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Thought virtual reality alone was mind-blowing? That’s nothing compared to multi-sensory virtual reality!

Designed to stimulate numerous senses, you don’t just see a totally different world, but you can smell it and feel it too. Multi-sensory virtual reality is the next level experience, guaranteed to blow you away. Here, you’ll discover more about this incredible technology and how to take advantage of it.

What is multi-sensory virtual reality?
Multi-sensory virtual reality is a revolutionary experience involving sight, smell and touch. It’s still fairly new and is continuously being enhanced. However, it is being used throughout the world in numerous ways, including the introduction of multi-sensory cinemas.

When you immerse yourself in a multi-sensory experience, you’ll get to not only see a brand-new world, but you’ll smell it and feel it too. So, when gaming for example, you’ll get to smell the gunpowder from a gun and feel the breeze in the air as you run. It basically makes virtual reality even more realistic.

Who could benefit from it?
This awesome technology can be used across a wide range of sectors. It is especially great for gamers and movie-goers, giving them a much more realistic gaming experience. However, its benefits stretch far beyond the gaming community.

Universities can use it to aid student learning, while the fitness sector could use it to transform indoor workouts. The possibilities of multi-sensory virtual reality are practically endless.

It could even have health and wellness benefits. Take the Feel Real device for example. It comes with a speciality odour generator, including 9 different odours. There’s also a flower odour which can be used during aromatherapy.

Is it available in mainstream?
You won’t quite find multi-sensory virtual reality kits on the mainstream. However, there are some around, such as the Feel Real device mentioned above. What you could do however, is ensure your home is set up for multi-sensory virtual reality. This means, buying components you’ll need through a store such as RS Components, in order to build your own VR system.

Overall, multi-sensory virtual reality is certainly impressive. However, it’s not quite ready to be released onto the mainstream just yet. With work constantly undergoing to improve current multi-sensory VR technology, it won’t be too long before we start seeing more devices being introduced. In the meantime, you can start by getting the home ready for this incredible technology.

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