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Boris Brejcha @ Art of Minimal Techno Tripping – The Mad Doctor by RTTWLR

Music from Boris Brejcha combined with visuals from old Disney cartoons.

Immersive exhibitions are everywhere, but do they really benefit the local arts scene? – San Diego CityBeat

"I keep seeing the word ‘immersive’ everywhere,” says Carmela Prudencio, co-founder of local arts activism…

Belaya Trost Experiential Advert By Possible: Braille Art | Ads of the World™

Description We have created a gallery of unusual street-art objects called “Braille-art” that consists of…

Replacing the hyper-sensory experience the drugs once gave him (through travel, food and drink) | Forbes

Anthony Bourdain’s death on June 8 shocked the entire food world. Bourdain, known as an irrepressible writer,…
My sister and chocolate: a treasured memory
Using Neuroscience To Transform Retail | Forbes
Augmented & virtual reality
Pimax 8K headset will use Vaqso VR to emulate smells
Augmented & virtual reality
Marketing wine with augmented reality | Bizwomen
Augmented & virtual reality
VR device with scent simulation
Can gardening help protect you from Alzheimer’s? It increases strength and dexterity and it is multi-sensory | magicvalley
Martell Hosts A Multisensory Feast To Feed The Palate |
Mirror-touch synaesthesia: People who experience the physical sensations of others | Business Insider
Music and technology fuse in new show at museum
Multi-sensory collaboration by artists | Punchline
Simple Yet Beautiful Geometric Soaps Inspired by Urban Fragments of Seoul – Core77
‘Call Me by Your Name’ Soundtrack Set for Peach-Colored (And Scented!) Vinyl Release
Perfumery & Co Launches the Art of Scent Exhibition
Customized Multi-Sensory Compositions
A James Bond multisensory museum is opening at the top of an Austrian mountain | Lonelyplanet
Soak Your Senses bath experience at the Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa in Edinburgh
Islamophobia in a direct and sensory fashion | The Star

All memorable experiences are multisensory

The multisensory gap existing between Mother nature & man-made experiences is becoming smaller by the day

Smell is perhaps the sense which is least harnessed by marketers, yet it is the only one which is directly hard-wired to our brains, with no transformation of the olfactory signal (scent) taking place on the way to the brain. This is why smell is particularly evocative and capable of triggering such strong emotions and memories.

RW Connect - Making Sense of Emotions - 30th September, 2014

When I compose music,

I see colours