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A French startup has debuted a ‘smart scent diffuser’ that can digitally mix scented oils to deliver personalized perfumes.

Artiris took the wraps off the device, called Compoz, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

It costs significantly more than your standard candle or Glade plug-in, with a price tag that goes up to $900 for the most sophisticated model.

But Artiris says shelling out the extra cash will get users what they call a luxury ‘scent composer’ that can do more than just make your house smell nice – it can also lift your mood.

The base model costs roughly $450 and the pods cost between $10 and $28.

‘When you enter a room that smells good, you feel good,’ Xavier Pourcines, chief marketing officer at Artiris, told

‘So our objective is to improve your wellbeing and the best way to do so is to let you have a personalized fragrance.’

Compoz is a small box with a fan attached that can hold up to five scented oil pods at once.

Artiris makes its own scented oils and has 25 different smells to choose from like patchouli, vanilla and mandarin, among others.

The company says the oils are all natural and claim they have the ‘best olfactory quality in the world.’

Once the pods are inserted, they’re automatically recognized by the device.

From there, users can adjust the percentage and proportion of each scent in real time, which changes the composition of the scent and means there are potentially hundreds of unique fragrances that can be created.

‘We also have worked a lot on the diffusion process and controlled the strength of the scent so that it’s not so strong,’ Pourcines explained, calling it ‘gentle diffusion.’

The device can be controlled via a touchscreen located on the top, as well as a companion app.

Each scented pod appears on a screen in the app with a button that users can slide up and down to control its intensity.

In a demonstration with, Artiris’ Chief Operating Officer David Lopez Bonet showed how the tech works in real-time.

Bonet started out with a rose scent, then added mandarin and the device adjusted immediately, with the scent wafting out within 30 seconds or so.

‘It’s very, very reactive,’ Bonet said.

Users can also save their favorite scent creations to access them again later, or even share them with friends if they also have a Compoz.

Compoz is slated to launch at the end of this year, but it’ll only be available for businesses.

The company is targeting luxury hotels, private jet companies and spas.

Artiris said a consumer version will go on sale at the beginning of next year.

Source: The $900 luxury ‘scent composer’ that uses Keurig-style pods to let users create personalized smells – Brinkwire

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