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In recent years, there has been a substantial increase in interest in scented packaging. In order to explore the benefits of scented labels and packaging, Scentisphere engaged the analytic firm MAi Research to quantify its claims. The main objective of the study was to measure the impact of the presence/absence of scratch-and-sniff on purchase interest and company imagery. One thousand consumers, mainly those responsible for household buying, were polled.

The study delivered a host of key findings. For example, a majority of consumers (56%) are more likely to purchase a fragranced product with a scented label. Additionally, at least half of consumers at large desire scratch-and-sniff on body washes, liquid soaps, deodorants and laundry care products.

The demographic profile of those most interested in scented labels is a millennial with children at home, employed, and/or living in an urban area.

A major selling point for scent on packaging is that companies that offer scent sampling are significantly more likely to be considered innovative and caring than those that do not, the statistics show. The inclusion of scent on packaging ensures that the package is not tampered with, i.e. not opened to sample the fragrance as the fragrance is on the package.

Founded in 2002, Scentisphere is a scent marketing agency for global consumer package good brands, including home, air, personal, beauty, as well as food and beverage brands. The company approaches each scent branding project as an opportunity to create value and ROI for its scent marketing customers by giving them the ability to integrate the power of scent into their marketing, advertising, and promotional efforts.

Scent on packaging is proven to increase sales by engaging and educating consumers about the product at point of sale, where 75% percent of purchase decisions are made. These trends have spurred Scentisphere to produce Scratch’nSniff stickers using the Rub’nSmell scent technology.

It must be stressed that the use of fragrance in packaging and advertising is not a novelty, but a marketing necessity and the way of the future, notes Jim Berard, founder, Scentisphere. The addition of fragrance to a package makes the package more engaging; helps educate a customer, which in turn increases sales. Adding scent is not difficult and Scentisphere has the tools, Berard adds, and the technology and the technical expertise to make the inclusion of scent is effortless.

Berard states, “The Scentisphere motto is, ‘If it can be printed, it can be scented.'”

Source: Scentisphere Enlists Research Firm To Explore Benefits Of Scent In Packaging | Label and Narrow Web