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Art you can taste, smell and eat – World’s first sensory art gallery pop-up to open in London

Earlier this year Smith and Sinclair reintroduced us Londoners to their boozy sweet shop on Carnaby Street. Now, they’ve upped their game even further with the world’s first multisensory art gallery: The Flavour Gallery.

Based in a basement in Hoxton, gallery-loving folk from across the capital will be given the chance to touch, taste and even eat the art around them. Now there’s a few things you can’t do at The Tate Modern.

 Featuring artists from the likes of Terry Pastor, London Loom and Anja Predojevic, every single artwork inside the space has been specially commissioned to challenge what a traditional gallery should be.

Source: World’s first sensory art gallery pop-up to open in London

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The world is outside us; our senses are within us. How, then, do the two come together so that we can know something? Obviously our senses can’t go forth and drag an actual chunk if the world back to their internal lair, intact and as is, for the benefit of the rest if the brain.

— Kathryn Schulz