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Standing out amongst the tech advances showcased at CES 2023, Japanese developer Aromajoin showed off its Digital Scent Technology, “Aroma Shooter.” Aromajoin describes itself as developing “the finest digital scent products based on the harmony of hardware, software and material technology.”

Working in unison with the AromaPlayer app, Aroma Shooter can “digitalize aromas and create a new communication channel in the same family as text, images, and audio.” The device features an aroma diffuser that utilizes Aroma Cartridges. The solid-state cartridge lasts for up to 3 months and can be toggled between for 100 scents in under 0.1 second and offer blend scent permutations.

Now crowdfunding for $998 USD, Aromajoin’s Aroma Shooter comes with six Aroma Cartridges with refill cartridges available for $54 USD.

In case you missed it, Nexon announced the surprise shutdown of KartRider.

Source: Aroma Shooter Let’s You Smell Smell Games, Movies, Anime, and More | Hypebeast