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The new Zephyr Kitchen Experience app is an immersive, multi-sensory tool that lets users discover kitchen ventilation solutions by selecting different hood styles, sizes and features while also exploring the hood’s internal components. Once a hood is selected via the app, the user can explore it in more depth with live animation and feature pop-ups.

“Augmented reality is already playing an important role in how consumers make purchasing decisions — especially when it comes to their homes,” says Zephyr President Luke Siow. “Our goal is to make customers more comfortable exploring ventilation solutions, while also educating on design options and functionality. The Zephyr Kitchen Experience app is an inspirational tool to help customers envision their dream kitchen with our range hood through AR. It literally takes you from inspiration to reality.”

Users can display and manipulate the hood in their own kitchen using the app or select different kitchen designs for inspiration. The app enables the homeowner or designer to realistically envision the space with a Zephyr hood as well as take a photo of the final frame, download the image to save or send via SMS.  It’s available on mobile and tablet and can be downloaded via the Apple App Store and Google Play. The products currently included are Anzio Wall, Lucé Wall, Roma Pro Wall, and Titan Wall. Additional range hood models and Presrv wine and beverage coolers will be added summer 2020.

Source: Zephyr introduces augmented reality app | Designers Today

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