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KFC and Crocs unveiled their shoe collaboration at Fashion Week on Tuesday. Courtesy of KFC
  • KFC and Crocs unveiled fried-chicken clogs at New York Fashion Week on Tuesday.
  • The clogs feature KFC bucket stripes, fried-chicken imagery, and chicken-scented shoe charms.
  • Fans can buy them on for $60 once the shoes are released in the spring.

KFC and Crocs unveiled their shoe collaboration at New York Fashion Week when the artist Me Love Me a Lot wore a platform pair to the event.

“Combining the unmistakable look of our world-famous fried chicken and signature KFC bucket with the unparalleled comfort and style of Crocs, these shoes are what fried chicken footwear dreams are made of,” Andrea Zahumensky, the chief marketing officer of KFC US, said in a press release.

The clogs feature KFC bucket stripes, images of fried chicken, and chicken-scented Jibbitz drumstick charms on top. The charms, despite smelling like chicken, are not edible.

This spring, fans will be able to purchase a classic clog version of the platform shoes that MLMA wore at Fashion Week on for $60. Unfortunately, the platform bucket clogs that MLMA wore will not be available to the general public.

Fans who want to be the first to get their hands on these finger-lickin’ shoes can sign up on Crocs’ website to be alerted when they become available in the spring.

Source: KFC and Crocs teamed up on a pair of fried-chicken Crocs, complete with chicken-scented drumstick charms on top

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