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Each room is the artist’s interpretation of musicians and their songs, intended to ignite all five senses with art elements for sight, sound, smell, taste and touch | Vents Magazine

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Cinnaverse Experience: Designed to bring the best parts of Cinnamon Toast Crunch – taste, sight, smell and feel | Yahoo Finance

Cinnamon Toast Crunch reveals exciting new look hitting shelves this fall. (Photo: General Mills) Multi-sensory…

Flavor in Your Ear: Learnings from the World of Food ASMR | MOLD :: Designing the Future of Food

All photography by Caroline Tompkins for MOLD Magazine. This story is part of MOLD Magazine:…
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Augmented + virtual reality
Live virtual reality concert event is an avant-garde sensory experience | Broadway World
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Impaired senses may increase risk for dementia, Alzheimer’s disease | Healio
The benefits of taking notes by hand in a digital world |
Augmented + virtual reality
Student-Entrepreneur Breezes Into the VR Space With An Airy New Sensory Dimension | Hypepotamus
How sounds, shapes, speech and body movements convey emotion through one shared property | ScienceDaily
Watch: Olafur Eliasson sensory art exhibition engages viewers with nature in exciting new ways | Euronews

All memorable experiences are multisensory


The multisensory gap existing between Mother nature & man-made experiences is becoming smaller by the day


Smell is perhaps the sense which is least harnessed by marketers, yet it is the only one which is directly hard-wired to our brains, with no transformation of the olfactory signal (scent) taking place on the way to the brain. This is why smell is particularly evocative and capable of triggering such strong emotions and memories.

RW Connect - Making Sense of Emotions - 30th September, 2014

I use colours to compose music