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The brand’s latest immersive fragrance pop-up, OSNI 2, is landing in Paris.

Perfume belongs in a bottle, right? According to iconic luxury jewellers and fragrance house, Cartier, that’s not always the case. In fact, their latest immersive pop-up invites you to experience perfume in an entirely new way, one where spraying a fragrance bottle becomes irrelevant.

We’re talking about OSNI 2. The second of Cartier’s immersive perfume experiences, OSNI 2 is landing in Paris this December with the aim to transform the way we smell perfume. The brand’s mission to take perfume out of the bottle and allow the public to discover scent in a totally new format is what inspired the original OSNI, or as Cartier call it, the first Unidentified Scented Object, back in 2017.

The impressive art concept called ‘Nuage Parfumè’ centred around a glass cube installed on the basin of the Palais de Tokyo that sought to capture the scent of the air and the sky. Members of the public were invited to ascend the spiral staircase inside the cube and poke their heads above a literal layer of clouds.

cartier osni 2

Now, Cartier are continuing the USO series with OSNI 2 ‘The Scented Myth’, once again designed by Mathilde Laurent, the Maison’s perfumer. Described as a meeting of light and fragrance, the pop-up seeks to enhance our ability to smell scent with the use of light and imagery. The idea? That sight, sound and other senses can make our perfume smell even better.

Speaking on the interactive installation Laurent said:

‘OSNI 2 is a true immersive installation where light and fragrance simultaneously introduce the divine presence of the emblematic Panther creature. It shows the power of olfaction by matching all the senses and offers to the public the experience of synaesthesia. It really invites the visitors to renew their relationship with perfume through a direct and unique interaction. It’s not light that enhances smell, but sight and smell that enhances each other. OSNI 2 tackles all senses through light, smell, sight, and sound. All senses are equally important to discover perfumery in a new way.’

Capturing a spirit of discovery, creativity and curiosity, Cartier’s OSNI 2 encourages us to question everything we know about perfume, then flip it on its head and start again. Can you see perfume? According to Cartier, now you can.

cartier osni 2
Cartier perfumer Mathilde Laurent. CARTIER

If you don’t happen to be in Paris this December, you can catch OSNI 2 as it travels around the world. ‘OSNI 2 is a travelling installation that will be visible in different places throughout the coming years,’ says Laurent. ‘My motivation is to open olfactory beauty and power to the public, without the bottle, in total freedom of sensation, the elevation of the soul it procures, so we never know what the future will bring.’

OSNI 2 ‘The Scented Myth’ will be free for members of the public to visit at 2, rue Robert Esnault-Pelterie, 75007 Paris from 1-11 December. To book tickets, register HERE.

Source: Cartier Are Evolving Perfume Into A Multi-Sensory Immersive Experience