldScotland

AS the world retreated from in-person meetings to a virtual world driven by connected devices and online orders, the Scottish drinks industry has been carefully planning for the future. Over the…

Octopuses can taste what their arms touch, and scientists have figured out how | New York Times

Video by Peter Kilian By Katherine J. Wu Should anything ever compel you to lick an octopus’s arm, keep this in mind: That arm has all the cellular machinery to…

‘Biden Berry’ & ‘Trump Tonic’ soda ahead of Election Day | WTNH

Local businesses are getting in on the action in advance of Election Day — including a New Britain-based soda company. Election Day is busy at Avery’s Beverages, with voters coming…

Almost one in five adults (17%) feel uncomfortable describing flavours, with 1 in 5 (21%) refusing to try a new dish if they don’t like the way it looks | MyLondon

Half of people admit they have disliked a food before even trying it and almost half (46%) of people decide to try something new just based on how it looks.…

McDonald’s Gives Quarter Pounder Fans a Perfecter New Way to Display Their Burger Love | McDonald’s Corporation to drop exclusive new line of merch designed for the QPC-obsessed Chicago, IL; February 18, 2020 – Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, but those that love the Quarter…

What in the World Is a $590 Scratch-and-Sniff T-shirt Doing in 2020? | The New York Times

This T-shirt smells.Credit...Emiliano Granado for The New York Times By Caity Weaver The universe tends toward ever-increasing disorder; earlier this year, the luxury fashion house Lanvin released several varieties of scratch-and-sniff…

People expect tech to tell mood of colleague, improve taste of food by 2030 | Outlook India

Employees expect that technology will enable people to sense the mood of their colleagues, improve the taste of canteen food and other senses by 2030, according to a report released…

Dove soundtracks self-care with Pandora partnership | Marketing Dive

Dive Brief: Dove has partnered with Pandora to create "Tropical Moods SoundEscape," a soundtrack of sounds — birds chirping, soft rain, light drum beats — that are inspired by the…

Shower according to your mood with 7 different scenarios including a symphony of water, sound, light, moving image and fragrance | BW Hotelier

Staying true to its roots and five pillars – Innovation, Design, Quality, Sustainability and Commitment – the German sanitary fittings manufacturer, Hansgrohe, develops innovative spray type technology called PowderRain for…

Internet of senses to be brought into virtual workplace of 2030: Report | The Hindu BusinessLine

Getty Images The virtual office is here to stay. But can you imagine a digital workspace where you have moved beyond voice and video and are able to remotely get…
Artificial IntelligenceInterestingMultisensoryTechnology

Unlocking AI’s Potential for Social Good | Harvard Business Review

Hiroshi Watanabe/Getty Images New developments in AI could spur a massive democratization of access to services and work opportunities, improving the lives of millions of people around the world and…

Concordia researchers explore how Montreal Casino’s “Vegas Nights” target our senses | The Concordian

Concordia researchers delved into the Montreal Casino’s Vegas Nights to study how the casino experience affects and caters to our senses. From the neon glow, to the aroma of perfume…

Explore the subliminal messaging on your Halloween candy’s label | The Counter

iStock / nkbimages Seemingly inconsequential features of packaging, like color, typeface, and label material, can deeply influence what we taste. Next time you step into the grocery store, pay attention to…

The Macallan Experience launches at Raffles Hotel: A multi-sensory immersive whisky experience | Buro 24/7 Singapore

Image: The Macallan Experience All senses go As whisky aficionados will know, learning the story behind the origins of the 'water of life' further enriches the experience when knocking back a glass of the…
Augmented + virtual realityEntertainmentMultisensory

Immersive experiences | layered reality, artainment & more | blooloop

Transporting guests to new worlds: the appeal of immersive experiences Immersive experiences have seen an extraordinary period of growth over the last decade, as audiences increasingly choose experiences over products.…

Did You Know Bright Light May Make Food Appear Tastier? Here’s What Study Says | NDTV Food

A recent study found links between the ambient lighting at a restaurant and the overall perception of taste intensity. Here's what research found. Lighting can affect the taste intensity with…

Why do masks make it so hard to understand each other? | University of Nevada, Reno

There are many reasons people may be reticent to wear masks, but one I hear about a lot is that it makes talking more difficult, and, in turn, affects speech…

Food in the arts? Why we need to consider the trend an artform | Kulturehub

PHOTO CRED: FORGETTING HOW TO EAT BY ALLIE WIST When we talk about Art, with capital A, we tend to prioritize senses of sight and sound. Things we can see…

Locking down our sensory indulging of sight, sound, smell, taste, touch is adding to our COVID fatigue | New York Daily News

Thirty-four years ago, I opened my first live music joint in New York, called the Knitting Factory — joining a scene of tightly packed clubs including CBGB, The Pyramid, 8BC,…

Sequence Variants in Human Olfaction Genes Associated with Perceptual Differences | McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP – JDSupra

Perception by the five human senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch) varies significantly between individuals and populations.  Some use these differences to their advantage, such as sommeliers capable of…

Paint verbal pictures – The Art of Speaking |

Photo: Painting the verbal picture creates descriptive images by drawing on common experience By Bill Brown Toastmaster Magazine The goal of speaking and speech writing is communication. That’s not…

Glasgow steak restaurant Porter & Rye launches immersive dining at home experience – to support local artist | Scotsman Food and Drink

Steak fans can enjoy a restaurant experience at home as Porter & Rye teams up with an award-winning Scottish jazz musician. Porter & Rye has teamed up with award-winning jazz…

Woodwick crackling candles | Daily Mail Online

As we head into the dark depths of winter, it might be time to give your home some affordable cosy updates. When the nights draw in, candlelight is key for…
Augmented + virtual realityHealthMultisensory

VR Use in Gaming Has Medical Researchers’ Attention | Medical Daily

In the world of gaming, virtual reality lets the player feel like he is part of the action: climbing hills, shooting bad guys, morphing into character after character. But researchers in Japan took…

Visual, hearing impairments may increase risk for cognitive decline, depression | Healio

Individuals with visual and/or hearing impairments were at increased risk for cognitive decline and depression, according to results of a cross-sectional study published in JAMA Network Open. “The risk visual and…

Whisky expert explains how the drink tastes often uses more senses than we may think | Press and Journal

© Supplied The dictionary defines flavour as a mixed sensation of smell and taste, which leaves us to conclude that they are two separate sensations of which flavour is the…

“Chromesthesia,” or the rare ability to hear sounds and music through colors with pandora | Forbes

The Pandora music streaming application is seen on an iPhone on November 8, 2017. NURPHOTO VIA GETTY IMAGES Music streaming platforms have long offered users the ability to create custom playlists and…

Kaiser Gallery bringing multimedia art and curated cocktails to Tremont |

Kaiser Gallery is set to open in October or November in Tremont. (Images courtesy Morgan Bukovec, Gary Sczerbaniewicz, Allison M. Walters) CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Craft cocktails will be paired with…

Nerves that sense touch may play role in autism | ScienceDaily

Autism is considered a disorder of the brain. But a new study suggests that the peripheral nervous system, the nerves that control our sense of touch, pain and other sensations,…

Research illustrates atypical sensory experiences in early-onset schizophrenia adolescents | Medical Xpress

Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and other brain imaging technologies allow for the study of differences in brain activity in people diagnosed with schizophrenia. The image shows two levels of…

Autumn Drinks Are The Hottest Hair Colour Inspiration Trend | Glamour UK

From hot chocolate to pumpkin spice: The hair trends inspired by your favourite Autumn drinks Pumpkin Spice Latte season is upon us, which means roll necks, ankle boots and oversized coats are…

Fairmont Dubai relaunches pitch-black dining experience | Hotel News ME

Noire at Fairmont Dubai, the only venue in the region where guests can embark on a 5-star gourmet cuisine journey in a pitch-black dining room, has relaunched. The experience is available…

The scents, sights and sounds of fall equinox in Alaska | Anchorage Daily News

Highbush cranberry, which emits a musty smell in autumn. (Photo by Ned Rozell) On the first day of October, a little girl pulls on her rubber boots and rushes outside…

How Your Work from Home Office Impacts Your Mood, and 10 Ways to Improve It | InStyle

GETTY IMAGES/INSTYLE Your home office can affect not only your productivity, but also your mental health. Use these strategies for a boost. For many people, working from home is the…

Nordic Lights Come to London in New Pop-Up Immersive Experience | The London Resident

A new immersive pop-up has arrived in London that allows you to experience the Northern Lights without the faff of travelling during a pandemic The Northern Lights – aka the…

Samsung ecobubble washing machine has it’s own bespoke fragrance | Idealhome

Who doesn’t love the scent of freshly laundered clothes? Well, Samsung has bottled that scent to celebrate the launch of its new Samsung ecobubble washing machine. After seeing Olympic Gold…

Mastercard sees benefits from sonic branding | WARC

Mastercard, the payments company, believes that effective sonic branding can help enhance brand attributes such as differentiation, image, identity and emotional connectivity with consumers. Greg Boosin, executive vice president, global…
Augmented + virtual realityMultisensorySoundVisual

Tourism Australia offers 8D sound and sensory experience | Outlook Traveller

Explore the Great Barrier Reef from your couch, with a real-time effect, Photo Credit: Shutterstock Virtual tours and immersive travelling is the latest travel fad, and Tourism Australia just took it…

Live venues are the lifeblood of music culture and must survive | The Conversation

People use live music as a resource to help feed and nourish their emotions, for heightening or changing their energy levels and as a platform to escape the constraints of…
Artificial IntelligenceMultisensory

Alexa’s getting ‘more expressive,’ and multisensory | MSN live

© Provided by CNET Alexa is getting teachable AI. Chris Monroe/CNET Amazon has unveiled new artificial intelligence capabilities for Alexa , aimed at making the voice assistant more conversational in your home. Alexa will be "more…

Food is next big trend in 3D printing | Online Athens

AP photo A decade ago, 3D printing became a hot topic. Brooklyn-based MakerBot, which have since become a global leader in the space, were new on the scene and shaking…

Food artists using slices of bread as their canvas! | Hindustan Times

Your everyday slice of bread has got a delightful makeover, with food artists using it as their canvas! Raising a toast has got a new meaning in the new normal,…

Tourism Australia’s New Multi-Sensory Videos Capture the Sights and Sounds of the Country’s Most Stunning Spots | Concrete Playground Sydney

Embark on one of six colour-themed virtual escapes, visiting eye-catching destinations around the nation. With international trips off the cards for the next little while — even if a travel bubble with New…

M&S is selling gin snow globes – and they’ll get you in the Christmas spirit | The Sun

Marks and Spencer are now selling sparkly gin snow globes in time for XmasCredit: M&S MARKS and Spencer are getting in the festive spirit and are now selling epic gin…

Pickering’s Gin’s ‘must-have’ Christmas item for any drinks fan return as Gin Baubles go on sale | Daily Record

The 'must-have' Pickering's Gin Baubles. (Image: Pickering's) The must have gift for any gin fan at Christmas are back. Edinburgh-based gin maker Pickering's have announced the return of their hugely popular Gin…

When the company does more: the importance of social marketing | Doxee

Marketing has many approaches to attract the customer: the rational one, the sensory one, and the emotional one. Yet, at a time when consumers are becoming more and more attentive…
Augmented + virtual realityEmotionsMultisensory

The senses in an increasingly digital world | OUPblog

We interact with the world around us with all our senses—such as sight, hearing, smell, but also much more! The senses are fundamental to our experiences. The research area of…

How “sensuous” gambling experiences affect the client | Medical Express

Interdisciplinary scholar Erin Lynch. Credit: Brendan Lynch The sounds, the lights, the layout, even the smells of the Montreal Casino have all been carefully crafted to entice gamers inside, and…

Q&A with FCB Health Network’s Fernando Fernandez | PharmaLive

Med Ad News talked to Fernando Fernandez, Managing Director of FCB Health Network’s BX – Brand Experience Design Group, about how COVID-19 has changed the way people interact with brands, how branding innovations such as…

PERRIER announces collaboration with Takashi Murakami | Beverage Industry

PERRIER Carbonated Mineral Water, a brand of Nestlé Waters North America, Stamford, Conn., announced the release PERRIER x MURAKAMI, a collaboration with renowned artist Takashi Murakami, inspired by the pop…

Babe Wine creates candles with jockstrap, nacho and grass scents for NFL kickoff | Marketing Dive

Courtesy of Babe Wine Dive Brief: Babe Wine has teamed up with Ryan Porter's Candier brand to introduce three stadium-scented candles: Hashtag Field Goals, Jockstrap and $18 Nachos, the wine…

The Arts Council of Princeton Presents “Art and Music: Touching Sound” |

(PRINCETON, NJ) -- The Arts Council of Princeton presents Art and Music: Touching Sound, a collaboration between the Princeton Artists Alliance and Mobius Percussion. The exhibition, featuring paintings, drawings, and sculpture,…

Caffeine lovers are more likely to enjoy coffee in a quiet space, study claims | Daily Mail Online

Shutterstock It lessens perceptions of coffee's sweetness, bitterness, acidity and temperature Loud background noise masks the taste and flavour of coffee, scientists suggest Cafes could have noise cancelling headphones on…

Immersive art experience hops into permanent San Antonio space | CultureMap San Antonio

Ramble through the Rainbow Cave this fall. Courtesy photo The merging of technology and social media has birthed an interesting trend in modern art: the interactive art installation. As artists create work…

WAR Flowers: A Touring Art Exhibition Brings Century-Old Wartime Experience to Life Through Floriography, Sculpture and Scent | City of Mississauga

City building | September 10, 2020 WAR Flowers: A Touring Art Exhibition opens at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga on September 17. The unique and historically-based exhibit, offers visitors a unique…