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My Pet–My Scent. Bioesse Technologies

Bioesse ( recently announced that it had researched, developed and patented a product that could nearly eliminate the daily canine anxiety-related issues experienced by average, healthy pets in millions of homes. My Pet–My Scent is an all-natural, plant-based kit that represents a completely new approach to pet-stress issues. The system uses inhalation technology, allowing pets to carry the scent of their owners around with them all day, ensuring calm and natural comfort. Bioesse is an aromatherapy technology company and is currently seeking a strategic partner to help market and distribute the My Pet–My Scent product.

“Dogs recognize their families and their owners by scent; this is an established and studied fact,” said Mark Theno, owner of Bioesse. “Familiar smells help comfort and reassure dogs during times of stress and agitation, and no smell comforts your pet more than the smell of your own body. And that’s what we’ve created here: a simple but profoundly effective, non-invasive solution that allows pet owners to alleviate pet stress by giving their dogs what they crave most. Used during vet trips, when pet owners are away, or any time your dog needs a little extra comfort, My Pet–My Scent calms your pet naturally. You provide the love and bonding that they remember – we simply give you a way to remind your pet that you’re still with them, all day long.”

Bioesse: My Pet–My Scent®

Using a dog’s own natural, powerful olfactory senses, My Pet–My Scent links a pet owner’s scent to a specially made collar-locket that calms and comforts a pet without use of expensive, harmful drugs or harsh dietary supplements. The Pet–My Scent® kit is designed to be easy to use.

Pet owners simply use an alcohol pad to swab a fold of their arm or neck, then squeeze a few drops of alcohol from the pad into a hemp-oil impregnated disk. The hemp-disk is loaded into a collar-locket and placed around the dog’s neck. The combination of the pet owner’s scent and the natural calming effects of the hemp oil keep the dog comforted.  Each disc lasts for three days, the human scent is added every day. When not in use, the disk is easily removed and discarded, and the loading process can be repeated as needed. The My Pet–My Scent kit comes with a collar-locket, and enough alcohol swabs and impregnated hemp-oil disks to last for 30 days, with additional kits available for longer use.

“Dogs have upwards of 200 million scent receptors that they use to navigate the world. Humans have around 5 million,” said Mark Theno. “Your dog literally navigates the world by smell. And dogs love the smell of their owners more than anything else. There is no need to use expensive chemicals or medications or weird food supplements to calm your pet down when you’re away. Your own scent is the best treatment you can provide.”

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Source: Love Is an Emotion That Dogs Can Smell – Bioesse Develops Groundbreaking Inhalation Technology That Uses Pet-Owners’ Scent to Virtually Eliminate Canine Anxiety Issues in Normal, Healthy Dogs