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With packaging that percolates scent, customers no longer need to rip open seals to take in the aromas of food, beverages or beauty products

Scent triggers the memory more than any other sense, and it’s an increasingly popular element in retail, brand and product experiences. With a new patented packaging material called Sniff Seal, CPG brands could add it to any store shelf. Made by Tekni-Plex, Sniff Seal is a liner that percolates scents so customers know what a product smells like before purchasing.

Anything from packaged food to household goods can benefit from this seal. It also solves the problem of customers breaking seals before purchasing the product in order to get a sniff of what they are about to buy. Whenever this happens, these products cannot be sold and the contents can be compromised.

Sniff Seal will undoubtedly be a type of technology that is sought after by brands who want to give customers a more in-depth preview of their product.

Source: Scent Liners Let Consumers Smell Products Without Disrupting Packaging