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The main purpose of this website is to serve as an online multisensory platform consisting of information, resources & projects. Articles are re-posted & tagged based on their relevancy & specific subject matter. Content reflects advancements & integrations of various multisensory topics in today’s society. The re-posts are meant to serve as a source of background information or literature review for original msensory content & projects. We intend to promote the re-posted content, authors, products, companies & publishers. 

If you have issues with re-posted content, please get into contact with us. We will gladly try to resolve the problem & remove the re-posted content if required.

Regarding msensory audio & visual projects, various samples have been utilized to make multi-layered multisensory compositions. In many projects, there can easily be over 400 visual & over 100 sound layers that are quite hard to identify. They are intended to add complexity, such as a hint of pepper, lemon zest or salt to msensory projects.

Please listen via a good quality sound system or headphones to feel & identify the multiple layers of audio that are used. Computer speakers will not do it justice. Regarding visuals, it is best to view them as large as possible to be able to appreciate the subtle images, characters & textures.