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Olfactory cues can help one move on, according to a University of British Columbia study.

Ever found yourself sniffing your partner’s clothing when they are away? Well, doing so can help reduce stress levels and feeling of loneliness and anxiety, according to a study conducted by the University of British Columbia. Metrolife spoke to a few experts to understand how this works and if it can help one get over a broken relationship sooner.  Dr Sulata Shenoy, psychologist and director, Turning Point, says that sense of smell is one of the most powerful emotional bonding.

“Studies have shown that human beings literally sniff out their potential partners (not consciously). We are drawn to people with certain genetic compositions which are compatible with one’s own,” she adds.  Smell triggers strong memories, so partners like to keep or sniff clothing which still has their smell to get over loneliness.  Sulata says, “It has also been hypothesised that when one falls out of love, the sense of smell may alter from attraction to aversion or indifference.”…

Source: Partner’s smell helps you feel less lonely