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Blow-drying hair in the summer can be brutal—funneling 450-degree heat into a bathroom is a surefire way create your own indoor sweat lodge. Recognizing that reality, HAI Beauty Concepts has released Stylset, the first blow dryer with fully customizable heat and wind control.

The invention, launched recently, boasts two simple dial swipes to independently adjust the intensity of heat and air aimed at your tresses. That means one can dry hair with little or no added heat, or go full blast wind air, à la a convertible drive. The dryer retails for $139.99 (and is already being used on the likes of Meghan Markle).

“We saw that there is this massive resurgence of customizable control for other tools like hair irons and curling irons, but for hair dryers, that just was nonexistent,” explains Derek Russo, HAI’s product development and operations manager. “By giving the customer full control, they’re able to explore their hairstyles in a more comprehensive way.”

Hair masochists are already familiar with low heat and cool-shot pre-set buttons, a weak precursor to this new option. Stylset differs by offering incremental changes for air flow and heat—-going from zero air to full inferno with a few simple clicks. This benefits a wider range of hair textures; 250-350F is recommended for fine hair, while thick, multi-textured hair responds best to 410-450F.

Lower heat settings also cause less damage, a priority for color-treated or damaged hair. During summers, meanwhile, “you can easily cause fraying and frizz if you’re going full blast with your heat settings,” explains Russo. Dialing down the heat also creates a better trajectory of the cool shot for a cleaner finish.

The Stylset comes with a bonus: a sweet jasmine-emitting scent and a blue UV light that speeds up drying time, conditions the scalp, and seals hair follicles. Both are faint, subtle features that are mildly noticeable, yet still pleasant.

“This product really is the Swiss army knife of dryers,” says Russo. “It can do it all.”

The additional features, says Russo, are meant to add a touch of luxury to the experience–and to demonstrate there is room for creativity within the hair market.

“I would say the industry is a couple of steps behind when it comes to innovation,” says Russo, who wants to reinvent consumers’ relationship with their torch tools. “A lot of people see a [hair] iron as a commodity–you have it because you have it–they’re not fully aware of the opportunities to enhance the experience.”

HAI Beauty Concepts shoved several noteworthy features into this new hair dryer, but it likely won’t be its last. Expect more fun buttons, trendy scents, and new ways to cut down on drying time. “We want to keep pushing the envelope,” says Russo.

Source: This Hair Dryer Lets You Fully Customize Heat—And Add A Sweet Scent