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Delight Your Senses of Sight, Smell, and Touch With Multisensory Home Decor

Home decor is almost always dictated by your sense of sight. You want your space to look good — both to your guests and to your Instagram feed.

Of course, real life is more multidimensional than that — it’s not just about the visuals but the overall experience of existing in a particular space. That’s where multisensory design comes in. This philosophy encourages you to consider how a space interacts with all of your senses — especially sight, touch, and smell — to create an experience. Take your cleaning routine, for example: incorporating sensory elements like Lysol® Brand New Day Disinfecting Wipes‘ fruity and fresh fragrances not only leaves you with a clean, disinfected space, but also one that smells incredibly inviting.

Once you start thinking about your home through a multisensory lens, each room really starts to come alive. Keep reading to discover how you can incorporate multisensory design into four key spaces to make your home feel brand new.


Often filled with crisp materials like glazed tile and shiny porcelain, bathrooms can feel cold and even sterile. Bring some warmth and richness to the space with inspiration from a classic bathroom theme: the beach vibe.

Instead of outdated seashell motifs, focus on organic textures — like a roughspun linen shower curtain or a slotted wooden bath mat — to add a natural element and tactile appeal. Set a hardy (or faux) potted plant on the countertop for some greenery, and make sure you have a fresh-smelling candle handy for a spa-like scent inspired by the sea. When it’s time to clean, reach for Lysol® Disinfecting Wipes – Brand New Day in Coconut Water & Sea Minerals to disinfect surfaces and kill 99.9 percent of germs*. The beachy, tropical scent blends beautifully with the fresh, natural decor.


Your bedroom should be a restful space — somewhere you can flop onto a cushy bed, close your eyes, and inhale deeply for instant relaxation. Pay special attention to touch in this room. Lay down a plush rug so your bare feet have a soft place to land the moment you hop out of bed. Since you’ll be enveloping yourself in the bedding, choose extra-lush fabrics like chenille, velvet, or even satin. The same goes for throw pillows — look for fun, organic shapes (maybe ovals or cylinders) and interesting textured effects like tufts, tassels, and fringe.

Consider how you can channel softness in appealing to your other senses, as well. You might add a dainty pastel vase full of silk (or real) wildflowers or hang multidimensional art like a crocheted wall hanging or an abstract, wavy puddle mirror alongside framed photographs. Scent can be a particularly powerful tool for relaxation, so you might keep one of your favorite perfumes or aromatherapy sprays next to the bed.


From watching movies to catching up with friends to even working from home, the living room has to serve multiple purposes. Ensure it feels welcoming and cozy — but still lively — by decorating it with a variety of colors, shapes, and textures that stimulate your senses.

While the bedroom might be all about softness, you can mix in some hard edges, industrial materials, or sleek accents in the living room. Maybe it’s a fuzzy boucle couch paired with a mirrored coffee table or a tall fiddle-leaf fig plant sitting next to a leather armchair. Use the coffee table to showcase your personality: a small tray keeps assorted knickknacks like photo books, an incense burner, and bud vases in one central collection that looks purposeful rather than cluttered. Keep furniture like couches and armchairs smelling fresh with Lysol® Disinfectant Spray – Brand New Day. Whether you choose the Mango & Hibiscus or Coconut Water & Sea Minerals scent, this spray is an easy way to disinfect soft surfaces around the home.


The kitchen is already a feast for the senses: you might catch a whiff of freshly brewed coffee or sink your teeth into a chewy chocolate-chip cookie still warm from the oven. When you consider kitchen decor, prioritize eye-catching pieces that match the vibrant energy of the room. Invest in a painted wooden serving bowl you could use to store fresh fruit or serve a big salad, or consider installing open shelves so your favorite glassware becomes wall decor. Don’t forget to keep extra-fluffy hand towels nearby to dry off after doing the dishes.

With so much stimulation for your senses of smell and taste already, there’s no need for scented candles or perfume. Instead, make sure clean-up time leaves the kitchen smelling inviting and fresh by using Lysol® Disinfecting Wipes – Brand New Day in Mango & Hibiscus to disinfect hard, nonporous surfaces like kitchen countertops and appliance handles. The tropical, fruity fragrance will lift up the whole space, making it feel vibrant and energized.

Source: Delight Your Senses of Sight, Smell, and Touch With Multisensory Home Decor