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Viva Magenta Pantone 18-1750, the laureate, was chosen for its connection to nature, how it lasts through centuries and into the future.

Swiss fragrance and flavors maker Firmenich partnered with Pantone to create a perfume inspired by the hue. Called Live Bold Eau, it’s meant to capture “the exuberance, optimism and rebellious spirit of Viva Magenta,” Firmenich said in a statement released Wednesday.

The fragrance, formulated by senior perfumer Gabriela Chelariu, includes ingredients such as Dragon Fruit Smell-the-Taste, exclusive to Firmenich, which teamed with trend agency LSN Future Laboratory to recognize trends and explore sensory partnerships.

“Our report showed that strength and optimism, characteristics expressed by Viva Magenta, were core values that we should embrace in the future,” said Ilaria Resta, president for global perfumery at Firmenich. In the statement, she called Live Bold “the perfect olfactive representation to bring those values to life.”

“Together, color and fragrance contribute to creating a multisensorial and unforgettable experience for consumers,” said Chelariu. “Both have the power to leave an imprint on us physically and emotionally. When the two are actively fused together in creation, it can lead to the discovery of new sensations.”

She had in mind the full spectrum of magenta, leading her to add accords of beet and magenta vetiver to the fragrance.

There’s a Live Bold scented candle, as well. Both the scent and the candle formulas have Emotivewaves Energy, Firmenich-created 100 percent natural essential oils said to evoke specific emotions. The candle’s fragrance includes a Emotiboost Energy accord, too, to generate specific emotional responses, the company explained.

Live Bold has taken on another, digital dimension, by entering the Metaverse, through year.

Source: Firmenich Unveils Color-Coordinated, Pantone-Inspired Scent