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The journey started in 2010, as I was saving domain names for future use. So was created, but I didn’t know exactly what to do with it.

Early one morning, Saturday, May 26th 2012 at Stereo nightclub. As I was dancing to the music, the lights & the projected visuals brought me into a trance. While it is a very common thing to have visuals in afterhour settings, the specific nature of the visuals, music, lighting, smells of the club simply seemed to be providing me with a specific multisensory cocktail of emotions. As I danced, I simply thought that I could take this to another level….

A few years later, my wife bought me native instruments maschine wanting to encourage me to make music again. During the first years of my Ph.D., I had spent quite a bit of time producing as well as mixing electronica. So I started to play with the hardware & software to create some very basic tracks. Over the years,  I have experimented & refined my musical creations that are always inspired by specific subject.

Years later, I once again found myself dancing at Stereo & thinking of all the multisensory possibilities that I could create. At this specific moment, I had an epiphany! My work involved creating customized flavours/food-grade perfumes as well as graphics/art. Some of my hobbies also included creating art, photography & music production. So why not combine this together & create sensory outputs targeting all the senses, so to trigger specific emotions, thoughts & memories?

I started to scan the internet, read books, conduct experiments & compiling a database of multisensory topics, resources, contacts, companies, organizations. It became very clear that my concept was fresh & very relevant. There seemed to be a multisensory wave of applications, companies, technologies & science that was building. I want to ride this wave & help make it bigger!