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Color Control: Curb Appetite and Eat Less

It’s funny to think that just viewing a certain color can send you on a food bender, while another color could actually act as a natural appetite suppressant.  This may seem a bit too “colorful”  (pun intended) but, think about it…why weren’t the McDonald’s arches painted blue or green instead of the now globally recognized “Golden” arches? Did Richard and Maurice McDonald, the earlier pioneers of the McDonald’s chain, realize something that only psychologists were keenly observing – that the color yellow will actually help with focus and concentration, while simultaneously stimulating a person’s appetite?

If you believe the countless studies on color’s influence, the Golden Arches act a larger-than-life post-it note that subconsciously tells your brain, “I must have a Big Mac and Fries…now”.  I do believe that there is truth to the color and appetite correlation.

Source: Color Control: Curb Appetite and Eat Less | Shape Magazine