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No lol, but they open up a world of possibilities for other products that should be superfluously scented.

ou may know the brand Hint for their pricey flavored water, but get ready for their new product: scented sunscreen. Although lots of weird products are for sale on the market, some merchandise just doesn’t need to be there.

At a startling $17.99 per bottle, Hint’s new product is an outrageously expensive way to get misted with UV protection that smells subtly of a fruit flavor. People want so badly to avoid slightly oily skin that they are often willing to elevate their risk of skin cancer, and the problem is going to be solved with the slight aroma of pineapple? Probably.

hint water

If the sunscreen does work, then here are a few ideas for other products that could be modified so people would actually use them. Try to consider which ones you would use. Surprisingly, creating products that haven’t already been uselessly infused with a fruit scent is a harder than you’d think.

1. Warm Vanilla App

This app keeps you off social media while you’re doing your homework by releasing a spritz of warm vanilla whenever you complete a task. Sometimes, the mere suggestion of cupcakes is a better motivation than the concept of academic attainment.

Seriously, look it up. (Don’t look it up. No one studies this.)

2. Strawberry-Scented Treadmills

Honestly, someone should make a treadmill that’s Hint-ified so whenever you run a mile, the treadmill releases a strawberry scent.

Food probably isn’t the best way to motivate fitness, but this invention seems like the kind of innovation the world needs right now.

3. Scented Books

It’s hard to get people to read books, so why not Hint-ify them so kids will get more enthusiastic about learning?

This idea is probably already a thing. There’s probably already … and guess what? There are. Autumn Publishing made “scent-sational books” for children back in 2012.

4. Luxury Trash Bags

Taking out the trash is the worst. Maybe someone should make some scented trash bags to make the experience more pleasant so people can somehow spend more money for trash bags.

Perhaps, the concept of a scented sunscreen isn’t actually what’s bothersome. Maybe, it’s the way that the trendiness of Hint water blends so cleanly into Hint sunscreen. The product costs a little extra, even more than some sunscreens on the market that claim to smell better.

If you want sunscreen with fancy packaging and the slight reminder of a pineapple scent, maybe you should try this. What’s an extra dollar or two for something this superfluous?

Source: Will Hint’s New Scented Sunscreens Spell the End for Skin Cancer?