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This Thursday night, at the XVII legislative session of the year, missionary deputies approved a novel project by the legislator and head of the House of Representatives, Carlos Rovira. It deals with the creation of a sensory museum that will be located in the Knowledge Park, with the possibility of taking this experience either temporarily or permanently to different municipalities.

Through the approved project, Misiones once again establishes itself as a leader in this field. One of the main objectives of this space is to generate a significant sensory experience for the visitor through the implementation of innovative technologies in a space for experimentation and learning.

Another central objective of the lesson accepted this Thursday is that the museum provides an interactive, dynamic and inclusive tour that stimulates the perceptual nature and creativity of the public through state-of-the-art technological systems. The space will feature immersive and emerging technologies including virtual reality, augmented reality, robotics, artificial intelligence and all advanced technology to provide the visitor a comprehensive experience of knowledge and interaction.

The relationship between museums and society has been changing and evolving over time, to such an extent that they have evolved from a sacred place to view works of art created by masters of bygone eras, with irreverent exhibitions and merely contemplative tours. have gone. Communication spaces with a more participatory and interactive approach aimed at a public that seeks to be constantly updated on ways to disseminate knowledge about history, science, art and culture.

One notable aspect is that of education, which largely transcends the boundaries of the classroom. In this sense, museums have unlimited educational potential, so a large area of ​​action to be explored is to rethink museums and schools as complementary institutions that jointly project educational functions, and create new knowledge in students. Encourage enthusiasm to achieve.

Source: Innovation And Technology: The Province Will Have A Sensory Museum