My initial inspiration for creating the first visual was Kanye West’s visit with Donald Trump in the oval office. I simply wanted to experiment with merging the sensory attributes of both personalities.

The inspiration for creating visual 02 & the accompanying soundscape came after watching a highlight video of this interaction.

In the clip below, Bill Maher states that “Donald Trump is the white Kanye”.

The visit that inspired this project was held on the 11th of October & one day before Halloween, Kanye officially backtracked:

And just like that, Kanye West appears to be over politics

One could conclude that this would end the relationship & ultimately close this multisensory project.

To be continued…?

The original artwork is 4000 x 4000 pixels

The example below, is a full sized crop of a small portion of visual 03

Some of the most obscure moments of the famous meeting (view the second YouTube clip in the introduction) motivated me to start working on some electronica that would be the soundtrack to a comic book story I created. Kanye West’s reference to feeling like superman, when he wears the MAGA hat, served as the initial inspiration for visual 04. I decided to mainly have old-school villains & dialogue, but this mutated over time. The underlying theme is the ongoing Russia collusion or corruption investigation & related U.S. politics. The sub-plot is the real reason for the relationship between Kanye West (Superman) & Donald Trump (Orange Man). One has to be relatively immersed in current events & US politics to fully appreciate the subtle references & layers.

It is 11,000 x 9000 pixels & contains 107 layers.

The edible scent created for this project (F25084) was based on some of the known favourite foods/beverages of these two personalities. The core of this profile is based on Kanye West’s favorite Hennessy & cola mix. It is called “KT” & can be used to scent various applications as well as being added to beverages & food. It contains an intricate &  dominant melange of cola & cognac, persistent hints of orange peel & subtle fried yam notes.

While looking for their favorite foods & beverages, I came across this compilation & thought it was interesting.

Kanye West smells like money

What Does It Mean To ‘Smell Rich’?

This techno track is the official soundscape for the Superman visual of this multisensory project.