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Source: In fascinating study, researchers show how music spreads just like a virus | TheHill

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Multisensory sound


Mastercard drops album featuring its sonic brand | Finextra

Mastercard has released an album on which every song integrates the payment giant's 'sonic brand'. Available on Spotify, the Priceless album features 10 original songs from 10 emerging artists from…

Sonic Branding Is the Next Marketing Disruptor | Adweek

At its core, sound marketing is a science and requires experimentation.TTTuna/Getty Images Audio channels are trending with consumers, yet branding investments are still overwhelmingly visual Today, consumers are more connected…

New Sound Art Serves Different Senses with a Multimodal Approach |

View of Kevin Beasley's performance I Want My Spot Back, 2012, at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.PHOTO JULIETA CERVANTES/COURTESY CASEY KAPLAN, NEW YORK SOUND DOES NOT EXIST IN…

Deaf festival-goer ‘felt like Superman’ as haptic suit let him ‘feel the music’ | Mirror Online

Kyle Springate described the experience as 'surreal' and said he 'felt like Superman' ( Image: SWNS) Kyle Springate tried out the multi-sensory suit, designed by Vodafone, at Mighty Hoopla festival in…
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Council Post: Are Multisensory Experiences The Next Frontier Of Building Brands In The Metaverse? | Forbes

GETTY We’ve all heard the phrase “perception is reality.” Each of us as consumers perceives our world differently. The individual reality we each see is just that—individual—and it changes from…

How Acoustic Solutions Can Enhance In-Person Shopping Experiences | Retail TouchPoints

It’s no secret that in-person shopping is a multi-sensory experience. How a retail space makes someone feel in terms of comfortability has a surprising effect on how much they will…
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You’ll soon be able to SMELL in the metaverse – including virtual FARTS | The Sun

People able to smell virtual objectsCredit: OVR Technology A METAVERSE without smells would be like living in black and white - and even the bad ones like body odour and…

the weeknd teams up with MSCHF to create limited vinyl pressed on actual saw blade | Design Boom

VINYL BLADE BY THE WEEKND X MSCHF Canadian singer The Weeknd has collaborated with New York-based art collective MSCHF to create a playable vinyl saw blade promoting his latest single ‘Out of Time’. Pressed…

Perfect Pairings: New Course Explores the Link Between Wine and Music | University of Nevada, Las Vegas

(UNLV Photo Services) Apparently, the philosopher and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson was onto something when he wrote, “Music and Wine are one.” The Aesthetics of Music and Wine, a course…

How Sensory Therapies May Help Ease Anxiety | Health Line

Researchers say listening to music or auditory beat stimulation can help ease anxious feelings for some people. Ivan Gener/Stocksy United Ivan Gener/Stocksy United Two new studies are highlighting the potential…

Measuring the sensory product experience | New Food Magazine

When considering the testing processes in food production, most minds will gravitate to laboratory analysis. Here, we find out about another important test – sensory experience and fulfilment – and how…

The sights, sounds and smells that help us feel close to Jesus | America Magazine

(Photo from iStock) A Reflection for Monday of Holy Week Mary took a liter of costly perfumed oil made from genuine aromatic nard and anointed the feet of Jesus and dried…

Researchers have developed a unique technology that uses the sense of touch to help understand speech and sound | Eureka Alert

Herzliya, Israel- Researchers from the Baruch Ivcher Institute for Brain, Cognition and Technology at Reichman University’s Baruch Ivcher School of Psychology have developed a special technology that helps people understand…
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Robots Developing the Unique Sixth Sense, Thanks to Advanced Research | Analytics Insight

Due to continuous advancement in AI technology and research robots are now getting the unique sixth sense What is sixth sense technology? Some experts believe that humans are born with…

Yang takes music on a different path | Evanston RoundTable

Jeff Yang, who owns the music store Chicago Strings in downtown Evanston, is also a violinist with the Chicago Philharmonic and other ensembles. He also organizes concerts with his nonprofit…

Quebec show for audiences living with vision impairment offers immersive experience | Yahoo

When multidisciplinary artist Audrey-Anne Bouchard started to develop her latest show "Camille," she wanted the fusion of dance and theatre to be accessible to all — even those who can't…

Metallica-inspired whiskey – Each barrel has listened to a specific playlist curated by band members | Vancouver Is Awesome

Metallica/Danny Clinch Each barrel has listened to a specific playlist curated by Metallica band members. What do this whiskey and 40-year-old metalheads have in common? They’ve both been pummelled by…

8 Tim Hortons celebrity Timbit collaborations we want to see | Dished

justinbeiber and avrillavigne/Instagram The ultimate Canadian mash-up between Tim Hortons and Justin Beiber is bringing us new flavours and a new way to love Tims. Starting on November 29, fans…

Brewery allows you to buy beer by making animal noises | Daily Star

If paying for beer gets your goat - you can get a can via an animal noise (Image: Brixton Brewery) Brixton Brewery has teamed up with Vauxhall City Farm in…

Cartier Is Bringing an Immersive Art Experience to the U.S. — Here’s Where to See It | Yahoo

Interior of Multi-sensory art installation in New England This Fall — presented by cartier Luc Boegly/Courtesy of Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain Cartier Is Bringing an Immersive Art Experience to…

How do sounds impact taste? Find out with Black Bottle’s ‘sonic seasoning’ playlist | Food & Drink

Tasting whisky has been given a scientific edge with the release of a new 'sonic seasoning' playlist. Black Bottle Whisky is taking the term ‘tasting with your eyes’ to a…

Taste, smell, hearing … INTERNET OF THINGS takes on all these senses | The Times Hub

Increasing the sensory capacities of IoT sensors allows manufacturers to face the crisis by optimizing their processes. Who said that a sensor IoT made no sense? Some devices fully rely…

Anne-Laure Pingreoun: The power of emotive sound

When it comes to pushing the boundaries of experiences, AV technologies can offer a new way to tap into the human senses. Reece Webb speaks with design curator and strategic…
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People share what everyday life is like living with synaesthesia | Metro News

Some people can go years without knowing they have the condition (Picture: Getty/ It’s easy to assume that we all process numbers, shapes, letters and sound in the same way.…

Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah brings famous Ibiza’s Sublimotion to Dubai | Hotel News ME

Sublimotion opened to instant renown in Ibiza in 2014 and has been at the top of the world’s culinary rankings ever since. The experience is the brainchild of Paco Roncero,…

Jónsi Talks Hitting the ‘Nose’ and ‘Notes’ of His New Musical Fragrance Collaboration | Rolling Stone

66 North The new perfume will be accompanied by an original musical composition written by the singer, which seeks to capture ‘the great Icelandic outdoors’ Products featured are independently selected…

What’s King Kong got to do with Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony? | SMH

Symphony in White No 3, painted by James Whistler (1834-1903)CREDIT:GETTY There’s only one way to begin a piece on paintings inspired by music – with a famous line by the…

BT Is Turning His 14th Studio Album “Metaversal” Into an NFT Treasure Hunt |

Listening to BT's upcoming 14th album comes with some pretty high financial incentives. Rare, one-of-a-kind NFTs await BT's most eagle-eyed fans as the electronic music legend readies the release of Metaversal, a multi-sensory, blockchain-based…

Van Abbemuseum launches the Netherlands’ first, fully multi-sensory exhibition | MuseumNext

The Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven has opened a comprehensive new fully multi-sensory exhibition featuring 120 artworks spanning all five floors of the museum. Delinking and Relinking invites visitors to experience art…

Electronica is roughly 190 times more transmissible than measles | TheHill

Ethan Miller/Getty Images In fascinating study, researchers show how music spreads just like a virus Researchers analyzed how music spreads within a community. Electronica is the most infectious music genre.…