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Melissa Faulkner of Down Under Yoga teaches a class within the Immersive Frida exhibit. Jack Young

Add a new dimension to your yoga practice by immersing yourself into the art. Or, in the case of Boston’s newest yoga experience, into works of actual art by Frida Kahlo.

Sponsored by Lifeway Foods in partnership with Lighthouse Immersive, Lifeway Kefir Immersive Yoga combines yoga movement with one of the city’s most sought-after art experiences. Saturday and Sunday mornings through May 28, certified instructor Melissa Faulkner of Down Under School of Yoga takes you through 40 minutes of yoga flow while you’re enveloped by the multi-sensory, all-encompassing art of “Immersive Frida Kahlo.” Set inside the Lighthouse ArtSpace at Saunders Castle at Park Plaza, you’ll stretch, sun salute, and breathe deeply surrounded by breathtaking 360-degree animation set to music and sound.

With more than 70 projectors illuminating over 500,000 square-feet, yogis are encircled from head-to-toe in brilliant color, as they challenge their bodies and inspire their minds through choreography that harmonizes with moving images from the Mexican painter’s vast catalog of masterpieces. The classes are for all fitness levels, and the dark open space (alive with ever-changing displays) removes the all-eyes-on-you hurdle of more intimate yoga settings.

Once class is over, stay and experience the art around you for an additional 25 minutes. Lifeway Foods also offers complimentary samples of its kefir (both dairy and non-dairy options are available) to help nourish your microbiome and recover from the session.

Source: Take a yoga class among soaring works of art