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Peperami: tempting vegans

Peperami is wafting meaty smells at passers-by from a mobile poster around London in a stunt aimed at enticing meat avoiders away from their plant-based diets.

The van features the Peperami Animal brand character and copy reading “Only one day of Veganuary to go!” and “No one says vegans can’t enjoy the smell of meat!” The vehicle will target vegan haunts across the capital, while consumers will also be given free samples of Peperami Original and the newly launched Beef Bar.

The stunt was built on an insight from Peperami-commissioned research that found 25% of vegans and vegetarians secretly miss the smell of meat and that nearly a third actively enjoy the smell.

The campaign forms part of Peperami’s £3m marketing investment for 2020 that will span digital, social media, PR, sampling and TV. The stunt was executed by Spider, its PR and social agency.

Source: Peperami taunts temporary vegans with scent of meat on last day of Veganuary