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Play-Doh has released a six-pack just for adults called “Grown Up Scents.” Each can has an adult theme such as “Overpriced Latte” and “Grill King.” (Amazon)

Play-Doh has launched a six pack of the iconic molding clay meant just for adults.

Play-Doh for Grown Ups features six adult-themed scents – Overpriced Latte (coffee); Mom Jeans (clean denim); Grill King (smoked meats); Dad Sneakers (rubber); Spa Day (floral); and Lord of the Lawn (fresh cut grass).

General Manager Leena Vadaketh told the Huffington Post the scents “are meant to evoke everyday things that bring adults joy, like brand-new shoes or freshly cut grass.”

The set is currently sold out on Amazon – the six-pack sells for $11.99. The description says the Play-Doh “for adults is the semi-childish fun you deserve to have every once in a while. It’s like an adult coloring books alternative!”

Each scent is a different color – green for the lawn, brown for coffee, etc. Play-Doh says, “being grown up doesn’t have to sink.”

Play-Doh said on Instagram, “Call us scent o’ mental, but parenting has never smelled better.”

According to The Toy Book, Hasbro describes the scents like this:

  • Overpriced Latte: You paid HOW much for that latte? Finally, a gift for coffee lovers that reveals their true coffee snob status! With a warm, nutty aroma mixed with a touch of sweet smell, this brown scented Play-Doh compound for adults is a fun treat without having to wait in line at the cafe (and without the calories).
  • Spa Day: Finally, a spa treatment you can actually afford! Pamper your senses with this fresh floral scented Play-Doh modeling compound. A single 4-ounce can of squishy pink color and blossomy fragrance is easy to bring on the go or hide in a drawer (ooh la la).
  • Mom Jeans: We’ve taken that perfect feeling of “jeans that are both comfy and flattering” and put it in a can you can take almost anywhere. Take a whiff of the freshly washed denim scent.
  • Lord of the Lawn: Self-proclaimed defenders of home turf will surely appreciate their very own adult Play-Doh compound that celebrates perfectly manicured lawns everywhere! The best part of mowing the lawn is that fresh-cut grass smell, and we’ve captured that in a can for you to cherish even when it’s not mowing season.
  • Grill King: Who’s firing up the grill? Sike – it’s this! Take a whiff from this smoky BBQ scented Play-Doh can and relive the day you were dubbed neighborhood Grill King. Satisfyingly squishy with an irresistible smoky BBQ scent, 4 ounces of this funny stuff is sure to please the barbecue pro in your life.
  • Dad Sneakers: If you could put dad jokes in a can, you’d have this! It’s softer than the arch supports in dad’s sneakers and has that brand-new shoe smell you only experience the moment you open up the shoebox.

Source: Play-Doh creates scents for grown-ups including ‘Overpriced Latte,’ ‘Mom Jeans’ and ‘Grill King’