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For many companies, especially those in the B2B segment, exhibits are the perfect place to strengthen relationships with suppliers, meet new customers and, why not, have a glimpse into the competition’s marketing strategy.

Proper staff training, good quality leaflets and booklets, a good place for your booth – these are basic steps for a successful exhibition. But in 2019 you should add some more ingredients in your recipe for success and align with new revolutionizing trends, aiming to boost your business even more.

A successful exhibit in 2019 means merging the fundamentals together with new technological tools. This way, your marketing strategy will have an even bigger and more positive impact on the customers’ decisions.

Moreover, another important aspect of a successful exhibit is to pay attention to the statistics and act accordingly.

Find below the secrets of mixing the three main ingredients for a successful exhibit in 2019: the basics, the new and the numbers!

Stick to the basics

There are three fundamental aspects that you should always consider when setting a plan for participating in certain exhibits: having a professional team, having good quality promotional materials and making sure to get a hot spot for your exhibit stand.

It’s a must to have a well-prepared team representing your company in the exhibit. Your employees should be able to speak to potential partners without using stereotypes, they should know how to sell the products of services promoted and they should have experience in closing deals. This is why you should consider investing in professional trainings for your employees!

Printed promotional materials are an important tool that you should use before, during and after the exhibit. Use flyers and invitations to advertise your participation before the event, leaflets, booklets and catalogues to inform customers during the exhibit, and calendars or posters that you can send to new customers and partners after the event. Make sure the design of all your informative materials is outstanding and find a professional company providing high standard printing services!

Finding a good place in the venue is also important, because the location of your exhibit booth can influence the result of your participation in the event. Choose the place as soon as possible and don’t be afraid in investing for better visibility. Usually, the best locations are the first ones to be rented, so this should be a priority for you, unless you are fine with the competitors being in the spotlight instead of you.

Welcome revolutionary trends

If you didn’t consider involving technology in your exhibit until now, 2019 is the right time to do so! We are living in an era where people love to try new things like VR and multi-sensory experiences. Engaging people in such activities in your next exhibit and promoting your products or services through technology is something you should definitely try, because you will send an important message: your company is embracing new technologies, so your standard is advanced.

Interactive displays, 3D projections, strategic lighting, touch panels and making use of certain scents – all these tools can be used to create a unique multi-sensory experience for the people visiting your stand. Forget about old school presentation methods and try to use new ways of presenting your service or product, by allowing potential customers to enjoy an experience that will engage all their senses. Combine the perfect lights, shadows and scents to draw visitors to your stand and use interactive displays, special projections and touch screens to connect them more to your product!

Although VR can be included in the multi-sensory experience described before, this technology deserves special attention for two reasons. First, virtual reality is a single tool able to stimulate a person’s senses, and second, it is more accessible compared to the tools mentioned above. VR is widely spread nowadays, so the budget should not be a problem. On the other hand, using multiple tools to create a multi-sensory experience will require a higher amount of money.

Follow the numbers

Statistics are important for a successful exhibit because the numbers can clearly show you what customers expect, which mistakes you should avoid and what should be your main focus for future exhibits. In 2019 is important to search the know-how in reports where you can find new ideas that can make a huge difference in your future results.

Key facts regarding the industry can be found in special reports issued or conducted by professionals like: Business Visits and Events Partnership (BVEP), Meeting Professionals International, Conference & Incentive Travel (C&IT), Exhibitors Survey Inc., or

Some of the most important reports that you should read are: Pulse Report by Eventbrite, Euro Fair Statistics and Global Exhibition Barometer by UFI The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, and Global Exhibition Market By Value, By Rented Space, By Region (Europe, North America, APAC), By Country (United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, United States, Canada, India, China, Japan, South Korea)by Research and Markets.


All of the tools mentioned above are extremely important and should be used together. As an entrepreneur or marketing specialist, you should find the perfect way to use these tools according to your needs. Start by studying the industry and use the statistics in order to develop a unique strategy combining fundamental aspects with new techniques. This way, you will be able to exhibit successfully anytime!

Source: Marketing: How to Exhibit Successfully in 2019 – INSCMagazine