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Offering a tailor-made experience for fans of fashion, culture and music, Heineken Silver Mission S gave consumers the opportunity to experience the innovation behind Heineken’s new Heineken Silver beer using all five senses. Following the inaugural Heineken Silver Mission S event in Shanghai, Heineken will continue to promote Heineken Silver across the country, offering up to 10 million consumers the chance to sample the new Heineken Silver and uncover the magic of the Heineken “Star” World.




The Heineken Silver Mission S night in Shanghai was the first major event to mark the launch of Heineken Silver in China. During the event, participants were invited to take on the role of “Star Explorers” and discover the wonders of the Heineken “Star” World through 10 different activities and interactive engagements split across four themed chapters.

The first chapter, “Connect”, began as Star Explorers were united by the three Mission S Exploration Officers – singer Summer Ji, and rappers Victor Ma and Tizzy T – to start the evening’s activities.

For the second chapter, “Portal”, explorers used their five senses to delve deep into the secrets of Heineken Silver, beginning with a full-body immersion inside a temperature-controlled zone set between 2-5 degrees Celsius, demonstrating the ideal temperature to enjoy the unique smoothness of Heineken Silver.

Following this, Star Explorers were invited to activate the brewing power of Heineken proprietary A-Yeast with only a touch, and discover the secrets behind Heineken Silver’s signature pure malt taste: the revolutionary horizontal brewing process through a time tunnel and signature 28 days slow-brewing by completing  a 28 seconds timed challenge.

After which, guests enjoyed the highlight of the evening as they moved to “Unlock” – the main highlight of the evening in Chapter 3. By teaming up with other Star Explorers, they helped illuminate the Heineken Silver tower with an impressive, state-of-the-art light show, signifying the successful discovery of the Heineken “Star” World, before ushering in the fourth and final chapter – “Celebrate”. Here, with the three celebrity Mission S Exploration Officers as their guides, Star Explorers partied through the evening to the sounds of DJs Carta and Dirty Class and the smooth, refreshing taste of Heineken Silver.


Heineken Silver is a new variant launched by Heineken, the world’s most international premium beer brand, offering a new choice for young consumers alongside the signature taste of Heineken Original. The smooth, refreshing and easy-to-love taste of Heineken Silver makes it suitable for a range of occasions, perfect for light-hearted moments with friends.

It is also the first product co-launched by China Resources Snow Breweries and Heineken since the two companies joined forces in 2019. Officially debuted in May of this year, Heineken Silver is now available in all distribution channels nationwide, as well as Heineken’s official online retail stores.


Following the successful completion of Heineken Silver Mission S in Shanghai, Heineken invites consumers to look forward to more opportunities to discover  the magic of Heineken “Star” World in more cities across China, with aims to reach over 10 million consumers all over the country.

Source: Heineken Silver Unveiled with Multi-Sensorial Adventure in Shanghai – That’s Shanghai