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Catching the eye: The bright colours of the pop-up store in Heathrow T5 drew passengers to the botanical-themed activation

UK. Bacardi Global Travel Retail (GTR) has launched Grey Goose Essences, a new line from its super-premium vodka, into UK travel retail with a multi-layered activation at Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 5.

The launch was underpinned by an omnichannel partnership featuring World Duty Free and British Airways.

Grey Goose Essences is a new, all-natural range of three fruit and botanical pairings featuring Grey Goose vodka designed for summer cocktail-making. The flavours are Strawberry and Lemongrass, White Peach and Rosemary, and Watermelon and Basil.

Each expression of the range (all 1 litre, 30%ABV) is infused with real fruit and cold-distilled botanicals. The products are gluten-free and include no artificial ingredients, sugar or carbs.

Throughout April, a colourful, eye-catching botanical themed pop-up in the main departures lounge at T5 attracted travellers to explore the range via a series of multi-sensory, sampling and interactive AR experiences.

Traffic to the activation was partly driven by digital out-of-home media advertising in Terminal 5

Retail ambassadors leading the sampling asked shoppers to choose their own garnish from pots of fresh basil, rosemary and lemongrass. Consumers learned about the origins of the botanicals within Grey Goose Essences and gleaned tips on home mixology. Shoppers were also directed to Grey Goose social media channels for more inspiration on recipes.

A vapour bar added a multisensorial element to the sampling experience. The layered engagement continued with a motion-sensored, AR journey into the world of Grey Goose Essences. By standing in front of a screen, floral visuals created an AR 3D shape of the user, reacting to their movements and gestures.

As a final touch, purchases were gift-wrapped in floral paper and spritzed with one of the key botanicals in Grey Goose Essences

The AR experience also communicated information on the new flavours, ingredients and recipes, along with a QR code linking to the Grey Goose website.

To enhance the T5 physical launch, the Bacardi GTR campaign used paid media channels, focusing on pre-trip communication with confirmed travellers. Conversion was driven online through programmatic advertising, social media and a collaboration with British Airways media and the Executive Club.

Digital drive: A QR code directed shoppers to the Grey Goose Essences website

Bacardi GTR Director, Europe & Advocacy Sam Pickard said: “The launch of Grey Goose Essences at Heathrow was a huge success for our omnichannel strategy, driving significant pre-awareness and traveller anticipation of what to expect when they arrived in T5.

“We set out to make this a significant and memorable moment on the journey through the airport and we are delighted to have created such an impact.”

Bacardi GTR Global Head of Marketing Ignacio Vázquez said: “Multiple shoppers told us how much they enjoyed the multi-sensory discovery of the entire collection – in fact many people bought more than one flavour from the range.

“The mix of digital and sensory elements really captured people’s imagination with the craft that goes into making Grey Goose Essences an essential premium vodka for summer cocktail-making.”

Source: Grey Goose Essences launches at Heathrow with multi-sensorial omnichannel activation : The Moodie Davitt Report