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Enticing all of our five senses during a meal truly displays culinary creativity and skill. While the obvious focus may be on measuring how well a meal tastes, there are other factors to consider, such as visual aesthetics, the use of haptics, the choice of sound and ambiance, as well as the smell. These all play a vital role in creating both a unified and blissful experience. The same can be said about enjoying a new or a twist on classic cocktail recipes. In today’s dining landscape, mixologists are using knowledge and innovation to tie together all five senses to create a truly unique sipping experience.

The art of mixology has taken the world by storm with popular cocktail bars and upgrades to traditional cocktail menus no longer sticking to the basics. Creating new experiences through mocktails and spirits, there’s never quite knowing what new hotspot we’ll be hearing about next — and we may not be fans of them all.

A cocktail experience that resembles your favorite perfume
bar at fragrances in berlin
Located inside the Ritz Carlton in Berlin, Germany is an elevated restaurant and bar called Fragrances, which has built its concept just around that — fragrances (via Fine Dining Lover).

As you walk through the elongated hallway, you’ll find elaborate displays and elegant perfume bottles ready to be sampled. Your drink order is not from a simple menu list of items but rather by your preference of 15 scents. According to The Drinks Business, cocktails are inspired by popular perfumes from brands like Armani and Guerlain. One of the drink options is called The Earl Gray and it is inspired by a Jo Malone fragrance. Made of earl grey tea-infused tequila from Don Julio Reposado and mixed with apple juice, jasmine tea, vanilla, honey, and cucumber syrup, this signature cocktail has your senses reflective of the best-selling perfume scent.

Many have been torn over a new cocktail bar concept with the formulas and characteristics of famous and beloved perfumes. Yelp reviews compliment the creative concept but are unimpressed with the execution. A hallway of scent-based cocktails leads customers to order a traditional drink from the neighboring bar or order a cocktail unknowingly ingredients. Overall, Fragrances is a unique, one-of-a-kind bar with an excellent concept. Ranked as one of the must-visit attractions in Berlin, if you find yourself in the city, it may be worth your time to stop by for at least one drink to witness the creative concept.

Source: Cocktail Fans Are Divided On This Unique Perfume Paring Experience

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