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Adding emotional & multisensory complexity to retail environments

Retail design today is all about creating great and unique experiences for consumers. But with so many stores, including major retail chains, employing similar tactics and strategies to lure customers,…

Why Great Special Event Design Is Like Great Sex…its multisensory

“Good design is as little design as possible,” according to the legendary German industrial designer Dieter Rams. This was one of his 10 principles of good design defined in the…
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Study finds sniffing sweetheart’s sweaty T-shirt may lower stress

Are you anxious about an upcoming job interview, public speaking engagement, or any other high-pressure workplace situation? Here’s a weird but now research-supported tip: Try taking a whiff of your…
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Here’s Why Everyone Is Obsessed With The Way A Newborn Smells, According To Science

Baby heads are magical wonderlands of the world's most perfect aroma. You could go to a Parisian perfumer and spend thousands of dollars on a custom blend and it wouldn't…

Multisensory rooms, 3D crystal tributes, ancestry tests give new life to funeral industry

Funerals and the industries surrounding them are changing rapidly with the times. The industry is taking shape to address new generational tastes. How about a wall-sized Seahawks highlight reel for…

Is selling perfume one of the most daunting challenges faced by today’s brands?

More so than perhaps any other product on the market, fragrances and colognes advertisements are tasked with selling more than just physical packaging, and arguably far more than just a…

6 military scents that would make terrible scented candles

If there is one product on the face of the Earth that is the antithesis to the rigors and roughness of military life, it would have to the scented candle.…

London’s Lounge Bohemia makes cocktails a magical new multisensory experience

Decorated in a style reminiscent of a Czech apartment from the 1960s, London’s Lounge Bohemia is a cocktail bar with a twist. Each drink is served with its own colourful…