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Implementation of multisensory projects

Customized sensory outputs can be created & combined with existing visuals, sounds, smells, tastes & textures.

The goal is to create customized multisensory compositions (CMSCs)  that can trigger specific emotions, thoughts & create/conjure vivid memories.

The final product can be: a performance, art, marketing a memory room, , an educational / rehabilitation tool, an experience/event, consumable products, an experiment  etc…(see below)

Memory rooms

Specific memories & emotions can be relived in a designated room by customizing specific sensory elements. Do you want to relive a special moment or remember a loved one? Everyone has a specific smell, taste, visual or sound that transports them back in time or that has the ability to remind us of someone. Imagine a customized multisensory version of this?

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Interactive & performance art

Art does not need to be limited to visuals & occasional textures. Why not make it interactive & fully multisensorial or even a performance? This can be accomplished with the use of sensors, diffusers, lighting & other technologies. Most art-forms can benefit from multisensory additions.

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Addition of sensory elements

Customized taste, smell, texture, sound or visuals can make interactions with technology & other man-made elements more real. Whatever is not multisensory can be.

Teaching aids & sensory tools for disabilities

Children can learn more efficiently using multisensory techniques. Individuals with alzheimers, dementia & autism can also benefit from sensory tools & sensory rooms.

Events & entertainment

Customized sensory outputs are increasingly being integrated into events, gaming, clubs, concerts & various other entertainment venues to make the experiences more dynamic.

Multisensory marketing

Marketing is slowly transforming from simply targeting sight & sound to full multisensory messaging. Examples include scented/edible campaigns & fully immersive/experiential set-ups.

The types & variations of sensory outputs that can be created & utilized are limitless.

A synergy of sensory elements will produce more vivid memories, emotions & thoughts.