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Velveeta has teamed up with Nails Inc. to produce cheese-scented nail polish.

The collection includes a two-pack of red and yellow nail polish ($15) – so you can make it look like Velveeta is dripping from your red-polished nails. It also includes stickers ($4.99) in case you don’t trust your own nail art skills to achieve the desired effect.

It’s unclear just how long your fingers will smell like cheese.

An added bonus: The yellow nail polish matches perfectly with new brand-new collaboration we just learned about: Wu-Tang Clan Crocs.

We just have one question about those Wu-Tang Crocs: Do they make them for the children?

Because if Wu-Tang is for the children, as founding member ODB memorably proclaimed at the 1998 Grammy Awards, surely their Crocs should be, too.

Source: Living la dolce Velveeta: New nail polish leaves your fingers smelling like melted cheese