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Who doesn’t love the scent of freshly laundered clothes? Well, Samsung has bottled that scent to celebrate the launch of its new Samsung ecobubble washing machine.

After seeing Olympic Gold Medallist Max Whitlock leaping over a Samsung washing machine, you might never look at this appliance the same way again. Max Whitlock is the face of the unisex fragrance ‘Freshly Laundered – Eco Edition.’

The scent recreates the nation’s favourite scent: clean clothes. Housed in a glass bottle that is a miniaturised version of the eco bubble washing machine.

Samsung ecobubble washing machine 1

If that scent sounds like your dream come true, you can pick up a bottle when you purchase a new eco bubble washing machine from the Samsung Flagship store in London. If that’s out of reach, we have a much simpler method of bringing one of Max Whitlock’s favourite scents to life…put on a load of washing.

If your washing machine is one the blink the Samsung ecobubble is a great investment for your clothes and the environment. The newest ecobubble is Samsungs most eco-friendly model.

It cuts down on wash time and energy consumption. It features a simple-to-use interface as well as intelligent laundry care. This will help cut washing time and promised to maximise the effectiveness of your detergent.

The Smart Control + technology will learn you washing machine behaviour patterns and recommend cycles to help you get the most out of your machine. A handy tool considering over half of the nation admit to not making use of all the washing machine settings, and sticking to a single setting.

‘We’re thrilled to be celebrating the launch of the Samsung eco bubble with our very own bespoke perfume,’ says Ruth Story, Head of Marketing Digital Appliances at Samsung Electronics UK Ltd.

‘The Samsung eco bubble washing machine has been designed to incorporate some of our most advanced technology which will help us all wash more economically, whilst getting a great wash performance.’

‘This new Samsung machine is an amazing piece of kit – it washes clothes brilliantly, but also doubles up as a perfect pommel horse,’ chimes in Max Whitlock. ‘The perfume smells amazing too.’

If you are need of a little escapism whilst finishing the household chores, we’ll leave the full ‘Freshly Laundered’ spoof perfume advert here. You’re welcome.

Pick up your very own bottle at Samsung KX in Coal Drops Yard at King’s Cross, London.

Source: Samsung ecobubble washing machine has it’s own bespoke fragrance