Staying true to its roots and five pillars – Innovation, Design, Quality, Sustainability and Commitment – the German sanitary fittings manufacturer, Hansgrohe, develops innovative spray type technology called PowderRain for unique sensual shower experience. PowderRain’s gentle micro sprays guarantee a sensuous showering experience and incomparable deep relaxation.

Speaking at the BW HOTELIER – Axor Hansgrohe “Design Innovation to Conservation” WeBBlast Series in his keynote address, Thomas Stopper, Vice President Asia, Hansgrohe, Shanghai talks about the company’s new launches and his vision to provide different scenarios as per the user’s mood. He said, “The daily shower has become a special moment in the daily routine. The bathroom becomes a feel-good oasis and rest area from everyday life. Men, too, are increasingly looking for care and relaxation in the shower.”

“We want to create next level bathroom designs and serve our clientele all over the world,” he added.

Stopper further mentioned the company’s values ‘innovation, design and quality’ without compromising on the sustainability aspect. He informed that water and energy-saving products, environmentally friendly production and resource-efficient processes are among the top priorities of Hansgrohe. “Thanks to our sustainable technologies, an unsurpassed shower experience is being provided whilst costs can be saved over a long-time period,” he added.

The diverse audience at the first show, themed ‘Shower With All Senses’, of BW HOTELIER-HANSGROHE INDIA SERIES 2020 was also enlightened about Hansgrohe’s multi-sensory shower experience, RainTunes. Stopper commented, “With RainTunes, the ambition level was ten times to develop and define multi-sensory shower experiences. There is a big opportunity for us to leave the dimensional products and orchestrate experiences.”

“RainTunes is a digitally enabled shower solution where you shower according to your mood. Seven different scenarios can be controlled via an absolution which are the perfect symphony between water, sound, light, moving image and fragrance,” he added.

With a rich heritage since 1901, Hansgrohe has been developing solutions ensuring that everyday experiences with water are memorable.

With 34 companies and 21 sales offices all over the world, Hansgrohe is one of the few global players in the sanitation industry. During the 2017 financial year, Hansgrohe employed around 5,000 people and supplied products to more than 140 countries. Incidentally, the Hansgrohe Group comprises the brands “hansgrohe” and “AXOR”. Founder Hans Grohe started out small in 1901, with a metal pressing workshop in Schiltach in the Black Forest. The creative hub and the company headquarters are still based there.

Source: We want to create next level bathroom designs: Thomas Stopper – BW Hotelier

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A soul subject is something that resonates with you deeper than the intellect can reach…a multi-sensory perception…a recognition of a new freedom that is calling you.

— Gary Zukav