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Mariya James

The human brain is an exceptional make. We can convince our conscious mind, but the subconscious mind works mechanically? It grasps things which it discovers are new & unique. But only a few realize it. In other words, we can bluff our brain that leaves a catastrophic effect on(subconscious mind) our likes & dislikes.

We are photogenic creatures of nature. No wonder! You Are In An Augmented Reality World….

Live Illustration:
Have you ever noticed that the background of the newsroom when anchors give us an insight that the speaker is right there with the background motions? In reality, they are not? That’s the magic of AR. Isn’t that?

‘Augmented Reality is not either an illusion or a reality. But it is a blend of both that ROCKS’ ‘

What is Augmented Reality?

AR is a powerful business technique that gives users an interactive experience of the real-world environment, including sensory modalities i.e .visual presentations using 3-D registration of virtual and real objects.

Difference between Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality :

Virtual Reality(VR) gives the impression that the things you see have virtual existence. On the other hand, Augmented Reality(AR) gives the impression that surrounding parts are genuine while adding layers to the virtual environment.

Key Highlights:

AR- 25% virtual and 75% real.
VR – 75% real and 25% virtual.

AR- Partial Immersion of User Into Action.
VR- Full Immersion of User into Action

AR-Sense of presence in the real world
VR-Virtual Senses are controlled by a system

AR- Used to Enhance both real and virtual world
VR- Fictional reality of the gaming world

“Why This Futuristic Tech Will Be The Next Big Thing in Computing tomorrow.”?

Limited footfall in arcades led to the– thriving of Digital Marketing. This is one sector that is going to benefit a lot with the advancement in augmented reality. Nowadays, the visual appearance of a website defines user engagement.

Like it is evident from the user’s behavior and monopoly of the smartphone in gadgets. “Most likely, this platform will exist first in smartphones, “then, years later, extends to some glasses or goggles, like a more fully realized Google Glass.”

Once AR finds a compelling, full-featured platform with a glimpse that a vast number of consumers are becoming AR proficient, the potential of AR will begin to be widespread.
Every industry from architecture to education, sports to military training and retail commerce will astonishingly benefit from AR.

“The Future Of Augmented Reality.” included in industries like:

E-Commerce –

The retail & E-commerce software industry will stay ahead in the race when it comes to harnessing AI in the future. We’ll see its penetration in both –web and mobile apps. A normal-looking person may virtually dress up in sunglasses, jackets, footwear, and jewelry while putting the camera in a smartphone.

Digital Marketing –

This will be quite different and change the perception of customers. AR technologies will make the users experience more exciting when engaging with any brand. Marketing AR will likely be seen in packaging, on street signs, through gaming apps, and interactions with other products.

Geolocation— Finding a nearby restaurant on your smartphone isn’t a new thing. But yes, AR will significantly deliver top-notch service. On a real-time basis, the advisories will surely come to the suggestions.
AR could benefit everything from real-time travel advisories to restaurant suggestions.

Healthcare– Amidst this pandemic time the healthcare industry has ramped up, but still, there are many areas, by which, the modality of treatment can be transformed. Indeed, AR has the potential to change the healthcare sector.

It almost creates a 3D image by detaching users from reality that could be a driving force in the future.

Educational Resources – As we are completely into a virtual bowl. This will allow researchers to use AR in training situations. Military and healthcare industries, in particular, will be working on powerful AR simulations.

Augmented Reality Development- How’s the Road Ahead?

The human tendency is to follow a trend rather than a trend-setter. Undoubtedly, AI will be the next big thing for entrepreneurs but be aware as it is almost there in a contemporary field, from marketing, training, and simulation.

Baby Steps will help you a great deal in augmented reality development. As more industries take on to AR and explore how useful it could be to their advertising, human resources, and research and development. The need for skilled programmers and coders with master’s degrees in software development is expected to increase dramatically.

According to market experts, the AR market will be worth 470 bn to $75 bn by 2023.

Before AR technology reaches the pinnacle, it must become more than an afterthought on mobile devices. “For AR to become truly useful, somebody will have to make a robust platform to undertake a host of apps and services,” claims tech industry consultant Tim Bajarin in the Time article.

Bottom line: If you are a budding entrepreneur and going to harness the latest technology trends, then integrating AR with machine learning may prove a milestone for an ecstatic user’s experience.

Source: TechDay – Future of Augmented Reality (AR)