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Source: HELLO by Lionel Richie / HELLO by Lionel Richie

If I ever wanted to know what the Grammy-winning iconic 1984 song “Hello” would smell like if its sweet and haunting lyrics could be turned into a scent, ponder no more. Thanks to the legendary writer and singer, it’s an actual reality. Enter: HELLO by Lionel Richie.

“I’ve always looked at fragrance as a way to express yourself, so I wanted to take my creative expression one step further and decided to craft my very own fragrances,” he said.

“While working through this process, I realized there are many similarities between songwriting and fragrance creation — the notes have to work together. I merged my own style and the embodiment of my love songs to create a fragrance collection I’m proud to share with fans and people around the world.”

As just like the song, HELLO is serving up layers too, just ones that deliver elegant, rich and modern aromas.

Among its feminine fragrance, its top notes include pear, lemon, grapefruit and pink pepper white flower with hints of jasmine and tuberose. Its base features honey, tonka, ambrox, and patchouli. For the fellas, the scent is warm with notes of bergamot, grapefruit, bitter orange and mint and hints of lavender, cashmere and violet leaves. Its base notes end with patchouli, vetiver, and ambrox.

“They’ll put together a combination that makes absolutely no sense at all,” he says of the blends his perfumer’s team suggested. “How would you want to mess it up with a sour thing like grapefruit? Because cause I’m thinking literal grapefruit — but then when you put it together, the combination is exquisite.”

That, and over time Richie got excited about the science of it all.

“It’s not that you have to put in the same, equal amount. They showed me how to mix them to get the values that I’m looking for. And of course, I fell in love with that,” he said.

“It was the best lesson I’ve ever taken in my life. I sat in the room with the chemist, and they actually showed me how they did it. From that point on, I became obsessed.”

Listen, we ain’t mad at Lionel for capitalizing on the scent game and we love that he’s connecting all of us with his classic song that reminds of us the power of love and infatuation.

Source: Wanna Smell Like A Lionel Richie Song? Hello…There’s A Scent For That | HelloBeautiful