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Amkiri will soon launch the world’s first-ever ‘visual fragrance,’ the company says. Amkiri trademarked the term ‘visual fragrance — and its upcoming product line is a mash-up of makeup, a temporary tattoo, and fragrance.

Amkiri’s patented technology is comprised of scented ‘ink’ which is applied to the skin via specifically developed applicators that allow the user to apply and create body art infused with fragrance.

“We are bridging the worlds of scent and color,” the company’s press release states, for “multi-sensory self-expression” with a beauty product.

The Product Range

The product range comprises a first-of-its-kind liquid, similar in its form to crème-like ink. It combines color with fragrance.

The long-lasting formula is applied to the skin via Amkiri’s proprietarily developed beauty applicators, including a Brush Wand, ‘FreeHand’ Wand, stencils, and stamps.

The innovative technology allows any fragrance to be carried in liquid ‘ink,’ in any color, and worn visually on the skin. It also ensures the scent remains true to itself and lasts for up to 12 hours. The ‘ink’ adapts to the natural elasticity and movement of the skin, enabling any visual designs created by the user to dry smoothly and last.

From Idea to Execution 

Amkiri was co-founded in 2014 by Shoval Shavit, a designer and entrepreneur; David Chissick, a businessman and “innovation entrepreneur”; and Aliza Shavit, a chemistry expert.

With a desire to blend makeup, tattoos and fragrance in one product, Shoval Shavit came up with the concept for Amkiri. “I have always loved fragrances, fashion and cosmetics, and kept trying to blend the three while experimenting…I asked myself how I could create a fragrance that is visual?” says Shavit.

David Chissick, co-founder/chairman, adds, “Moving from idea to execution was the biggest challenge. Developing this technology meant pushing the boundaries. We needed to create a whole new category in the beauty industry, which involved formulating fragrance in a color form, and inventing applicators which did not exist.”

Coming in May

Amkiri is on track to launch a limited product line, available directly to consumers, in May 2018 — followed by a wider launch later this year.

The company’s press release states it is building significant partnerships with several global brands in the beauty, fine fragrance and retail sectors, which will be revealed shortly.

Source: Amkiri To Launch First-Ever ‘Visual Fragrance’ – Beauty Packaging