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The multisensory tours at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery allow those who are visually impaired to experience art through other senses.

“I don’t have vision but when things are described to me my imagination goes bananas. And I just feel all free and happy and thankful to be here and learn so much,” said Buffalo resident Linda Lazzaro.

Visitors can experience the exhibits through vivid verbal descriptions as well as by touching some of the work. Themes change each month.

“People bring their own understanding to the piece or their own different related experiences. When you start to be able to actually touch an original piece of work, I think that’s just really kind of magical. It’s a special experience,” said Karen Duval, Albright-Knox Art Gallery Access and Community Programs Coordinator.

You can experience multisensory tours on the first Saturday and second Wednesday of each month.

The program is free of charge, but space is limited and advance registration is required.

Source: Multisensory tours for the visually impaired