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A very vibrant force has landed in Cabot Place, Canary Wharf. London-based perfume brand Miller Harris’ new flagship store surpasses fragrance shop expectations, transforming olfactory art into a multi-sensory ambush.

Designed in collaboration with London’s Fabled Studio, the pocket-sized perfumery offers a colourful, exploratory haven in the midst of the bustling corporate rush. ‘We are giving the customer a full, 360-degree expression of each fragrance’, says Fabled’s co-founder Steven Saunders. Each scent has been married with a corresponding sound and texture, inviting visitors to not only smell but also ‘hear and feel’ their fragrance prior to making a selection.

Not only are the walls adorned with London’s artistic talent, but a rotation of resident artists will also be present in-house, injecting their unique creative flair onto the bottles and candles, tailoring them to each customer.

In the far corner, a secluded ‘fragrance profiling’ area presents a space for visitors to reflect and select their perfume. And there’s one to suit all tastes, from the woody, smoky and leathery Étui Noir to the sensual floral notes of Noix de Tubéreuse.

You won’t just leave with a bottle of fragrance or a candle – you’ll have a piece of art, a scent with a vivid urban narrative and greater insight into the possibilities of modern perfumery.

Source: Miller Harris’ concept store heightens the senses in Canary Wharf