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If you clicked on this article, chances are, you’re a Star Wars fan or you love scented candles—or you’re both! If you’ve been looking for more scented candles to add to your collection, you’ll love these ones we found from the local Instagram shop Moodie Manila. Keep on reading to learn more:

Moodie Manila (@moodie_mnl) is a Quezon City-based Instagram shop that sells candles. While they have a ton of scents in their collection, it was their Star Wars-themed ones that really caught out our eye! They currently offer two: The Scent Is Strong With This One and For The Dark Side.

What do the Star Wars candles by Moodie Manila smell like?

According to Moodie Manila’s description, The Scent Is Strong With This One smells like palo santo and sage and will remind you of Tatooine ~sunsets~. On the other hand, For The Dark Side has hints of leather and musk that smell like lightspeeds and hyperdrives. Super cool!

How much are the Star Wars candles by Moodie Manila?

The prices start at P570.

How do I order the Star Wars candles from Moodie Manila?

To get your hands on these cool scented candles, simply DM Moodie Manila on Instagram. You can also answer their order form if you want to buy the other scents they have. Do take note that their Star Wars candles are limited edition, so it’s best to buy them now before they get sold out. Make sure to follow Moodie Manila on Instagram so you can be updated with their announcements and future releases!

Source: You Need These *Super Cool* Star Wars-Themed Scented Candles In Your Collection RN