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Look, we don’t want to sound like our parents, but today’s music really is just samples of iconic tunes from the past few decades at the moment, isn’t it? If the originals are more your cup of tea(…quila; we’re not in our slippers just yet!), then we’re happy to announce that we’ve got the perfect cocktail night for you. Celebrating the best of pop music from the last 50 years, Old But Gold is an innovative event that uses state-of-the-art immersive sound tech and themed cocktails to create an unforgettable experience – and they’re welcoming guests to The Boiler House on Brick Lane this Autumn.

a group of friends enjoying the old but gold cocktail experience

What is the Old But Gold cocktail experience?

Opening its doors from October 7Old But Gold takes you on a journey through the decades, reliving pop music from 70s through to the 00s, while serving four themed cocktails representative of each of the decades. It’ll tantalise all your senses – sound, taste, smell, hearing, even touch. You can expect to hear Whitney to Britney, ABBA to Beyonce, plus music from the likes of the Ninja Turtles and Kill Bill.

However, Old But Gold is more than just cocktails and music. It is a multi-sensory experience that uses 16 video projectors, 360-degree interactive project mapping and an immersive sound system, so you can truly be transported to the decades you taste and hear. There’ll be tons of music videos, retelling the events of each decade – it’s the ultimate dose of nostalgia.

a cocktail with a disco ball and smoke

Each session at Old But Gold lasts about 80 minutes, and there are non-alcoholic cocktail options for non-drinkers or younger guests. The experience is rather intimate – just 40 people per session – so you can laugh, cry, sing and dance to your heart’s content as you relive arguably the best decades of music.

Source: An Ultra-Nostalgic Cocktail Experience Is Coming To London – Secret London