I have provided a before & after example for one of the visuals that I started working on. After scanning various production floors, a selection of pictures were taken. The image’s brightness & contrast as well as the saturation of the main colours were then enhanced. This basically increased the complexity of the pictures & enabled me to imagine a theme for each visual. The process was quite quick & with the help of some added visual elements, the pictures came to life. The theme for each visual consisted of a flavour as well as a one subject inspired by the pictures. The final step in this process was to add layers of text related to the main themes (such as general information on black holes), so to make the art more informative.

The picture below initially reminded me of space & generally made me think of the black hole pictures that had recently been published for the first time. So, this particular visual became blackhole donut. Its corresponding edible fragrance is based on an existing donut flavour & its sounds will be created over time.

black hole donut

strawberry butterfly chaos

Flaming daisy blood orange

underwater maple ghost

atomic saffron clouds

lulo poppy lightning

rogue anthocyanin bat

orange asteroid spaceship

extraterrestrial pomegranate assault

carrot forest fire

raspberry everest storm

cherry big bang

papaya volcanic eruption

plum strategic bombing campaign

Food & beverage manufacturing floor art