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VICUNA is designed to develop cutting-edge technology and applications that push users beyond the limits of immersive experiences. VICUNA team believes in building products that improve customers’ lives and advance the state of VR as an industry with a strong focus on innovation and Artificial Intelligence(AI)—backed by the UAE’s leading investors, including Smart Desert Investment and Bin-Dhaen Holding.

OSDT launched VICUNA; it is a licensed Company in Dubai, UAE. VICUNA team are world award-winning AI and Blockchain scientists and researchers.

The VICUNA team; constantly pushing boundaries and exploring new avenues for immersive technology to make a difference in people’s lives. VICUNA is dedicated to opening up new opportunities for innovation and change within immersive technologies. The smell and Touch section allows users to shape the new world and experience the next level of gamification on Metaverse. We invite you to join us as we build better internet and virtual-reality services for tomorrow.

Looking ahead, VICUNA is working on creating the next chapter in Virtual Reality and augmented reality, which integrates sensory immersion with blockchain technology. The ultimate goal is to revolutionize how people interact in digital life by connecting users worldwide through innovative VICUNA Platform solutions.

The Mission:

VICUNA’s mission is to provide an end-to-end solution to enrich the user experience within the metaverse. Using state-of-the-art technology, VICUNA wants to make the world a better place to live with joy, entertainment, and high-quality life.

VICUNA brings real-world senses to virtual reality – building an environment where everything you see before your eyes can also be touched and felt like the real world. This world doesn’t feel like a simulated experience, a real place where even the slightest changes can make a difference.

VICUNA’s mission is to use technology to protect animals, distribute money-making models to create lots of part-time and full-time jobs, and create complete freedom and a financial bridge between the real and virtual worlds. They are expanding upon immersive technology to focus on our vision of delivering the next VR/AR experience generation.


VINAVerse is the VICUNA Version of Metaverse; its primary goals are to provide a unique sense and smell-enriched digital life, shopping, and entertainment. VINAVerse will be available as a standalone application or integrate into your business free of charge with a Software Development Kit(SDK) or Application Programming Interface(API). VINAVerse includes: VINA FitNet, Meta-ID, Bridge between Traditional Banking and novel Decentralized Finance, Blockchain-based Messenger, Metaverse-based Zoo (MetaZoo), Safely Refer and earn by ReferNet and Democratized Ads, and MetaCredit.

VINAVerse Digital Scent:

Take your immersive customer experience to the next level with VICUNA’s unique scent technology. VICUNA and scent technology are designed to augment your experience without disrupting the immersion of the metaverse. It allows you to smell what you see and feel what you hear.

VICUNA Platform, Smell in Metaverse-VINAVerse

Whether it’s the aromatic scents of a tropical rainforest or the refreshing aroma of spring flowers, VICUNA Scent allows you to explore your favorite virtual worlds like never before. With our advanced scent technology, you’ll be able to smell the world around you and truly feel like you’re part of the action in Realworld.

Join VICUNA’s journey into the new world and explore the ultimate immersive customer experience – powered by OSDT. On VICUNA Metaverse, you can smell and touch the flowers, feel the cool breeze and taste the water while immersing yourself in a virtual world. With VINAVerse, you’ll be able to experience the wonders of nature.

In Q1, 2023 – VICUNA is releasing the first virtual reality game with real sensations. You’ll be able to feel your opponent’s every movement and strike while using the latest haptic and sensory technology to experience an immersive VR game unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

VICUNA Platform, Smell in Metaverse-VINAVerse

Integrated Metaverse Smell with Reality level virtual scenes – VICUNA Metaverse with a focus on a Higher Level of Sense can boost sales and enrich the digital-life/Shopping experience. Powerful Computer Vision and Automatic Smell Generation application integrated into VICUNA Platform to detect new objects and categories of many smells. VICUNA uses its version of Dynamic smell generation cartridges, allowing users to sense lots of scents with the limited number of smell cartridges while preserving health and protection standards.


VICUNA cares for all living beings, no matter how great or small. The VICUNA MetaZoo provides a digital environment for animals that don’t involve being locked in cages.

Our innovative augmented reality technology allows our animals to roam freely around their natural habitat while interacting with users in real time. Whether exploring the African plains, watching lions hunt their prey, or diving into the coral reefs, you’ll experience nature’s wonders right from your living room.

VICUNA provides the same experience as going to the Zoo, and all ticket sales are donated to various conservation projects worldwide. With your support, we can help save endangered species and promote responsible animal conservation practices.

VICUNA MetaZoo is a type of gamification that allows you to interact, earn, joy, and help plants and animals.

Source: VICUNA Platform, Smell in Metaverse-VINAVerse – Sponsored Bitcoin News