Japanese engineers have developed a device that can create a mood. A device similar to a record player, simultaneously displays images, plays music, and exudes aromas of, write “Izvestia”.

The device will demonstrate at the international exhibition of consumer electronics, which on June 11 will open in Shanghai. The device is Multi Sensory Device XVG-01 consists of a wooden body, round display, as well as tube, which, most likely, will proceed smells. You can install it both vertically and horizontally.

According to the developers, the device is ideal for creating a great mood in the room. The music blends with the image and is complemented by scents.

Multi Sensory delivery Device XVG-01 in Japan will start at the end of this – early next year.

Previously, scientists from the Center of Neurotechnology sleep and wakefulness, as well as the Institute of higher nervous activity and neurophysiology of RAS created a contactless device for reducing insomnia. EcoSleep is a small box that generates electromagnetic pulses at very low frequency, from 1 to 40 Hz. The device is able to control all phases of sleep and even help a person is easy to Wake up.

Source: In Japan created a device to create mood | The Gal Post

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