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The use & integration of smell & taste sensory cues in a variety of products, services & techniques is currently very trendy & relevant. We are experiencing the dawn of a multi-sensory revolution, mainly due to advances in technology & increased scientific understanding of the senses, combined with artistic ingenuity. This is paving the way for an explosion of new multisensory applications services & technologies serving various purposes. A tidal wave of change & improvements are already available for home, businesses, art galleries, health care facilities & entertainment venues. Some great examples of this are various applications & services that are increasingly using augmented & virtual reality technologies. View my site, it serves as a multisensory platform for various related topics & projects.

Scent & taste are being utilized in a variety of novel ways:

Marketing | Traditional marketing targets specific audience via sight & sound alone. Scent, texture & haptic communication are currently being used at a higher frequency & will eventually become mainstream. More details

Branding | Companies & products are adding scent & taste to represent their brand. More details

Learning |  Healthy, mentally challenged & disable individuals can benefit from multisensory learning techniques. More details

Health | Individuals with dementia & schizophrenia, children with disabilities. More details

Communication | We can now communicate by scent via smartphone. Tires that emit a specific smell when they need to be changed?…it exists. More details

Entertainment | Movie theaters, production/event companies, concerts & the gaming industry are using more visuals then ever & spicing it up with customized scents. More details

Art | Interactive exhibits & art-forms take the experience to another level. More details

Scientific | Advances in our scientific understanding of multisensory topics & corresponding applications generated from this are primarily responsible for novel applications. More details