Specific sensory elements can trigger specific emotions, memories & thoughts. The smell of home cooking, a specific object or even a song or sound can transport someone back in time. They can bring back vivid memories & produce specific emotions & thoughts. So why not blend various sensory elements in one room (or memory room), to produce stronger emotions & memories? This room would result in a truly immersive experience. This can involve a combination of customized sensory elements & existing ones.

Some general ideas for memory rooms:

  1. Create the atmosphere of a coffee shop in your house
  2. Nature getaway
  3. Vacation room
  4. Shrine to a pet or loved one that passed away
  5. Creativity room
  6. Childhood moments
  7. Comfort room
  8. Study room

Visuals for memory rooms can be composed one main sensory component or a combination of pictures, art & video.

Sounds can involve old audio/video, customized soundscapes or songs.

Scent memories can be triggered via food/beverages (hot apple pie & coffee), incense, perfume or customized scents. For simplicity, the smell of various food/beverages can be formulated into a scent & spread into the air via a scent diffuser or candles.

Similar to smell, food & beverages can be used as memory triggers. For more complex ideas, customized flavours can be applied to a variety of products such as hard candies or beverages.

Textures able to trigger specific emotions & thoughts come from the art itself or from objects that are linked to the memories that want to be relived. Temperature, air flows & vibrations can also be utilized.