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Eatrenalin is part of Europa-Park, a theme park in Rust, Germany. The restaurant offers guests a multi-sensory, fine-dining experience. WIRESTOCK CREATORS Shutterstock

Have you ever imagined what you would get if you combined an amusement park ride with an eight-course gourmet dining experience? If you managed to work out all of the kinks perfectly, you would have the Eatrenalin. Located on the border of France and southwest Germany in the city of Rust, Eatrenalin is part of Europa-Park, one of Europe’s most-visited theme parks. The combination of an amusement park ride and a fine dining experience, Eatrenalin is located outside the amusement park alongside adjoining hotels. The construction of the building is striking on its own. The metal cube-like structure offers no peaks in or out, as there are no windows, and guests enter under an archway that looks like an eyelid. A team of chefs with extensive fine dining resumes oversee the equally majestic menu. Thomas Mack, a managing partner of Europa-Park, told Travel & Leisure, Eatrenalin was inspired by travel and the belief that “you taste food and drinks differently depending on your environment.” “You could say that Eatrenalin is a 360-degree gastronomy experience on a fine-dining level,” Mck said.

Head chef Pablo Montoro, a well-known culinary star in Spain, plans the eight-course meals. They offer a standard menu, the “Red Dimensions,” and the plant-based “Green Dimensions” menu.The Eatrenalin experience includes 11 unique rooms with themes such as the waters of the ocean, the rice fields of Asia and the vastness of outer space. Chairs on hidden coasters give guests a feeling as if they were floating while being served truffles and crispy caviar. The waterfall room is equipped with real water flowing from the walls, and an AI hostess gives guests the meal breakdown.

As it encompasses many locations within its themed rooms, Eatrenalin is also looking to come to different areas. Mack told Travel & Leisure that “it was always the plan to bring the concept into metropolises around the world, especially to the U.S.A.’‘ “The opportunities are almost endless,” Mack said. “The menu, the media, the layout, it all can be changed individually and can be adjusted to suit any location.” If you ever find yourself visiting the city of Rust, the dining experience is open Thursday to Monday from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. The website states the base price per person is 195 euros or around $205. That price tag includes a two-hour, eight-course dinner and a choice of an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink pairing. You can upgrade your experience with an enhanced drinks package. Tickets can be purchased on the Eatrenalin website.

Source: The Eatrenalin is a fine dining and theme park experience | Charlotte Observer