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The thought of losing a loved one is one of the scariest thoughts of every individual, especially if one had grown so attached to the deceased. Death is one of life’s major inevitability and no amount of effort or love is enough to prevent it from happening. However, when it does happen to someone we love, there is always a way to ensure that the memories of the deceased stay with us forever. Many culture and traditions have different ways of preserving the memories of their loved ones and each of them is amazing in their own little ways. It is a common thing to gradually forget so many things about a loved one as soon as they passed away. You start to forget how they laughed, how they dressed, and even how they looked because the time they say heals wound – and in this case time wipes off so many of their memories from your mind. Even though you cannot prevent the inevitability of death, why not prevent the loss of the good memories you have about your loved ones? You will soon learn so much about ways to preserve the good old memories of your loved ones and for those who would love to keep the memories of their dead pets too, this should come in handy. Do stay along!

Preserve their voice

The earlier one understands the inevitability of death the better because this will always remind you that nothing lasts forever, so you should make the most of every minute. If you make the most of the time spent with your loved one, you can immortalize them by having a recording of their voice. Sound recognition is more nuanced and subtle than other human senses, so it is easier to forget the sound of the voice of a loved one once they pass away. If you don’t have a video with them or any recording of their voice, you can lay your hands on their phone, if it is still accessible. This is a great place to find loads of their recordings.

Carry them around

This is, no doubt, the best way to memorialize a loved one. If you carry the memories of your loved one everywhere you go to, there is no way you will forget about them because of the connection you’ve created. There are so many ways to go about this, with many options available out there, but the best way is to actually carry something that belongs to them around. That is not to say you should take the last shoe they wore along with you everywhere. Have you thought about their ashes? A great way to keep your loved one’s memory is by keeping the most important thing after their death – which is what is left of them. If you can get a hold of this, all you need do is to transform it into a Cremation Jewelry, which is an elegant artistic piece. This jewelry can be made in glass forms so that whenever people see it, they can pass a beautiful and affectionate compliment on it, which will then remind you of your loved one. On the flip side, this jewelry will also enhance your beauty and daily appearance perfectly, so it is another fashion piece to add to your collection.

Scrapbook and memory book

You can memorialize your loved one’s memories in a memory book or a scrapbook, which you can then share with other members of the family and friends as a way of remembering the person. Everyone loves beautiful imagery and photos, so a scrapbook should be effective in helping them connect with some old time memories of a lost loved one. It is even a good way to immortalize someone you love because you can share these memory books with family and friends who never got the chance to meet a dead loved one in person. Scrapbooking is undoubtedly a fun way to keep the memories of a loved one intact.

Hold on to a memory

Look, losing a loved one is always more disheartening than you could possibly envisage. However, how you deal with the whole situation would determine whether such a person would live on forever in your heart. A very good way to preserve the memories of a loved one is to always picture a specific memory and hold on to it. Since we are talking about a loved one, there is surely going to be multiple memories of them that you can still remember, most importantly the ones that featured you two. Find a special one and picture it every time you remember them. This will not bring back your dead loved one, but it will at least help you always remember them for the great times you shared. It could be a dance, a picnic, a date, watching a favorite TV show together and so much more. Also, if you are good at picking up scents, you can always reflect back on the specific smell peculiar to the person that has passed away. It has been researched and proven that a human sense of smell is snappily correlated with memory remembrance much more than any other sense.

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