Courtesy of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s

Source: Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s tempt all 5 senses with immersive campaign | Marketing Dive

Recent multisensory marketing trends

Palladium Hotel Group curates exclusive Ibiza playlist for all hotels | TravelDailyNews International

Palladium Hotel Group is joining forces with Ibiza Songs – a group of experts in creating brand identity through music – to personalise the musical style of its hotels. The…

NASCAR aromas that would make great candles |

We propose that NASCAR forms its own scented candle company, which would allow fans to bring the following ambrosial aromas into their own homes. Coagulated rubber pellets personally scoured off…

Del Monte giving away banana and pineapple scented wrapping paper |

Del Monte Fresh Produce is giving away free banana and pineapple scented wrapping paper beginning Dec. 17 while supplies last. This year has taken twists and turns that have taken…
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Peak experience: Bulgari’s virtual reality fragrance experiment is pretty cool | Wallpaper

One of the expansive Alpine views users can virtually experience with Bulgari’s new Glacial Essence campaign. Bulgari perfumer Alberto Morillas is standing on top of an alpine glacier in an elegant…

You can buy a scented candle that smells of Aero chocolate

Brand new Aero scented candle (Picture: Getty/Lily-Flame) In good news for chocolate lovers everywhere, you can now buy a scented candle that apparently smells exactly like Aero chocolate The brand…

Getting nosy about scent marketing: An academic analysis | AFAQS

Our guest author explores how scent marketing can impact a consumer, and what brands have already done in this space. As humans, we experience the world through our five senses.…

Dunkin’-Scented Candles Return for the Holidays | QSR magazine

DUNKIN' The returning candle fragrances were lovingly developed by Homesick’s team of researchers, chandlers, and perfume chemists, who worked closely with the Dunkin’ culinary team to ensure each candle captures…

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s tempt all 5 senses with immersive campaign | Marketing Dive

Courtesy of Carl's Jr. and Hardee's Dive Brief: Carl's Jr. and Hardee's debuted a "Bacon and Beef Hypnosis" campaign to promote their Monster Angus Thickburger via all five senses, according…

You can buy a scented candle that smells of Aero chocolate | Metro News

Brand new Aero scented candle (Picture: Getty/Lily-Flame) In good news for chocolate lovers everywhere, you can now buy a scented candle that apparently smells exactly like Aero chocolate The brand…

The rise of Scotland’s experiential distillery | HeraldScotland

AS the world retreated from in-person meetings to a virtual world driven by connected devices and online orders, the Scottish drinks industry has been carefully planning for the future. Over the…

McDonald’s Gives Quarter Pounder Fans a Perfecter New Way to Display Their Burger Love | McDonald’s Corporation to drop exclusive new line of merch designed for the QPC-obsessed Chicago, IL; February 18, 2020 – Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, but those that love the Quarter…

Dove soundtracks self-care with Pandora partnership | Marketing Dive

Dive Brief: Dove has partnered with Pandora to create "Tropical Moods SoundEscape," a soundtrack of sounds — birds chirping, soft rain, light drum beats — that are inspired by the…

The Macallan Experience launches at Raffles Hotel: A multi-sensory immersive whisky experience | Buro 24/7 Singapore

Image: The Macallan Experience All senses go As whisky aficionados will know, learning the story behind the origins of the 'water of life' further enriches the experience when knocking back a glass of the…

You Can Buy KFC’s Chicken-Scented FireLogs At Walmart | Delish

KFC Deck the halls while the halls smell like 11 herbs and spices. The weather has gone chilly, which means you're probably wearing a big sweater and your best slippers…

Smarketing: Putting your money where your nose is | North-West University (NWU)

Marketers and retailers are finding increasingly ingenious ways to lure prospective buyers to their products. And, according to Dr Roland Goldberg, a senior lecturer in marketing at the North-West University…

How the Sister Duo at Olfactive Branding Firm 12.29 Is Advancing Scent Marketing | Coveteur

BEAUTY MEET THE TWIN SISTER DUO WITH SYNESTHESIA SUPERPOWERS FOR SCENT MARKETING Dawn and Samantha Goldworm on translating today’s biggest brands into scents. “I can control your emotions and influence…

World of Coca-Cola adds Scent Discovery exhibit | Atlanta Business Chronicle

Coca-Cola hopes it's sniffed out a new draw for its popular Atlanta tourist attraction. The Coca-Cola Co. (NYSE: KO) launched a new exhibit at the World of Coca-Cola, dubbed Scent…

Samsung ecobubble washing machine has it’s own bespoke fragrance | Idealhome

Who doesn’t love the scent of freshly laundered clothes? Well, Samsung has bottled that scent to celebrate the launch of its new Samsung ecobubble washing machine. After seeing Olympic Gold…

What Is Scent Marketing and Why Are Businesses Using It? | TechStory

Millions of shoppers routinely patronize the same retailers, even when several nearby companies are selling the same merchandise. Consumers are often willing to pay more to buy from companies that…

M&S is selling gin snow globes – and they’ll get you in the Christmas spirit | The Sun

Marks and Spencer are now selling sparkly gin snow globes in time for XmasCredit: M&S MARKS and Spencer are getting in the festive spirit and are now selling epic gin…

Pickering’s Gin’s ‘must-have’ Christmas item for any drinks fan return as Gin Baubles go on sale | Daily Record

The 'must-have' Pickering's Gin Baubles. (Image: Pickering's) The must have gift for any gin fan at Christmas are back. Edinburgh-based gin maker Pickering's have announced the return of their hugely popular Gin…

When the company does more: the importance of social marketing | Doxee

Marketing has many approaches to attract the customer: the rational one, the sensory one, and the emotional one. Yet, at a time when consumers are becoming more and more attentive…
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Khaite Debuts the First Augmented Reality Experiment of Spring 2021 | Vogue

Photo: Courtesy of Khaite The general assumption about fashion shows in the time of COVID-19 is that we have two options: real or virtual; there’s no in-between. The only way to “attend”…

DQ Fall Blizzard Treat Candle Collection and new Fall Blizzard Menu | Fansided

Why just eat the Fall Blizzard Menu when there’s the DQ Fall Blizzard Treat Candle Collection. Forget that pumpkin spice latte, because the Fall Blizzard Menu and DQ Fall Blizzard…
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How to Use Sensory Marketing Online | CMSWire

Retailers are preparing for a holiday season of more online shopping and less in-store shopping. According to a recent Radial survey, as many as 60% of consumers plan to shop less in…

Woodford Reserve creates Spectacle for the Senses | The Spirits Business

Brown-Forman has unveiled a new campaign for Woodford Reserve to celebrate the Kentucky Derby and highlight the 200-plus flavour notes in the Bourbon. Woodford Reserve’s latest campaign is called Spectacle…

Heineken Silver Unveiled with Multi-Sensorial Adventure in Shanghai | That’s Shanghai

Heineken officially kicked off its highly-anticipated Heineken Silver Mission S campaign with an action-packed, multi-sensory experience in Shanghai. Led by Mission S Exploration Officer-Celebrities Summer Ji, Victor Ma and Tizzy…

United Visual Artists makes cognac cool again with Hennessy VSOP Privilege collab | Lifestyle Asia

Time is of the essence, and it rings especially true when it comes to cognacs like the Hennessy VSOP Privilege. Tasting cognac is an extremely sensorial experience, especially on the…

Sensory Branding: Right Scent, Right Time? |

Sensory branding is having a moment. At Dunkin’, consumers can now buy coffee-flavored cereal. KFC would be happy for consumers to pick up a pair of chicken-scented Crocs, but they’re sold out.…

Will digital wellbeing have its own vertical in the near future? | The Hindu

Health care technology concept. Vital sign sensing. It is in human nature to problem solve, and a whole new industry is likely to spring up to get information and entertainment…

Random sensory quotes

The way I miss my daughter Esme is to worry about her. It is not a pleasurable longing. It contorts my body and scrambles my brain, makes me stop breathing, clench my jaw and my fists, it makes me frown, and makes me blind and deaf, in fact entirely without sensory perception.

— Olivia Williams